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Feb 2010
I admit I’m obsessed so I’m not gonna lie
The fact that you’re gorgeous I will not deny
The thought that you stay in my mind all night
Everyday I hope to have you right in my sight
Nobody can have an appearance like yours
Easy to say that you’re the one that I adore
Everyday I pass by your profile on myspace
My mind goes crazy when I see your face
I want to go out of my way just to go see you
My obsession of you is crazy if only you knew
When the sun shines your face glows
I was just too shy to just let you know
Just seeing your face gives me the motivation that I need
Just your pale-like snow colored face is all need to see
When you walk by I just can’t help but stare
The moments away from you I just can’t bare

I don’t know if this is love or just a crush
I’ve got to have you and that’s a must
When you caress me it’s like putting a blanket over my cold heart
There’s so many things about you that I don’t know where to start
The smile that you have will put a spark in my mind
You’re the only  one that will keep me out of line
I’ll be the happiest man alive if you’d asked me to be your boyfriend
It’ll be like my dreams becoming a reality as your honor I will defend
You’re the only one that can really drop me to my knees with your words
Your voice resembling an angel’s harp is a sound that needs to be heard
You ‘re the only one that can lift me up when I’m down
You’re the only one that can really take away my frown
Seeing your presence is enough to make my day
You’re just a wonderful girl that’s all I got to say
Your acknowledgement really makes me happy
And make me smile even when I’m feeling ******
I hope you’re the girl that actually cares about my feelings
And put up with all the intense crazy **** that I’m dealing
You have a face that only a mother can love
I know for sure that you’re the choosen one
Your face is in my mind just to help me get through life’s struggles
Pretending to see your presence is what prevents me to tumble

If I was wounded I hope you fall to your knees to care for me
Your tears on my face will be enough to heal me it’s all need
I’m not trying to sound sick but that just shows me that you care
And it shows me that my emotions and problems you can bare
You’re like the buried treasure that’s at the bottom of the sea
It warms my heart that if I’m in pain you’ll actually start to weep
Imagine if we had kids that’ll be something that we made together
Or if we were to get married that will make my life so much better
It’ll be wonderful if was mentioned on your all about me on myspace
And my name was typed into your headline that will sound great
I’d be the luckiest guy on this earth if I was the only one you really loved
I’d feel like my mission on earth is complete and my suffering will be done

I’m not like other guys who will abuse their lovers
I am totally different and the opposite of the others
I’ll keep my hands off unless you say different
The only thing I ever want to do please you
I just want to show you how much I need you
Don’t expect me to cheat just like the other guys
You’re the only one for me and that’s really no lie
My mother taught me to respect girls that’s what I’ll do
I believe that your needs comes first and that’s the truth
I’m not one of those crazy guys who just wants girls for ***
I’m more respectful than that and I hope that you don’t forget
It’s a great honor to be with somebody like you
I just don’t want to be anybody else besides you

Okay yeah, for right now I’m dreaming
Me claiming your love is what I’m seeing
I’m saying it’ll just be wonderful if that were to really happen
When I tell you about my wishes I hope you don’t go laughing
I’m guessing that you probably have other guys waiting for you
I hope after you read this poem I didn’t go ahead and bore you
I’m just telling you what I think that’s all
If you don’t feel that way it’s not your fault
I’m just saying it will be great if my wishes were true
All I can hope is, inside your heart there’s always room
Written by
Curtis Gainey
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