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 Sep 2023
Try as you might.
But I've seen how this will play out for me.
So why would I fight?

To end up sitting in the dark.
Wondering what's more tragic.
A funeral for a dead man.
Or a clandestine ceremony for a living one.

Sometimes grey is no longer an applicable color.
Something's need closure.
 Jun 2023
I've been trying to understand this insanity.
But it's nothing but a losing game for me.
When white is black.
And black is white.
I'm forever searching for a shade of gray.
 Feb 2023
Jethro Nhero Cuizon
She has this iron shell,
indestructible, impenetrable.
Made of an armor of thorns,
strikes harder than thunderstorms.
But behind this ironclad,
is a lovely maiden
waiting for her lad
to embrace her iron fortress
with faith and tenderness,
to awaken and release her
from her long golden slumber.

I know, it's not your prison,
but rather your protection.
Just come my dear,
there's no need to fear,
Just hold my hand,
you'll be safe here.
 Feb 2023
Jethro Nhero Cuizon
Every moment
is a unique piece
of a puzzle in our life.

So if you missed
that one important moment
you may lose
the most important piece
of the puzzle of your life.

Nothing can ever
replace the single piece.

Don't hesitate,
go for it,
or your life
will forever be incomplete.
 Feb 2023
Jethro Nhero Cuizon
You may not be the sun
who lights up
everyone's day,

You may not be the moon
who glows in everyone's
cold night,

You may not be the stars
who flickers everyone
with a smile.

But you are my gentle firefly,
who gleams with me
in this dark tunnel,
who keeps me company
in this solitary drift,
who glitters me with hope
to hold on and continue
as I tread this burrow.

Please stay with me.
 Jan 2023
Jethro Nhero Cuizon
Stop running
in my head,

Just stay
in my heart.

Sa mga lirikong wala pang tono
Ay aking ipamamalas ang Iyong Kagandahan —
Kagandahang ni minsa’y hindi pa nasulyapan
Bagkus kusang hinahanap-hanap.

Ang matatamis **** Salita
Ang aking baon buhat agahan hanggang hapunan.
At mauhaw man ako o magutom sa daan
Ay alam kong Ikaw ang sagot
Sa bawat katanungan at kakulangan.

Ang pagdampi ng bawat lubid sa aking mga daliri
Ay katumbas ng paghehele Mo sa akin sa gabi —
Sa gabing palaging puno ng bituin ang kalangitan
Na pahiwatig ng maigting **** pag-ibig
At walang katapusang pag-iingat
Sa puso kong puno ng galos sa bawat araw.

Ang likidong sining sa aking mga mata’y
Palatandaan na ako’y isang mahinang nilalang
Na nagnanais ng Iyong pagkalinga’t pag-aaruga.

At ako’y uhaw pa rin sa katotohanan
Bagamat ilang beses ko nang nilisan
Ang mga baitang ng edukasyon
Na isang panimula lamang
Sa yugtong ito ng sarili kong kasaysayan.

Takpan ko man ang aking pandinig
Ay hindi ito balakid sa paghirang Mo sa aking ngalan
Na tila ba Iyong hayagang binabanderya
Na ang pagkatao ko’y may halaga
Bagamat ako’y may hindi sapat na pananampalataya.

At sa katunayan pa nga’y
Ikaw ang humihila sa akin pabalik
Sa mga lirikong akala ko noong una’y
Ako ang may akda
Ngunit maging ang hininga ng mga letra’y
Tanging Ngalan mo ang isinisigaw -
Syang salamin sa'king Tula.
 Jul 2022
mark john junor
The further away we may wander,
the closer to the heart our olden days become
the people who welcomed us
the places we danced
the music that still lingers in the air
with the love of a dream still shared...

The further away we may wander
we love each new adventure
never knowing where the road may lead
but we will always fondly look back
to the many homes our hearts have known
and wish upon wish to share our adventures
and roads with the people who celebrate our joy...

The further away we may wander,
we come to realize
places are meant to be left behind
but the smiles and loves we found there
will forever be part of who we are
 Jul 2022
mark john junor
beauty is a terrible force of nature,
terrible in its wrath for the heart that loves it,  
terrible in its burden to the heart that carries it,
terrible to the heart that beholds it and cannot embrace it...

beauty is adoration of all lovely thoughts and hopes,
beauty is adoration of all that is found and lost again in the heart,
beauty is adoration of the sweetest dreams that we wish we could never wake from...

Beauty speaks to you in a silent lust for what cannot ever be yours alone,
Beauty speaks of all the lives one could live in such a sweet natural place,
beauty speaks of how it can never be happy because so many fear it
 Mar 2022
mark john junor
lesser forms of sunshine
each a design dreamt long ago
each a blissful madness of joy
they invade the room through the open window
while the shadow of a man recites "Hamlet"
in a cold gravel voice
a prince born of such a bold pen
such a tale forever told yet again

"Hamlet" reaches the end of his nonsense verse
no tragedy of princes can tell the whole tale
there is always the love so long restrained
that bursts all the inhibitions and makes
the world all about her

a prince born of such a bold pen
such a tale forever told yet again
penned by figures clouded in mysteries created
a name that is known to every house and citadel
speaking to a world he never could imagine
all these centuries later
his words still stir
* William Shakespeare at an uncertain date between 1599 and 1602. Wikipedia
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