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Feb 2010 · 2.6k
Sex Offender
Curtis Gainey Feb 2010
There’s a lot of sick men walking on this earth
But this man is beyond twisted, he’s perserve
All he wants to do is terrorize and leave people hurt
What ****** up his mind, no one knows
Think about this man and anger flows
Everybody remembers the heinous crime he committed
What he did has left a lot of people in this world sickend
Disgusted faces everywhere
A room full of disturbed stares
No one can imagine the intense horror this man has cause
Too heinous for words, what this man has done was wrong
No! it’s beyond wrong! it’s **** right disgusting
It makes other crimes committed look like nothing

Only the son of the devil would have a mind this sick
Makes you wanna find him and beat him with every inch
He’s a sick menace to today’s youth
Think of this man, you just wanna puke
The night he broke in and destroyed a family
Kidnapped two children and tortured them badly
It gets even better, he also went in, tortured, and killed the parents
Bashed their heads with a hammer, no wonder they couldn’t bare it
Kidnap the kids and put them in his stolen jeep
He drove into another state in a forest so deep
Intense fear appears upon these children’s eyes
He dosen’t care, he just wants to make them cry
It’s like food, his mouth waters when he got them
His mission now is to assault and distraught them

He is the hunter and now the children are his prey
Starts to slip off his pants, you can assume he’s gay
One by one, he commits the most heinous act ever
Forced himself inside them, didn’t make things better
Laid on top of each of them so they couldn’t move
Forced them to lay on a surface that isn’t even smoothe
The children scream in pain while he screams in pleasure
It’s getting miserable for the poor kids but for him it’s better
Children screaming in agony is like music to his ears
He gets the sense of dominace coming off their fears
Didn’t give them mercy, he just went further into their bodies
They’re gonna spew out his liquid next time they go to the *****
This ain’t no joke, that’s the worst thing you can do to a kid
If they live, these kids will be traumatized from what he did
Can’t even cry for help because they’re in the middle of a forest
He wants to destroy these kids inside out, that’s just plain horrid
You’d think this kind of horror dosen’t exist, but it does
He forced himself into those kids until they squirt out blood

But what he does?! he just kept on going
Pain of these kids keeps his energy flowing
Tears streaming down their faces as he continues
Doing that to small children, he has some mad issues
No wonder why everybody in the world hates him right now
No wonder why people wanna beat him down to the ground
Children are helpless so he decided to use them as targets
Forcing innocence out of a child, that’s just plain *******
They’re crying in pain, crying for help, but he thrieves off that
Crying like babies everytime he did but he just goes and laugh
Twenty-four seven, all day, all night, he was on top of these poor kids
He’s a ******* sick monster who’s most powerful weapon was his ****
Seven straight weeks they had to endure this action
A lot of people in the world wishes this didn’t happened

Not even the end of this story, he burned their bodies and choked them unconsius
Seen long weeks he kept these helpless, defendless children under his hostage
And for what? to get sick pleasure by graphically torturing them
He was ramming himself in their bodies in and out until they bleed
Mixed with that and his ******, he could of gave those kids aids
One of them didn’t even get to live as he sent him to an early grave
The kid begged and screamed for his young life
Instead he went and shot him in his sister’s sight
Eventually he got caught and now he sits in a jail cell
Sentenced to life for putting these children through hell
Sitting in a cell constantly blaming society for having an evil heart
Stop blaming other people, and take responsibility for your part
Forget a life sentence, torture this man to death
For kidnapping children and using them for ***
No sympathy will be given for this deranged man
He’s a *** offender and should be wiped off earth
Feb 2010 · 1.4k
Curtis Gainey Feb 2010
There’s not about it my feelings for you are strong
I’ve always wanted to get to know you for so long
It’s really just that my feelings for you are just too intense for words
Spent the whole time getting your attention, not trying to sound beserk
Dreaming what it’s like for you to just look at me
Wanting to be reason for you smiling and laughing
Day after day thinking about what it would be like if we were friends
You’re the one who runs through my mind every single time I rest
So far all I’ve been doing is admiring you from a far
Even wish about being with you on a shooting star

I would always think I didn’t have a chance being seen with you
I don’t even know you and yet when you’re gone I still miss you
You’re as hot as the sun and you glow like the moon
Here I am hoping that I would get your attention soon
Every single day I constantly dream about us hanging out with each other
As a matter of fact I even thought about what it would be like if we were lovers
And finally my dreams come true and our paths cross
Happier than ever, feeling like now nothing can go wrong
But all of the sudden my mind starts to draw a blank
Brain has been cleared out, now I got nothing on the tank
Looking right at me with your innocent smile
But getting a word out of me is gonna take a while
What’s happening to me? I dreamt about being with her
We’re so close to each other, it feels like I’m about to kiss her
So close that I can smell the body spray she was wearing
Now all of the sudden this is starting to become overbearing
Heart ponding so intense it feels like it’s about to fall out of my chest
Why am I feeling this way? this girl was the reason why I was obsessed

Words are coming out of her mouth but none out of mine
I couldn’t say anything but to her it looked like she didn’t mind
Who put the lock on my mouth? ‘cause I can’t seem to speak
Why do I feel tension? and why is my mind starting to feel weak
Why is all the information that I had in my brain starting to leak
It’s like the whole world froze sitting right next to her
It’s just feels like my brain stopped and I didn’t knew it
I desperately wanted to say something but I couldn’t
Wanted to speak to her but I don’t know why I wouldn’t
Was I blinded by love? I just don’t know
It just felt like the world was going so slow
The glow on her face was enough to make me nervous
I don’t want her to think I was feeling this way on purpose
My breath came out short and hard almost had to gasp for air
Felt that I was making a fool out of myself but she didn’t seem to care
She was acting so nice so why do I feel this way
I tried to sit still so she would think that I was okay
I should be charishing this moment, why do I feel anxious?
Trying to keep my cool so she dosen’t lose her patientence
The more I inhaled the fruity scent of her perfume the more nervous I became

I don’t want to let out these feelings because she might think that I’m insane
My mouth feels like it’s been wired shut, I don’t know why
I wouldn’t of felt this way if I saw her face in the nightime sky
In my dreams I just pictured us laughing together
I thought being with her I would feel a whole lot better
She’s right next to me and my brain stops working
Was I intimidated by her? I just don’t know for certain
Right now I feel like I’m going through a nervous breakdown
Sitting right there next to her quiet not making a sound
Sitting there with my brain melting like butter
I can’t say any words so now all I could do is stutter
Feb 2010 · 1.0k
The One For Me
Curtis Gainey Feb 2010
I admit I’m obsessed so I’m not gonna lie
The fact that you’re gorgeous I will not deny
The thought that you stay in my mind all night
Everyday I hope to have you right in my sight
Nobody can have an appearance like yours
Easy to say that you’re the one that I adore
Everyday I pass by your profile on myspace
My mind goes crazy when I see your face
I want to go out of my way just to go see you
My obsession of you is crazy if only you knew
When the sun shines your face glows
I was just too shy to just let you know
Just seeing your face gives me the motivation that I need
Just your pale-like snow colored face is all need to see
When you walk by I just can’t help but stare
The moments away from you I just can’t bare

I don’t know if this is love or just a crush
I’ve got to have you and that’s a must
When you caress me it’s like putting a blanket over my cold heart
There’s so many things about you that I don’t know where to start
The smile that you have will put a spark in my mind
You’re the only  one that will keep me out of line
I’ll be the happiest man alive if you’d asked me to be your boyfriend
It’ll be like my dreams becoming a reality as your honor I will defend
You’re the only one that can really drop me to my knees with your words
Your voice resembling an angel’s harp is a sound that needs to be heard
You ‘re the only one that can lift me up when I’m down
You’re the only one that can really take away my frown
Seeing your presence is enough to make my day
You’re just a wonderful girl that’s all I got to say
Your acknowledgement really makes me happy
And make me smile even when I’m feeling ******
I hope you’re the girl that actually cares about my feelings
And put up with all the intense crazy **** that I’m dealing
You have a face that only a mother can love
I know for sure that you’re the choosen one
Your face is in my mind just to help me get through life’s struggles
Pretending to see your presence is what prevents me to tumble

If I was wounded I hope you fall to your knees to care for me
Your tears on my face will be enough to heal me it’s all need
I’m not trying to sound sick but that just shows me that you care
And it shows me that my emotions and problems you can bare
You’re like the buried treasure that’s at the bottom of the sea
It warms my heart that if I’m in pain you’ll actually start to weep
Imagine if we had kids that’ll be something that we made together
Or if we were to get married that will make my life so much better
It’ll be wonderful if was mentioned on your all about me on myspace
And my name was typed into your headline that will sound great
I’d be the luckiest guy on this earth if I was the only one you really loved
I’d feel like my mission on earth is complete and my suffering will be done

I’m not like other guys who will abuse their lovers
I am totally different and the opposite of the others
I’ll keep my hands off unless you say different
The only thing I ever want to do please you
I just want to show you how much I need you
Don’t expect me to cheat just like the other guys
You’re the only one for me and that’s really no lie
My mother taught me to respect girls that’s what I’ll do
I believe that your needs comes first and that’s the truth
I’m not one of those crazy guys who just wants girls for ***
I’m more respectful than that and I hope that you don’t forget
It’s a great honor to be with somebody like you
I just don’t want to be anybody else besides you

Okay yeah, for right now I’m dreaming
Me claiming your love is what I’m seeing
I’m saying it’ll just be wonderful if that were to really happen
When I tell you about my wishes I hope you don’t go laughing
I’m guessing that you probably have other guys waiting for you
I hope after you read this poem I didn’t go ahead and bore you
I’m just telling you what I think that’s all
If you don’t feel that way it’s not your fault
I’m just saying it will be great if my wishes were true
All I can hope is, inside your heart there’s always room
Feb 2010 · 1.4k
Cinderella Girl
Curtis Gainey Feb 2010
From the day that I met her she clinched onto my heart
I knew this was gonna be love right from the very start
It’s extremely difficult to erase her from my mind
This girl was attached to me and that’s no lie
I said a few words and she was already swept off her feet
It seemed like I was the guy she desperarely wanted to meet
She clinged herself on me and dosen’t want to get off
Her words instantly makes my emotions grow soft
In just days we went from best friends to lovers
Who knew that we would end up being with each other

I would go through hell and high water just to defend her honor
I will do everything in my power and my will just to charm her
I could mess up my entire life and she’d still be there for me
She intensely loved me to death whether I was cool or corny
There’s nothing in this world that can destroy her love
It’s pretty clear that in her eyes that I’m her chosen one

Not even my parents’ love was intense than hers was
In her mind trying to grab my heart was really a must
Many times she would trap me in her intense lust
For whatever the reason she declared me the king of her soul
With this honor I will cherish her love and never make her feel cold
That’s how I am, I can never break a girl’s heart
In her life I definately play a very important part
I could even hate her and she’d still fall head over heels for me
But I don’t want to feel that way all because she really supports me

She’s been hurt repeatively throughout her life
Never once did she ever live her entire life right
Her mom gave her up and her dad wouldn’t support her
Basically there was nobody in her life there for her
No one to lift her spirits when she was down
Everyday her face would always be in a frown
Tears would flood her eyes night after night
Hoping that love would come in her sight
Older sister leaving bruise marks all over her body
It sounds like her step-parents left her heart rotting

All this time she was looking for a prince to save her
She spent her whole life finding someone to not hate her
She found the happiness in me and now won’t let go of me
To a lot of people it’s easy to tell that she really does love me
She engraved my full name into her heart
Easy to tell that her life Ieft a very big mark
There’s nothing that I can do to change her opinion about me
Her luck started to change ever since the day that she found me
Since that day she never wanted to let go of my hand
She constantly sees me everyday as her loving man
She’d even die just to protect my spirits

And wants me as her sweet loving dearest
And to think that she would feel that way after only small talk
I know if something happened to me her heart would just stop
I’m the only person in this entire universe that she actually wants
Even willing to pump her blood in my heart
She says in her life I had created a new start
The farther away I am from her the stronger her love grows
Why she feels this way to be honest I don’t really know
I showed up in her life and that’s how things got started
I guess it’s because of the fact that I’m really big hearted
She’s so attached that her worst nightmare is us being departed

Whenever she’s in trouble, I’ll become her superman
If I fall to failure I know for sure that she’ll understand
No matter what happens she forever branded me as her guarding angel
She will always be by my side whether when times are good or fatal
She’s had a rough life and it’s up to me to create her happy ending
When it comes to taking away the pain, it’s me that she’s depending
Her love is so intense and strong for me that I swear I’m not pretending

She’ll even give her life away with her blood in my hands
I’m gonna try to please and satisfy her in anyway I can
I know it’s up to me to dry her tears
And it’s up to me take away her fears
I know **** well that she’s suffered a lot
And it’s up to me to give her what she wants
She gave me her heart and it’s up to me not to break it
I know that in this relationship that we can definatley make it
Constantly sending me messages over the internet hour after hour
I’m destined to make her waking moment sweet and never sour

She’ll stop at nothing just to be in my presence
Showering me with her love is atually a present
She gave me the trust to carry her heart
Now it’s up to me not to break it apart
The last thing I ever want to is to break her trust
I have to lift up her spirits and that’s a must
I’ll be the pillow that she can cry into when she’s upset
I’m destined to be the best human being that she ever met
I’ll be the soilder who rescues her from all the pain and misery
Take her away from the sea of sorrow, her suffering will be history

No matter what road may lay ahead infront of me I will always be there to defend her love
When it comes in bringing her an endless life of happiness she choose me to be the one
She choose me to be her knight and shining armor
And I will do whatever I can in my power to charm her.
Feb 2010 · 2.5k
Dirty Tiffany
Curtis Gainey Feb 2010
She’s one girl no guy can get out of their mind
The one girl that’ll make any boy step out of line
Just by looking at her I can tell she’s different from any mortal
She has the power to go up and turn a cold heart really fertile
She strips on exotic clothing everytime she goes out
You know she’s the woman that all the guys talk about
Recently I found her name, it’s Tiffany
You can tell she dosen’t need sympathy
She looks like a bad girl by the way she smokes a blunt
The way she seduces men, gonna make you struck dumb
She’s a ***** woman but plays innocent when she’s with men
You can easily see why many boys want her as a girlfriend

If I had a shot at her I’d ask for romance
While most guys want to get in her pants
She’ll make your skin shiver by the touch of her flesh
The most exotic and permiscious girl that I ever met
The kind of girl that will make your heart stop
Just being in her presence will mean a whole lot
You see her hang out with more men than girls
As girls get mad when she really rocks men’s world
To a lot of girls here, she’s only known as a ***** or a ****
In reality they’re jealous because they wish they had her ****
So their man will actually charish them all day
Instead of worrying about taking their man away
Her bright blue eyes are hypnotizing wheels
She’s an ****** princess that’s how I feel
Any guy can fall victim to her intense lust
The desire to know who she is is a must

No doubt her looks can attract any man
A fact that most girls can’t understand
In pictures she actually reminds me of a supermodel
Even when she constantly chugs down beer bottles
Constantly showing off her g-string to please guys
She’s even got me hooked on her I’m not gonna lie
Rumor is she sleeps with ten guys a night
As men will just **** to have her in their sight
Just win her affection they will go and fight
It’s hard to ignore that she dresses real naughty
Every night she always has a guy inside her body
She says she’s not a ***** but she only dresses like one
But the way she shows her breast gets a lot of guys stunned

A little coconut as she only stands at five foot four
She gave you action in bed you’d begging for more
**** straight she loves to party, she don’t want you to judge her
A true statement that nothing in this world can be taken from her
She’s a total sucker for R&B; and hip-hop
There’s no way you can get her to stop
Well it’s true almost any guy can get a shot at her
Just hope your attempts don’t send her to laughter
Sometimes she’ll go by the nickname “Baby Girl”
The moment she touches you your blood will curl
Don’t let her pretty face fool ya’ she rolls like the boss
Guys will say that in the bedroom she dosen’t play soft

If you give her some liquor she’ll go off the wall
She’s so energetic she won’t leave you appauled
She’ll turn the dance floor in the club into her own nasty world
She’ll give you so much action it’ll be too much for you to endure
She loves Spongebob and Marilyn Monroe
And yet she denies that she’s ever a **’
On myspace she has five thousand friends
And most of them on that friend list are men
Blue eyed bombshell taking over the room
A blonde ******* bunny is what you assume
Four out of five doctors say that she’s insane
So you can say that she’s far away from lame

She’s every guy’s new obsession
She can get you out of depression
Her upper legs will easily remind you of thunder thighs
Can’t take your eyes off them you know you can’t lie
You can never wake up without an overdoes of her
It’s pratically impossible for anybody to just shun her
Anyone can get lost in her eyes
Finding no exit inside her sight
You don’t know but she’s got you on lock
Not being in her presence is really a frock
Makes your heart fizzle when she calls you honey
She says to every guy dosen’t that sound funny?

She can easily lead you on
And give you what you want
But don’t expect to keep her because she’ll just slip away
Not that hard to tell girls like her will go and not actually stay
So charish the moment while it last
Chances are that she’ll move on fast
Everyday she’s with a different guy
Had tweleve boyfirends, not a lie
She’s like a bomb getting ready to explode
As the most exotic girl that is ever known
Guys will just **** all to feel her sweet kisses
But no one wants to be a victim of her disses
Having her is like having a trophy that’s hard to find
No doubt that she’s gonna stuck inside a guy’s mind

She can easily be mistaken for a member of *******
Boys are struck dumb by the way that she shows her smile
No man alive can resist her temptations
She turns you down you’ll feel devastation
Some guys just want her for the respect
Other guys just want her for her ***
Hotter than a stripper what do you expect?

It wasn’t too long before she met her perfect match
Soon she found a man who gave her the right romance
A man who will love her for who she was
Turns out she really did find her only one
She ended up marrying him at a wedding chapel
The fact that she was taken left many guys baffled
The girl of their dreams was swept away
This caused a lot of guys a lot of pain
Now all they can do is imagine being with her
While her man’s able to go up and kiss her
Other guys consider her man the luckiest man on earth
Because she left other guys who want her really hurt

Then she gives birth to his child and they became a family
Now you know her and her man will be forever happy and dandy
She loves him to death what do you expect?
From her he’s the only guy that’ll recieve ***
Now men have to find another girl to chase after
As her life is forever away from any type of disater
Feb 2010 · 2.4k
Tongue Rings
Curtis Gainey Feb 2010
It’s the one thing that will grab a guy’s attention
The thing that will really move a girl into perfection
Once they open their mouths there it is
Why they got it done is none of my biz
But you know it’s something I can’t really ignore
The barbell sitting on your tongue I have to adore
That’s one move to prove that you’re ****
Makes you a hot girl even if you’re hefty
It’s like a magic wand that makes girls pretty
Just seeing the jewlery makes me feel thrilling
To parents it shocks the living the daylight out of them
I find it as a strong love shock so I’m one of those men
I even watch videos on YouTube on how they get it done
Many girls on their bulletins are saying how they want one
When it comes to tongue piercing I’m obsessed
So I’m just writing this poem so I can confess
My feelings about this trend I’m trying to express
Once I see a female with one they stay stuck in my mind
So I feel that those are the type of girls that I want to find

Men shouldn’t get one because it makes them look gross
I think it’s the girls who should be getting those the most
It’s the white swirls on that tiny barbell hypnotizes me
Those kind of girls are the ones I hope to have by me
Seeing girls with one is like Cupid shooting his arrow at my heart
Then my emotions will go intensely crazy, don’t know where to start
Many say having that piercing will make you a ****
They think those girls will look for *** instead of love
Regardless the reason it’s the piercing that draws me closer
Those are the girls they almost every guy wants to hope for
In my definition the word ‘attractive’ is what they are known for
Once you stick it out and I can’t take my eyes off it
It’s an obsession you don’t hear me talk about often
Guys are lucky to have girlfriends like that
They’re lucky men and that’s a strong fact
Kissing them and feeling the barbell on their tongue
That feeling must be so enjoyable and it sounds fun
And that’s why I consider those men the lucky ones

I don’t want to get one because of the pain
And it’s not a look that I want to maintain
Girls with one are the ones I want to go after
Hoping that they don’t think of me as a disater
I don’t go around saying this because I don’t want to sound strange
And I don’t want my strong obsession to make girls think I’m insane
Just because I feel this way dosen’t mean I’m gonna hunt you down
All I’m just doing is stating my feelings, it’s not as creepy as it sounds
I would do anything just to gain your attention
But being polite and respectful is my intentions
I’m not one of those guys who stick their fingers in your mouth
I know those things will really disgust you and make you shout
I can control myself and not let my emotions get the best of me
The last thing I want to do is do something to make you leave
As girls who have tongue piercings are the ones I want to please
They’re like clams with pearls inside their mouths
Gets me so impressed all I can say to that is ‘wow’

Some of these are girls are hard to find
As I have them burning inside my mind
It makes your hair and ****** appearance don’t matter
It’s the piecring on the tounge that makes me flattered
It’s not physically touching me but I grow weak from it
So f I would of asked you out then I would of done it
Long tongue, short tongue , that dosen’t really matter to me
As long as the barbell is through the tongue is all I need to see
I don’t know why I’m obsessed with tongue rings that’s just how I am
When I was younger I use to not care about it and didn’t give a ****
One day I saw a girl that I like with one and became crazed ever since
I see a girl with one I imedately think that’s the one I want to be with
It’s like eye candy and I’m very highly addicted
But that don’t mean I’m trying to sound sadistic
It amazes me how you eat with that thing on
And not have your tongue ring piece fling off
The more you have the better you look
You’ll look better than you actually should

The aftercare must be intense for you
Whatever care actually depends for you
Getting the silver barbell on your tongue must be hurtful
Keeping your mouth open that long seems like a workful
And it’s not just that, afterwards I hear you crunch on ice
To make the swelling go down so your tongue feel nice
Then I hear about you using Listerine to remove the bacteria
It’s must be total stress on you and for that I really hear ya
Though the piercing will dazzle me I also give you credit for putting up with that
So many steps to follow just to prevent infection and accepting this painful fact
I’m not forcing any girl to go get a tounge ring
Just do what you want and do what you think
I’m just telling you the story of my obsession
And to use this poem to express my confession
I don’t think the obsession I have will ever go away
Looks like the feelings that I have are here to stay
Feb 2010 · 1.8k
The 50-Year Old Virgin
Curtis Gainey Feb 2010
This poem is for anybody struggling to find love.

You know in life love is something we all want to reach
A man or a woman in our lives is what we wanna see
We all want to be hugged and we all want to be kissed
The last thing we ever want is to be incredibly dissed
For some love comes easy but others it’s can be difficult
‘Cause in my opinion it’s easy to say that love is beautiful
We all need love it makes life worth living
You don’t agree with me that’s your decision

But can you imagine yourself heading into your fifties
Never been with somebody makes you look like a *****
Never once have you held somebody’s hand besides your parents
You never ever had somebody to love you and you feel embarrassed
So you never kissed a girl or made out with her
But you want to have that feeling that’s for sure
You never talked to a girl and you feel even worse
Seeing guys with girls makes you feel more hurt
Wishing that there was a female by your side
You want someone there to make your life right
A girl to caress you when you’re feeling down
A girl to come and make your world go round
You want her to kiss you when you feel devastated
But unfortunately all your entire life you hesitated

You wanted to ask a female out but you just chickened out
You feel ashamed because you know what you’re missing out
You’ve been rejected so many times that you lost hope
Asked a girl to be your lover all they told you was no
Went to nightclubs many of times but couldn’t attract girls
You failed to find that somebody who would rock your world
Jealousy burns when you see a girl ******* a guy
People ask if you’re a ****** you go ahead and lie
You’re too ashamed to tell people the truth
When it comes to virgins they are very few
You do want to be inside a girl but you never really had a chance
Either you didn’t have time or you were the one girls couldn’t stand
Just to get her in your bed and kick it off there
But no woman appraoched they just didn’t care
Forced to turn to ******* to turn on your *** drive
Seeing the action hoping you get to do that in your life

A relationship dosen’t seem complete if you haven’t done it
If you haven’t gotten personal with a woman or sumthin’
For other guys it’s very easy to go and make love
You’re frustrated that you couldn’t find someone
It’s pretty clear that nobody wants to be a ******
You want to make sweet love that’s for certain
You hear most people lose it in their teenage years
Almost fifty and you still are one and that’s your fear
It’s either you hesitated all your life
Either you couldn’t find someone right
Or all this time you always have been rejected
And because of that your hopes have been affected
It’s safe to say *** seems to be a popular trend these days
If you haven’t lost it yet you have people thinking that you’re gay

Never been on a date
So you haven’t been great
49 years and you still haven’t found someone
You’re looking for love and you found no one
When you were a child your dream was to have a kid
Now it dosen’t seem possible as you never got did
Embarrassed because most people your age are already grandparents
No one wants you because the wrinkles on your body are apparent
Your younger days were wasted sitting infront of the T.V. all day
It’s a shame because at your age you’ll never get a girl at this rate
It’s embarrassing when you don’t know how *** works
It’s a big shame when you have never recieved flirts

Your elementary school days you were dissed
In middle school the girls thought you were sick
And in high school girls punched you in the lips
It seems as though you never got any luck
You weren’t even close to recieve any lust
Hell, you weren’t even touched by *****
Finding love seems to be a struggle for you
Seems like you need to see The Love Guru
You want to live that kind of life then that’s fine
But if you don’t then you gotta step on the line
Love is not an easy thing to catch
You gotta make like a dog and fetch
Do whatever you can to attract attention
And hope that you don’t fall into deception

If you never been flirted with verebally then you’re a mess
If you’re not even close to that then you’ll never have ***
Having your ***** become wrinkled up and dried up
Can’t let those things keep you down and pop right up
Don’t want live like this then just have to keep trying
Just keep going even though you got people denying
Yeah you’ll be made fun of for waiting too long
With courage so strong nothing can go wrong

Yahoo Phillipness seems to be help
Hearing about people who have dealt
With the harsh reality of not being loved
And to help you move for that special one
If you’re unfortunate they say try a ******
And yeah it’ll cost money just to book her
But that’s probably your only chance at ever getting laid
At your age it’s probably the only option that you can take
Feb 2010 · 8.0k
Why Was I Born Black?
Curtis Gainey Feb 2010
I didn’t choose to be born this way
How life starts we really have no say
You know we can’t help the way we look
So don’t judge me like a cover of a book
Just because I look this way don’t defy me by it
Yeah, I maybe african-american I will not deny it
On a job application I’ll put down “black” as a race
As a dark chocolate color has covered my whole face
When I look in the mirror that’s all I’m gonna see
I’m stuck this way so I’m just gonna let that be
It don’t feel good knowing your ancestors were slaves
And how they were severly beaten when they misbehaved
I’m gonna be like this forever so I’m making the best of it
Yeah I may not find it enjoyable and I may not even love it
But this was how I was created so all I can do is deal
But you know, how I look is way different from how I feel

You won’t see me living the ghetto
Or use the word “*****” to describe my fellows
Doo-rags are okay but it’s because of my messy hair
Don’t say I’m a hoodlum even though I might not care
So what if I like jersies, that dosen’t mean I’m a ****
I’m not a typical black man, you won’t see me do drugs
Don’t need that **** to better myself
Proving myself I don’t need your help
The suburbs is the place that I wanna stay
I perfer to live like that, I don’t care what you say
I don’t want to be on the streets
‘Cause I’m not some homeless freak
You may not see me with a diamond chain
A crime-free life is what I want to maintain

Never will I sag my jeans all the way down to my knees
Unlike most folks, my boxers are not meant to be seen
I will not put shiny rims on my teeth
That’s not even close to being neat
You might see put on gangsta clothes
But not hear me go and call a girl a “**”
Or slap them on the backside making ***** calls
Won’t see me hitting up on them in the halls
Or whisper in their ear, begging them for ***
That’s really disturbing and incrediably sick
Really, how can a guy think or even be that way
Chasing after every girl they desperately crave
The city is where you usually roam
Many of you call the streets your home
Speaking in slang that I can’t actually understand
Don’t wanna be that way, that’s what’s who I am

Just because I’m part of your family dosen’t mean I wanna live like you
The streets are not my place to live so I don’t even wanna be in your shoes
I was not raised to jack people up
Don’t like how I am? too bad, tough!
I’m agaisnt gang violence and want no part in it
Never robbed and jacked someone, never done it
Coming from a black guy I know it sounds strange
But hey I’m not here to amuse, impress, or entertain
I’m just telling it like it is
It’s how I really want to live

I thank my parents for giving me a decent name
And not something obscene or anything strange
As many black names contains apostrophies
Which you know is something nobody really needs
I usually perfer proper language over ghetto slang
Knowing people talk that way is really a shame
I’m part of you but yet we speak different languages
Not all blacks speak that way, that’s the way it is
Don’t get me wrong, I really have love for all of y’all
But your behavior and actions is making me appalaud
Stealing and killing people from your own race
You think it’s funny but it’s really a big disgrace
After doing that, how can you look yourselves in the face?
Through the civil rights movement we all loved each other
Now all of you are there on the streets killing one another

For goodness sake, solve your problems through words
Not through guns, knives, or even through racial slurs
It’s really not worth all of this
All of this is making me sick
Making me ashamed to be a black man
****** in cold blood I cannot bare to stand

Okay so enough of this, so let’s move on
It’ll take me forever to describe what you did wrong
Lived a life in the suburbs so long I feel that I’ve become white
Sorry black folks but it’s really white females that I like
Been that since birth I really don’t know why
I like their eyes, their face, I really cannot lie
I’m respectful of girls of all races
Don’t take it the wrong ‘cause I like girls of all races
But I’m most likely interested in girls with white faces
I like seeing white girls go at it on MTV
Then see black chicks fight on BET
You can say hello to me and we can even be friends
But you as a lover of me I would not even recommend
A church where blacks shout out to lord is not where you’ll find me
It’s not my religion, not how I think of faith, not something I need

You may hear Biggie Smalls playing from my bedroom window
That don’t mean I’m ghetto I’m just trying to my life simple
I’ll cheer for Obama when he becomes president
But the streets will never ever be my residence
You may find me weird, you may think I’m obscene
But that’s the life I choose to live in, that’s just me
Feb 2010 · 1.1k
Why Can't I Be Normal?
Curtis Gainey Feb 2010
They say sometimes in life you’re born with nothing
Since the beginning I’ve been determined to get something
There’s a lot of goals that I do want to accomplish
There’s so many things in the world that I missed
I may drive you crazy with the things that I want to do
I’m a man with a dream, I’m just hoping to get that soon
It’s time to forge my own path in life
I just want to make things right
Change my personality, change my ways
This is the path that I truly want to take
Don’t have a car so it’s hard to go find myself
If someone knew how much pain that I felt
Knowing that I’m not part of the world and stuff
I hate staying inside all day, I really had enough

I didn’t put this on my blog for sympathy
Even though I never got the amount that I need
I may be envious and yeah I mave greed
Respect is all I ever do want to recieve
I won’t settle for anything less, want to make it big
Enough being isolated because it’s making me tick
Mother’s intimidations is keeping me locked up
Laying on the living room couch like I’m knocked up
Waiting for the moment where I could finally lace up my boots
Where I can open the front door and tell my mom “see you soon”
Yeah I like girls and I’m hoping to get one
Don’t want to go through life with none
With the life I’m living I feel like I’m dead
Being outgoing is all that’s stuck in my head

Most kids my age are doing a lot of stuff
With my lifestyle I really just can’t adjust
Don’t feel like I’m alive, says so on my myspace
I don’t know how much pressure I can really take
Got a dude in college living the kid life
Having fun with people during the night
Another dude with a job earning money
While I’m stuck with nothing, kinda funny
I wasn’t born to do nithing with my life
Yeah I’m desperate I’m not gonna lie
I don’t want to be in my 50’s living this way
I’m sick of my dreams being put on delay
I’m sick of dreaming, I wanna live life
I’m told to be patient but time is tight
I ain’t gonna stay young forever that’s thing
So amped up about the future that I don’t think
Waiting for the rescue ladder to come to my window
I want live life normal you know, it’s just really simple

But I probably won’t get that because I’m autistic
So I’m limited to my choices that’s so sadistic
Being stuck with people on wheelchairs kinda clueless
Don’t hate those kids so don’t think of me as a big ******
And I know they can’t help it but that’s not my kind of crowd
Don’t want to be limited to those kind of people that’s how I feel now
Don’t want people to think those are the only friends I can make
I just want to be a normal people is all I ask for goodness sake
Don’t think of me as a kid who can’t control his emotions
I maybe a kid who has a hard time keeping things in focus
Because of this, mother doesn’t think I can drive
Not even letting me go ahead and give it a try
No way I’m relying on the bus to get around
Because I’m tired of always being let down
Hurts to have a lot of people have a lot of doubt
And to think that you shouldn’t even be out

What’s wrong with living simple that’s all I want
It’s all I’ve been working for all I want to saught
Willing to go through anything just to get it
My goal I have still not yet really met it
What’s wrong with being normal that’s what I desire

— The End —