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Dec 2017 · 225
courtney Dec 2017
Pour, drop, splash
- a flash -
over your head
- sudden crash -
louder, louder;
rolling thunder,
beating the sky;
a raging cry.
Plants are drowning
- a gunshot lightning -
all seems chaotic
but there's no stopping.
Lost in it all,
bend and fall;
trees all snapped
or horizontal.
Yet here I hide;
my watchful eye -
I'm protected
and sheltered -
I'm calm and dry,
Danger - what danger?
This weather
- I smile -
Beauty, beauty,
let it stay for a

(C) C Lawrence
Jul 2017 · 360
Come Across Gold
courtney Jul 2017
I am like one who has come across gold,
But I'm richer and happier than gold could afford.
I feel like a person who is restored of their sight, yet this life is much brighter than surrounding daylight.
I smile like someone
who sits by the sea; beneath the sun,
overlooking the beach.
I laugh like I'm swinging the tallest of trees -
flying below clouds and soaring valleys.
My joy is fervent and my soul knows peace.
I am like one who has been set free.
(C) Courtney Lawrence
Jan 2017 · 557
One Light
courtney Jan 2017
My soul sees but one star in the sky above -
one light, one hope, one truth.
Days so numbered I'd choose with you -
Surpass thousands that differ in view.  

(C) 23/1/17
Courtney L
courtney Jan 2017
I don’t think I could ask for more if my
kitchen window was an open door -
stretched across Kenya, over viewing Columbia,
swamped by Uganda, wrapped in Moldova.
I’d spend days admiring the Dead Sea, the tops
of trees and everything I couldn’t see through the
snow in Russia.
But maybe I’d want a back door that
doubles as a portal to lost parts of the world,
its corners and beyond.
There I’d go, smiling and broke, because I’d
sell just about all I’ve got to see
what yet one man on this blue
dot has not.
Every continent, every country,
every ravine, every gum tree.
See I’m an adventurer; homesick,
but still lit with fire when my
heart desires the sensation of tasting
new ground.
A penny, a pound – the currencies I’ve found;
for thirty bob
(about all I’ve got)
they’ll drop me off in a spot
I’ve not been before nor
dreamt existed.
And as vivid as my dreams, I am yet to
foresee each day and the moments that follow.
But my feet wander forward, drawn forth
by the dawn to
places my eagerness perceives.

(C) 3/7/16
Courtney L
Feb 2016 · 422
A night with bright things
courtney Feb 2016
To spend a day sailing in the sky
and flying through wind and blue;
thoughtless and weightless, fearless and thinking
only of such a rush.

I'd spend a day flat on my back amongst
the longest grass - above all the leaves
but beneath the trees;
I'd listen to nature's gentle hush.

A night with bright things and the moon as it sings:
how transfixed we are at the stars.
I'll escape the city, for the buildings are pretty,
but nothing's home like a clear sky.

(C) 25/2/16
Courtney L
Nov 2015 · 395
courtney Nov 2015
Some nights mum comes banging on my locked door -
she won't let me miss the sunset;
and it's beautiful
as we sit outside in our matching dressing gowns -
gazes totally fixed.
People say that God isn't real, but who painted this?
Where are Evolution's arms?
What incredible imagination could Mother Nature have?
No: this kind of beauty stands alone,
unparalleled and more than enough to
capture attention for hours as
it gracefully descends.

(C) 27/11/15
Courtney L
courtney Nov 2015
You're always being surprised by people;
Maybe if you didn't have fixed opinions
and twisted pictures of them mentally
their actions wouldn't always confuse you.
We're not one-dimensional and it's about time
you reconstructed your perception
of people with the addition of new facets -
See people aren't always your first thought;
so give me a chance: realise my ability to
empathise, remind and recognize
both our weaknesses.
If you'd shatter this reflection and only see
the complex connections of the soul
perhaps my imperfections would be
forgotten in forgiving eyes.
Though if I always aimed lower,
I'd either pleasantly surprise you
or not disappoint you, so go ahead,
think badly of me - at least I can always
meet these expectations.

(C) 27/11/15
Courtney L
Nov 2015 · 810
Shouting Loud
courtney Nov 2015
The things I'm doing now because of you -
Who'd have thought I could subside my fears
with the assurance of your acceptance
whispered in my ear?
I didn't know this was within me -
I thought I'd succumbed to a life
of mediocrity; but here you've
got me shouting loud and
taking a stand for all
the things I believe
are true;
the most sincere to me, my
belief in you.

(C) 10/11/15
Courtney L
Oct 2015 · 240
A Part Of Me
courtney Oct 2015
I find it funny how penning my thoughts is like therapy:
Because, while I leave myself vulnerable to criticism or praise,
it's like the pen connects to my veins and all the awful thoughts
leave as I commit pen to paper and my soul to the page.

(C) 27/10/15
Courtney L
Oct 2015 · 308
courtney Oct 2015
The perpetual pitter-patter of rain...
his crooked smile: now time for denial,
he's not calling my name.*

(C) 17/10/15
Courtney L
Oct 2015 · 262
It's all perspective.
courtney Oct 2015
You say that pain doesn't
heal with time:
darling, you just need a little more.
This isn't the end -
though pain is life,
life's a journey -
not final destination.

(C) 4/10/15
Courtney L
Faith will withstand.
Oct 2015 · 607
Love like Rochester's
courtney Oct 2015
Strings attach our beings;
Love, omnipresent,
unites forest with fire.

(C) 4/10/15
Courtney L
10w poem
Oct 2015 · 623
courtney Oct 2015
He captures my heart in quick, quiescent moments;
in seemingly soulless surroundings
my eyes are open -  as spoken is a promise of hope.
He steals seconds of concentration
for openly encountered
He's jealous, he seeks my attention,
and, when I'm
thorough but thoughtless
he invades, like a lover
desperate for connection.

(C) 1/10/15
Courtney L
Sep 2015 · 463
courtney Sep 2015
Picking up pieces
and seeing the creases
in skin worn down to flesh -
sowing shoe-laces
and borrowing traces;
now clear and smooth is best.

Courtney L
Sep 2015 · 431
courtney Sep 2015
If ever a poet lets you read their work -
beware, it's a trick; for they're
not showing you a poem at all:
They're cross-sectioning their heart,
contents spread apart;
inviting examination
into blood-vessels as
they bleed.

(C) 17/9/15
Courtney L
Sep 2015 · 768
courtney Sep 2015
Eucalyptus & honey,
my throat's been quite funny -
aroused in coughing hysterics
all day.
Green tea with lemongrass,
helps tedious hours pass
as I sniffle and sneeze

(C) 17/9/15
Courtney L
Sep 2015 · 377
Suffering deconstructed
courtney Sep 2015
I'm reliving the times thoughts
clouded my mind,
in swirling storms of doubt:
But now I see, deconstructed at least,
the strings I've snapped and broken.
Once choking and heaving I've
become to bleeding
out the darkness inside of me.
Looking to you, staying true to
your words and heart so dear;
Emerging whole I've shed the
mould of a mind oppressed by fear,
And I see so clearly your light
burns within me, a triumph
awaited my tears.

(C) 17/9/15
Courtney L
May 2015 · 360
I Am
courtney May 2015
Thoughtless emotions
take the place
of words
in my mind;
absent to a notion of
who I am -
blind in finding
myself again.

(C) 17/6/15
May 2015 · 393
courtney May 2015
Sit still,

          amidst the quiet.

Let expanses of space
                                            and time
                                                                           pass your eye.

   the dots and

           trace carefully the

                     that reflect
and refract

                                     your hopes.

                                            Bright lights,

wearisome nights,
                       a book or two.



   intertwined ways.

                          Divided by social

                                                  rejections and



         Wasting time
                                                                                          to spare.
    supply of
                                              but attempted
                                 sorted thoughts.

Brought on,

                        by none but
                                                      the heavens


                                                                                                    A wispy haze
                                                                of broken
                                   hours and

Apr 2015 · 324
courtney Apr 2015
of mind
captured in
moments seen
and observed closely;
She's not just avoiding her
skin - she conscientiously won't
let them - in she knows a gem when
she sees one and refuses to be another grain
on the beach, but a sea of beauty further beyond.
She'll draw them in with her smile and her
defiance against being another skinny
leggy, blonde thing or a doll that's
life is pretending to be of worth.
She knows how to put on
a show of originality and
she's purer and more
beautiful than
the clearest
waters on

(C) 20/6/15
Apr 2015 · 309
Let the waves come
courtney Apr 2015
The build up of emotion inside
overwhelms me,
and I begin to feel I'm losing
myself in this tempest.
Sobs crack my bones
into pieces and  they come
in waves one
after another.

(C) 14/3/15
Also let them go.
Apr 2015 · 612
courtney Apr 2015
As I gazed into the dense inner-soul
of that broad birch tree I
so often sought,
I discovered nature's ever-changing influence:
orange, soft leaves had began to
stem from farther branches, yet turning still
to a softer yellow -
almost in attempt to compete in colour against
the richness of the sun.
I breathed in the sweet scent of autumn,
longing for the cooler nights and crisp mornings when
the workings of winter begin to
leave subtle clues.
A wispy wind streamed through the leaves
as if in a hurry to bring the message
to far away trees alike:
Autumn is here.
Strolling barefoot through the thick grass
my mind wandered past
the rainbow assortment of roses that lay
further ahead and seemed to settle, at last,
in the folds of a tall oak tree -
surrendered almost completely to
the fiery hues, it reflected
a glowing fireplace; the leaves danced and
branches crooned melodies to oneanother
amidst the heat of the flames.
And at last I yielded to it;
finding a tranquillity I needn't question
as I decided: autumn is the best season indeed.

(C) 20/4/15
Courtney L
Apr 2015 · 338
Autumn walks
courtney Apr 2015
Red/orange leaves fill the seas
of her mind's searching eye.
Kicking the piles, creating miles
of mess behind her wake;
Another step she'll take, further
along the road of no regrets.
Humming a tune, swaying to
the wind and sky's duet.

(C) 7/3/15
Courtney L
Mar 2015 · 300
The Play
courtney Mar 2015
The sky is still and blue as waves of puffy white cloud
follow it down with the descending sun.
Darker blue lingers at the edges enthusiastically, waiting
to drown the paler hues in deeper oceans that blacken each
passing hour. It's like a scripted play where the sun
and its cloud accomplices are forced to surrender
and night rises triumphantly to centre stage -
although not quite receiving an applause.
Unsure, the audience shift uncomfortably in their chairs
as they are left to ponder a dark villain having the victory.
The light is soon drained from it's stocked recesses as
little tea-candle lights reflect against the navy seas,
shimmering like sparkly dancers filling the between scenes.
With bright smiles and sequined tight dresses
they're keen to make it big. They are yet outshone by
the curved crescent edges ascending; prompting
whispers of secrets to the far away planets that the moon
is now here. Almost in reverence the surrounding spaces
begin to glow - stealing the show the absence of colour
coolly shines alone - separated from the stars it
takes its bow on stage, gleaming like freshly watered flowers
it thrives on the delighted gazes of the many below.
Mar 2015 · 364
courtney Mar 2015
You don't need to run
His voice echoes in my mind -
filling my thoughts for a moment as
I remember exhaling all my air when near him I could
finally breathe again.
I recall the immense satisfaction I felt as I knew
He was the one person I could
completely lose myself with.
And if I do...?* I think, pondering
a future my darkest thoughts plead for;
set in seeking destruction they
wrestle with my heart's nerves -
Breaking, bending, snapping the life-lines
I've confined to a minimal.
I'll be ready, I'll catch you
He says, knowing my default setting
of self-sabotage. Seeing past all my attempts
to let my guilt consume me he
refuses to accept I'm too far gone.
I won't surrender this fight, not
before you do.
He leaks into my
hungry soul, satisfying a thirst
I never knew burned inside me.
courtney Mar 2015
We don't love because we want affection;
We need each other's imperfection -
and when they exhale we fight to breathe in
the air they released from their lips;
not to kiss but to conscript
to the medication we require for life.
Give love as freely as you take it
Mar 2015 · 362
Time is a witness
courtney Mar 2015
The shrubs are overgrown and evident of the
time we spend neglecting them and ourselves.
They breathe the threats we hiss
as we kiss
the love away we'd bought.
They witness regret and seldom connect
our paths lightly.
They see the bright stars shift
as we strive to sift
the memories remembered no more.
They grow as if fed by our lack of control;
They reflect disinterest for souls
sold long ago.
Mar 2015 · 439
Seasonal afflictions
courtney Mar 2015
I didn't consider it a disorder;
the seasons seem to affect most,
and what I thought, perhaps,
kept me down wasn't the
absence of the sun, see -
I thought the waves lapped in
my mind to drown me.
I succumbed to the consistency
of submerging tides that felt
physically deeper in the shallows.
I suppose I didn't understand
the darkening effect of night, see -
it doesn't wrap the earth in
deep shades of violet, it encases
my head in deep scarlet emotions
and they paralyse me.

(C) 6/4/15
Courtney L
Feb 2015 · 319
Write me a letter
courtney Feb 2015
For today I'm okay,
so write me a letter
signed 'your love'
and seal the envelope
with your lips;
a kiss
containing words

and spells;
binding my heart
so I'll write back
I love you too,
you can tell
it's true because
for today I'm okay,
I'm just missing you.
Feb 2015 · 690
Metaphysical Birdcages
courtney Feb 2015
A lone bird beats its wings
silently through the rain.
Flying south-west for the winter
as it has no companions to indicate exactly
which way south is.
Somehow born without such instincts
it struggles against the current of wind
continuously reinforcing a mindset
of complete endurance.
So it will trek the stormy skies
for many winters to come -
bound by an endless cycle of
lost-but-just-certain in knowing
it simply has to keep going.
Jan 2015 · 1.5k
Little Squirrel Quill's Fill
courtney Jan 2015
This little squirrel Quill
                      He lived over the highest hill -
                                 He pined all day with nuts to collect
                      To protect for long winters.
Quill climbed the tallest
                       trees and still he
                               hid from large eagles till
                       He knew he could safely return home
                                 burrowed in his log.
Mr. Squirrel Senior Quill warned
                       "Don't be long, it's nearly dawn!"
                                  But little Quill amused himself
                         and ate acorns to meet his fill.
He didn't worry or scurry home -
                         He took his time,
                                   He sang a rhyme
                         He made a friend: 'Jerome' the gnome,
                                   He sang and sought a new way home.
Mrs. Squirrel Quill, she drilled and drilled:
                         "Where were you? what happened?!"
                                    Her mother's voice shrill.
                          "I, uh, I was ill!" said Quill, "terrible case
                                    of Squirrel's fill!"
Hiding the nuts, he smiled wide;
                           He was happy, little Quill -
                                    Free and filled.

(C) 6/1/15
Courtney L
Jan 2015 · 353
Lifetime Resolution
courtney Jan 2015
For this new year I
solemnly resolve to love
absolutely all of myself -
Not because it's pretty
and nor because it's a reality
unescapable, but because
someone else loved me
first, someone chose to
die so that I may live -
I think I could live my life for Him.
Escaping the seemingly ever-present prison of darkness -
I need to finally breathe again
Dec 2014 · 410
courtney Dec 2014
I'm numb.
                         I succumb.
                   I become
          Not who I was -
                       Not a variation.
        I forfeit
                I distort
            I weave
   I believe
               I tried.
                        I'll end this.
             Extend this -
Pretend for this,
                       I'll choose.
                  For who?
                            - Not who I was,
     Nor possibilities.
                        But facilities:
       Could they fix I?
                                         Would they dare try?
  Under a dark sky
                    I'll wonder why:
            It's daylight outside
                         but I'm surrounded by
  deep waves of  
Yeah it's a bad night.
Dec 2014 · 563
courtney Dec 2014
What summertime brings
lingers evidently on her
glowing golden skin -
she wears it proudly.
Accessorized with
her pearls for teeth and
hair the sun lightly bleached to
fall into sandy-blonde wisps that
dance like the waves
she runs next to.
Screaming freedom down
the beach she clasps her
sun-hat like a prize -
she stops to gaze at the
wonder of blue surrounding
her view,
just as it does each
Dec 2014 · 408
Compulsion by necessity
courtney Dec 2014
Your blood, it keeps my heart pumping blood -
it sustains my being like trees to leaves,
a life source.
A current that allows light to defeat
the growing tempest of darkness,
always enough.
courtney Dec 2014
Pain comes and goes -

actually sometimes it just comes.
No one ever mentions this.
Dec 2014 · 277
Make-believe dreams
courtney Dec 2014
Let's pretend -
Let's pretend that everything is okay as we
stitch ourselves up yet again;
smiling as we do it to fool our hearts into thinking
everything is okay -
for now,
Let's pretend it is.
Nov 2014 · 644
courtney Nov 2014
The sun escapes for another night -
A flight that's slow and beautiful as I write to it;
love letters unreturned, yet somehow I know appreciated.
Piled in an empty box of fan mail that doesn't know 'overflow' -
neither do I, so it's okay beautiful sunset,
*I think you're wonderful.
Nov 2014 · 598
From Your Perspective
courtney Nov 2014
Paint me in my silhouette -
abandon colour
and add some different hues,
like black or
Contrast the sky to my skin
because we're both
Add some light to
the dark outside and
Shadow the edges,
mix the black with white.
Smudge our reflections
in the corners -
blurry our projections
in your
As you see the
life leaking out to
the surroundings, mix a
drop of red
for perfection;
add a
and that's all you
need to
paint like photos,
my perception.
Nov 2014 · 391
A Song of Sanity
courtney Nov 2014
It's cut into pieces, but the shade welcomes me.
It sways back and forth -
begging to dance with me -
to the sound of a light breeze that is
probably in E which
is a little too high for me, but
I'll sing anyway.
A duet with the sun - I'm outshone but that's okay
because light is your specialty;
peace is mine.

We could dance for hours anyway;
I've got timing and you've got time and
we could probably busk in the streets if
we wanted to - but it's nicer here
and they wouldn't understand
the way we dance.
It's like a language that we
speak with the trees
as we bend our knees and extend our arms high -
surround them with sky,
to create a rhythm our minds
can't grasp.

This feeling is a release of
our souls - yours and mine
and it's not for sale;
it's for sanity
When I lay down here next to
my favourite tree,
listening to the wind, watching the
blue sky, I
find my *sanity.
Everyone needs something
Oct 2014 · 431
courtney Oct 2014
       Very slow.
                Shoulders slumped.
                            Head low.
                                      An awful resemblance
                                                   to the surroundings;
                                      Tired, beaten, voiceless walls
                           doors slammed shut,
                A forced close
        To my emotions -
            ­                              I'm stressed.
                                                  I'm tired -
                                                         I'm a mess.*
                                                          ­                                           Sorry.
Oct 2014 · 831
Emotional exfoliation
courtney Oct 2014
The worst part is that when I
walk in the door, I'm slapped in the face by
two radiant smiles
that deny
we just screamed at each other.
Or did we?
Maybe you just blocked it out and I
choked -
Screaming in my sleep
to stop the road from escaping
my feet
and leaving me panting from
either crying for hours or
running for miles.
I guess that doesn't matter now because
I can't feel any of it, not
the boiling hot tears that
sting my eyes or
their salt that attempts to exfoliate
my dry, raw skin;
Colourless, now, because sunlight gives
life and I've taken that away -
I can't stand another bright,
happy face as I sit here
in whatever takes my fancy.
And the rollercoaster enters a deep descent...
Oct 2014 · 387
Trying is inconvenient.
courtney Oct 2014
"And who are we to judge the broken?" She screams.
Tearing at her skin, laced with seams
she sowed to show she could heal.
"We don't help them: we condemn,
because we can't understand we hold the key to a
lock thrown downstream:
An effort abandoned when the price
peaked at an inconvenience to our dreams."
She sinks to the floor, unable to hold herself
because for too long no one held her.
Her patchwork arms
reveal the scars; as she kept count
of the let-downs and put-downs.
"But I can't save anyone."
She falls to the floor, met by arms that catch her
just as she breaks
and succumbs to the aches
that keep her awake at night -
as she reaches
for something sharp
once more.
Be there for someone - though it's inconvenient
Oct 2014 · 327
Friends and Foreigners
courtney Oct 2014
My thoughts are like a conversation -
a dialogue between two worlds trying to
understand one another.

(C) 12/10/14
I'm a little crazy.
Oct 2014 · 223
You will be missed
courtney Oct 2014
The clock ticks, steady - like a heartbeat that
he's not using.
Replaced by a silence that
steals his consciousness, for a moment,
then forever.
The weight doesn't lift, heavy - like a force that
keeps us all down.
Trapped in a sea of smiles and
memories that will always remain
in the past -
no future to mark new moments we
couldn't remember anyway:
We're not drowning in memories,
we're sinking in our sorrows,
oppressed by the knowing that he's not here
If only we could turn the clock back:
revive a nerve and create
a few more heartbeats to share -
because we're forgetting
how to breathe, too.
Our fears replaced by tears and
thoughts subsiding our feelings because
we can't feel anything but the pain of his absence
that quickens that the mention
of his name.
Rest in peace.
Oct 2014 · 268
The Sky Sings
courtney Oct 2014
She's lying down on an old bench in the corner of the yard.
One arm nursing her head, the other fending off the rays of sunlight sliced by the leaves of the tree above.
Her eyes wander, to the old wood of the bench beneath her, frail and rough, somehow supporting her weight. She rests a book beneath her head to add comfort to the skinny planks that hardly do for a pillow.
She rolls over, adjusting the book she began reading but lost concentration on; the cool blue sky above seeming to be far more interesting, next to patches of shadowy-green interlaced with bright sun. Contrasting colours surrounded by a cloudless background, moved by an occasional breeze that rattles the leaves and compels the sky to sing.  
She closes her eyes, reflections of orange-red appearing inside her eyelids; their width barely blocking the summer sunlight, instead allowing it's rays to reach through, singing and dancing and living harmoniously beside her, wrapped around her, easing her into it's peaceful, free lifestyle.
She soon falls asleep, content, protected.
Sep 2014 · 291
Hurt Resolutions
courtney Sep 2014
It's okay that things are going wrong now. They'll be good again. And It's not that I'm not hurting, I just know that it won't last forever -
Even though each one feels significantly longer and I worry it will be the one that stays and eats away at my soul -
I've stopped lying to myself about the aches:
It's there.
I won't deny it.
But it has it's time, it's temporary.
Healing is a process, a journey.
I won't let this keep me down;
I choose to love myself.
Just trying to learn from my mistakes I guess. I like to write resolutions; promises that I will let myself heal and not hold on to hurt. It helps.
Sep 2014 · 312
Words come more easily
courtney Sep 2014
But for today,
my hurt heals with
silly words and
ink-covered pages.
I used to draw. I stopped.
Aug 2014 · 502
White tiles
courtney Aug 2014
The broken pieces of her heart are scattered on white tiles,
sharp like glass, bathed in blood,
little pieces of herself she can't pick up;
can't cut her hands on because another slice into her skin
would **** her.

(C) 24/8/14
Courtney L
Aug 2014 · 305
courtney Aug 2014
Her words are like sharpened knives that slice me open, revealing the red raw of my flesh. They know where the deepest parts of pain lie - it's the first cut. The second rips away the small walls built to protect hidden secrets. They leave me vulnerable; open to hear more words that she screams as she drives another wedge into my heart. It's always screaming. The hate leaves her mouth almost as fast as it does her eyes - it's like a button she presses to reload the ammunition - newer, harder bullets shooting through me, leaving wounds in my chest, stomach, arms. An ever-ready finger pulling the trigger, shooting them out of black, lifeless eyes that don't really see me, don't acknowledge the hurt, but see what they want to see: another unguarded target.
be careful what you say.
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