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Feb 2010
There’s not about it my feelings for you are strong
I’ve always wanted to get to know you for so long
It’s really just that my feelings for you are just too intense for words
Spent the whole time getting your attention, not trying to sound beserk
Dreaming what it’s like for you to just look at me
Wanting to be reason for you smiling and laughing
Day after day thinking about what it would be like if we were friends
You’re the one who runs through my mind every single time I rest
So far all I’ve been doing is admiring you from a far
Even wish about being with you on a shooting star

I would always think I didn’t have a chance being seen with you
I don’t even know you and yet when you’re gone I still miss you
You’re as hot as the sun and you glow like the moon
Here I am hoping that I would get your attention soon
Every single day I constantly dream about us hanging out with each other
As a matter of fact I even thought about what it would be like if we were lovers
And finally my dreams come true and our paths cross
Happier than ever, feeling like now nothing can go wrong
But all of the sudden my mind starts to draw a blank
Brain has been cleared out, now I got nothing on the tank
Looking right at me with your innocent smile
But getting a word out of me is gonna take a while
What’s happening to me? I dreamt about being with her
We’re so close to each other, it feels like I’m about to kiss her
So close that I can smell the body spray she was wearing
Now all of the sudden this is starting to become overbearing
Heart ponding so intense it feels like it’s about to fall out of my chest
Why am I feeling this way? this girl was the reason why I was obsessed

Words are coming out of her mouth but none out of mine
I couldn’t say anything but to her it looked like she didn’t mind
Who put the lock on my mouth? ‘cause I can’t seem to speak
Why do I feel tension? and why is my mind starting to feel weak
Why is all the information that I had in my brain starting to leak
It’s like the whole world froze sitting right next to her
It’s just feels like my brain stopped and I didn’t knew it
I desperately wanted to say something but I couldn’t
Wanted to speak to her but I don’t know why I wouldn’t
Was I blinded by love? I just don’t know
It just felt like the world was going so slow
The glow on her face was enough to make me nervous
I don’t want her to think I was feeling this way on purpose
My breath came out short and hard almost had to gasp for air
Felt that I was making a fool out of myself but she didn’t seem to care
She was acting so nice so why do I feel this way
I tried to sit still so she would think that I was okay
I should be charishing this moment, why do I feel anxious?
Trying to keep my cool so she dosen’t lose her patientence
The more I inhaled the fruity scent of her perfume the more nervous I became

I don’t want to let out these feelings because she might think that I’m insane
My mouth feels like it’s been wired shut, I don’t know why
I wouldn’t of felt this way if I saw her face in the nightime sky
In my dreams I just pictured us laughing together
I thought being with her I would feel a whole lot better
She’s right next to me and my brain stops working
Was I intimidated by her? I just don’t know for certain
Right now I feel like I’m going through a nervous breakdown
Sitting right there next to her quiet not making a sound
Sitting there with my brain melting like butter
I can’t say any words so now all I could do is stutter
Written by
Curtis Gainey
   Terry Collett
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