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 Jan 2022
Mohd Arshad

Yet my hope,

What a saint!
 Jan 2022
Mohd Arshad
In every leaf that
Falls, agony lies hidden;
We dont hear, we watch.
 Jan 2022
Mohd Arshad
On the cheeks of fog
Our shattered dreams visualise;
The sun restores them.
 Jan 2022
Mohd Arshad
The mouse gnaws at bones
At the pace of day and night;
After that it squeals.
 Jan 2022
Mohd Arshad
In arms of the clouds
The moon sleeps with eyes open;
Some glowworms twinkle.
 Dec 2021
Mohd Arshad
Without poetry,

Society is an autumn tree
 Dec 2021
Mohd Arshad
My eagle



Came down the ground

At sunset
 Dec 2021
Mohd Arshad
Invisible pins fly
                           Among balloons

None deflates
                           but screeches
 Dec 2021
Mohd Arshad
I hear tears
Like and old leaf
              On the ground

They are snow
          And they live and die in silence
 Dec 2021
Dennis Willis
that's not poetry you say
yea but it works for me
it's not a dance that's refined
I tell the other side of my mind
just another lame attempt
a wannabe first of its kind
mush stuckina digital rind
feelin' this is quite a
fine mess
only /IP
can parcel this
 Nov 2021
Mohd Arshad
I stand alone
When the gloom of dilemma suffocates me

I'm not heading in the wrong direction
As it has been my passion
And I'm going to my cherished destination

But I stand alone
When I need a hand to cover the distance

What tomorrow unfolds will be in my palms
Still I stand alone
Still I stand alone
 Nov 2021
She said it was her only life line
scars telling of her life in parts
every detail of every knife line
where one ends, another starts

numbness is nothing
pain is something

she said it was like her only need
satisfaction in killing the numb
in the darkness, she can only bleed
looking forward to the pain to come
 Aug 2021
Mohd Arshad
Is not an incidence

It's a long process of being disciplined......and sacrificing desires.
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