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Cait Jun 2018
contrary to your initials, you didn't save me--no,
you were the beginning of a series
****** men, no- boys who
broke away at me, you were
confident, to a fault
sweet until you realized
you never needed to be
you teased and called me your little *******
something you wanted so badly
until you had me
again and again until
new years eve, you didn't realize
i saw you.
hiding in a mess of green hair and pink lipstick
i saw you.
your girlfriend of years before i'd even met you
i saw you.
Cait Jun 2018
different, was your way of describing yourself.
finally, a respectful one, i thought
on a 'break' from his girl,
probably leaving his girl,
you told me i'd be your girl,
until one night you saw me crying and looking
just a little too human for your taste
and i was no longer
a fun hookup, your little
plaything, for when your girl won't *******
after a long day at work
i guess anyone called *******
isn't deserving

— The End —