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 Oct 2015 Cristian Healy
We're just soaring on this earth.
Without course, a floating asteroid,
with no worth, it's our planet of birth.
Of meaning, all there is, is void.
Always wandering to some north,
pretending life of merit is not devoid.

I'm not writing full of depression,
it's just the same old realisation.
Don't wanna die, just a bit whatever,
waiting for a change in this monotony.
Tired of waking up, wish I'd sleep forever
or that something would entertain me.
*"The key to being happy isn't a search for meaning. It's to just keep yourself busy with unimportant nonsense, and eventually, you'll be dead."* -Mr Penautbutter.
 Jan 2014 Cristian Healy
I love you.
Theres nothing more to say
To add anything
would be like
cutting an arm away.

I love you
No buts
Thats all i can say.

Life works in mysterious ways
One moment it gives you everything you want
and just as quickly takes it away.

Life choices
mistakes are made
we all have to own up to it at the end of the day

I love you
I love you
Day after Day
I trust in my path
and pray
that one day
may our lifes smile upon us
and bring us back together
one day
 Jan 2014 Cristian Healy
all the blurred lines
all the demonic chants
all the bleeps and stricken words out
all the venom in your bloodstream
all the **** in your mind
with all the ***** you give
it's nothing

with the pain
you left me
(before leaving)
and the
i shared with myself
**** it

— The End —