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ShaeZen Aug 2016
Briskly traveled from river to road
lines smoothed and grooved
etched a story on you

How ever could it be
that you made your way to me
You made your imprint
inside of me

A collection of stones is all we really have
Gathered where estuaries meet
along our path

Some stay forever
engrained into our being
Some are just along for a ride

Love every stone
collected along the way
Celebrate the day when we are able
to throw them back
from whence they came
Been waiting for my feeling of flow and inspiration to return. Amen to a day long awaited
ShaeZen Feb 2016
One step my darling
One step indeed
One step will take you anywhere
you need to be
Follow your nose
The tingle in your toes
Let the fairies guide you
towards your heavenly goal
ShaeZen Feb 2016
A ember burns down to my core
energizing and vitalizing myself as i become more
more in tune
more awake
more aware of the cool air on my face
Deeper insights, doors unlocked
not feeding the monster that keeps me in deadlock
My beloved, my heart, my one true love
not found in another
but nurtured and heard
in the silence of thy own hearts cupboard

Know Thyself
to be the essence of all that thy see
Your beloved resides in center of your being
Set thyself free, and Be
Love thyself
Be free
Be free
ShaeZen Feb 2016
Palms sweaty
eyes on the floor
maybe they won't see me
"they" can't hurt me anymore

Put through the ringer
with my own consent
aftershocks and therapy
when does this **** end?
ShaeZen Feb 2016
Missing Intimacy
Missing Depth
Missing clarity shared through breath
Miss the highs
Miss the Lows
Regrets lingering along with me on this road
Wondering whats been lost
myself or thy
a piece of my own heart
now hollow
waiting for the light to enter
and love to overtake me
ShaeZen Jan 2016
Body heavy
mind slow
shedding a shroud of darkness
picking away with forgiveness
letting go

To restart
To begin again
isn't it truly a gift
To honor the present?
To do the best you can?
Success follows happiness
so happily drop the darkness
work on you
love yourself again
ShaeZen Jan 2016
Lost in shadowed emotion
tributaries run dry
damed upstream by a dreams demise
illusionary nature, brought down by truth
a pipe dream's dead end

Rewire, and release
bring illumination to a stagnant dream
remove the pillars blocking emotion
set yourself free, and let it be
it is only natural for truth to heal thy
Pathways rewired and cleared
let the light of love wash you clean
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