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Feb 2010
They say sometimes in life you’re born with nothing
Since the beginning I’ve been determined to get something
There’s a lot of goals that I do want to accomplish
There’s so many things in the world that I missed
I may drive you crazy with the things that I want to do
I’m a man with a dream, I’m just hoping to get that soon
It’s time to forge my own path in life
I just want to make things right
Change my personality, change my ways
This is the path that I truly want to take
Don’t have a car so it’s hard to go find myself
If someone knew how much pain that I felt
Knowing that I’m not part of the world and stuff
I hate staying inside all day, I really had enough

I didn’t put this on my blog for sympathy
Even though I never got the amount that I need
I may be envious and yeah I mave greed
Respect is all I ever do want to recieve
I won’t settle for anything less, want to make it big
Enough being isolated because it’s making me tick
Mother’s intimidations is keeping me locked up
Laying on the living room couch like I’m knocked up
Waiting for the moment where I could finally lace up my boots
Where I can open the front door and tell my mom “see you soon”
Yeah I like girls and I’m hoping to get one
Don’t want to go through life with none
With the life I’m living I feel like I’m dead
Being outgoing is all that’s stuck in my head

Most kids my age are doing a lot of stuff
With my lifestyle I really just can’t adjust
Don’t feel like I’m alive, says so on my myspace
I don’t know how much pressure I can really take
Got a dude in college living the kid life
Having fun with people during the night
Another dude with a job earning money
While I’m stuck with nothing, kinda funny
I wasn’t born to do nithing with my life
Yeah I’m desperate I’m not gonna lie
I don’t want to be in my 50’s living this way
I’m sick of my dreams being put on delay
I’m sick of dreaming, I wanna live life
I’m told to be patient but time is tight
I ain’t gonna stay young forever that’s thing
So amped up about the future that I don’t think
Waiting for the rescue ladder to come to my window
I want live life normal you know, it’s just really simple

But I probably won’t get that because I’m autistic
So I’m limited to my choices that’s so sadistic
Being stuck with people on wheelchairs kinda clueless
Don’t hate those kids so don’t think of me as a big ******
And I know they can’t help it but that’s not my kind of crowd
Don’t want to be limited to those kind of people that’s how I feel now
Don’t want people to think those are the only friends I can make
I just want to be a normal people is all I ask for goodness sake
Don’t think of me as a kid who can’t control his emotions
I maybe a kid who has a hard time keeping things in focus
Because of this, mother doesn’t think I can drive
Not even letting me go ahead and give it a try
No way I’m relying on the bus to get around
Because I’m tired of always being let down
Hurts to have a lot of people have a lot of doubt
And to think that you shouldn’t even be out

What’s wrong with living simple that’s all I want
It’s all I’ve been working for all I want to saught
Willing to go through anything just to get it
My goal I have still not yet really met it
What’s wrong with being normal that’s what I desire
Written by
Curtis Gainey
   Gleb Zavlanov
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