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 May 2014 Cora Salas
 May 2014 Cora Salas
Teenagers are scientists
They experiment often
And stay up half the night
They analyze the theories of the opposite ***
And try to tell what statement would evoke what reaction

Teenagers are the real scientists
Because when they mix too much stuff together
They are constantly blowing things up
 Apr 2014 Cora Salas
Ian Cairns
For a brief moment
this felt more
fact than facade
 Apr 2014 Cora Salas
 Apr 2014 Cora Salas
All I want, 
All I've ever wanted, 
Is time alone with you. 

Twenty minutes, 
A half hour, 
It isn't too much to ask, 
Is it? 

I want to know you, 
In a way that so few 
Ever have. 

I want to show you 
My tattoos and scars. 
I want to see yours. 

I want to run 
My hands over them, 
Hear their stories 
And how you healed them. 

I want to tell you 
Stories of the people 
I've lost. 
I want to hear yours 
Of the people you've 

I want to kiss away 
Your tears, 
Like only you have 
For mine. 

I've only wanted some 
Alone with you.
 Apr 2014 Cora Salas
lina S
 Apr 2014 Cora Salas
lina S
Hug me.
Hold me.
Love me.

And the whole universe will freeze.
Just for us
i bought my cat an easter egg it was only small
he rolled it round the floor like it was a ball
then he took the paper off and tossed it the air
then he ripped it up paper everywhere

he was having fun on his  easter day
the egg it kept him happy has he played away
then he ate the chocolate held it with his feet
he was very happy with his easter treat

then he fell asleep and began to dream away
and thought of all the fun had on his easterday.
 Apr 2014 Cora Salas
Ellen Dawson
Your touch closes my eyes
I let your words traumatise my mind
Your breath dampens my skin,
Provoking apocalyptic thoughts from within

The trickle of your touch
Is eating at my mind,
I keep your desires fed,
Thirst and hatred intertwined

Disrupting my insides
My lips escape discordant harmonies,
As in you I confide,
That the truth's foreign to my eyes

You remain my fixation
A sinister hallucination
Occurrences of formination
Are my self-rehabilitation
 Apr 2014 Cora Salas
Kevin Eli
Yellow painted walls. This place makes me smile.
As she sits there by night studying, her dress flows elegantly in the wind
That is blowing through the balcony door.

Polka dots in black and white, she bites her pencil tip.

She makes me smile.
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