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Feb 2021
It's a mystery
those things you
do to me.
I'm silent and
my head is chatty.
safe and wild,
fully vested,
fat and happy.
Content to
not be leaving.

When I think
of the feelings
I feel about you,
it becomes
too much,
and not enough.

When I see
you watching me
watching you,
watching me
sky blue eyes
shining down

And we're lying
between palms,
our hands
caressing the sand,
even when were back to back
i think of *******
and touching skin.

It's all so mysterious
that my life might be
about to begin...again.
that you could be more
than a friend...
my family

adores you.

It's clear they
see how you look at
me and how i look back
at you.

It's so mysterious that
spending every night
together could be...
normal after spending
so much time apart.

It's all so mysterious...
Your so mysterious.
Yea it's all so mysterious...
Yea your so mysterious
Irate Watcher
Written by
Irate Watcher  30/F/Denver
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