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 Sep 2017
Khan BA

The scriptures had a name and I became Eve,
The ancients often worshiped me,
The wise sealed lips in front of me,
The wisdom that mystics think of me
To Hindus I am Kali and Parvati too,
Yet I love and bear the lovers too,
I am a woman with beauty and brains,
And a worrier riding equine manes,
The mountain song and the Dolphin of the blue sea,
And Honey bee kissing the bosoms of Rose beauty,
I am the one with all these graces,
And I bring happiness to all new faces,
Does it matter what I am now and then
As my Gaya relaxes like perfect Zen.
Description of female...?

(By: Khan, BA)
Description  of female..?
 Sep 2017
Khan BA

Some call me silly and still some bad,
I am neither but how can that hold?
I want to be away from this crowd so mad,
To be at a place where everything is just at hold,
No morning and no evening and only serenity to behold,
A dreamer's dream that every lover dreams to behold.

(By: Khan, BA)
 Sep 2017
Khan BA
Rain Drops..

“These rain drops keep falling on my head,
As I write these words to tell you my friend,
I ain’t no poet nor a man who takes poetry to bed,
But a simple being who believes that this whole world is his friend!”

(BA Khan)

— The End —