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 Dec 2018
kainat rasheed
Two shadows
Were my home
That was my comfort zone
One before me
One behind me
Two walls
Big and tall
I was following those steps
In between the path
I lost one
Where it gone now
Two shadows
One was before me
Another was of my own
How will i reach home now
my home is broken now
The home with  one wall
Is incomplete now
I am remained with my own shadow
Whoes steps will i follow now
Where is the home now
My vision was in between those two shadows
How can i see now
No light for me ?
My world between those two walls
Was  too small
What to do with this world now
This rising sun is too hot now
Its hard to open my eyes now
And look around
Will that shadow come back now
I find out a solution now
I am searching for bricks
To put them all
before me
Behind me  
To the rising sun
One by one i will make the wall
And burried me down
Imagine how i am looking now
In deep and down

— The End —