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cosmo naught Aug 2022

I spent the vacation dissociating.
wish u were here

As far as I could go,
my thoughts do follow.

An echo reverberates
til it rattles the canyon.


I domesticate insanity.

cosmo naught May 2022
Everything in my life is great
and I can’t touch it.
A hundred million miles away from you,
from gratitude -
my mind can’t reconcile.

I don’t learn.
I don’t think.
I dissociate.

My astral body
has anxiety.

There is no such thing as mindfulness
cosmo naught Jan 2022

I am Pavlov’s dog
and I am famished.

I wonder if Maslow’s pooch got
free run of the food bowl.
I wonder if I will self-actualize.

I think of the paradox of quantum superposition.

I wonder about the rules for the evolution of a system.

Simultaneously, I do and do not understand quantum physics.

I bet Sigmund Freud had a rabbit.

ring ring
cosmo naught Oct 2021
just cuz ya
want it
don’t mean that
ya get it

& just cuz ya don’t
doesn’t mean
it’ll stop

It’s love!
   or something

   it’s probably not
cosmo naught Sep 2021
the best thing you can do
when you have lost control
is a deep, judicious pruning.

You will feel bare,
then grow back healthier.
cosmo naught Jul 2021
the world's silliest man is treating me to *** & breakfast.

giggles galore & in the early afternoon, he will be gone again.

you wouldn't ask the world's silliest man to take anything too seriously.

he does what he does well, and so, too, do i —

we get down to funny business, and it's nice.

it's nice, letting him be good & sweet & secret, in my eyes at breakfast.

because even if he isn't serious, you can trust a silly man with silly things.
cosmo naught Mar 2021
the deep & sultry sorrow of missing you:
my favorite thing to do.

it is indulgent.

dark & vacuous;
full, and wholly incomplete

rich & luscious,
it is crushed and crushing velvet —
crushing me.

swells of existential love
like a photo negative
it's all there,
and it still Is.
inverted, inside-out, and twisted;
but inarguably evident.

dwelling in your absence,
delving deep in pain of life,
to bask in such sensuous strife,
you're hardly missing.
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