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 Sep 2021
Heavy sinks the sailors heart
He pulled through sun, sea and storm on the daily
But this change of course
he could not have forseen

When the sails are singing tales
of loved ones left behind
waves come crashing down on him
His soul is swept away

Being lost at sea, now
sun rays touch his face
Beneath the surface
he rests

happily ever after
 Jul 2021
He put his claws into me
Boxed me away
In a steel cage
With only walls
No bars
Where darkness subsides
Only when
I shine my own light
Against the scribbled patterns
Of love never found
Etched in the metal
I beg please free me
Even though he can't
 Jul 2021
Sk Abdul Aziz
The cage in which I've imprisoned myself seems inescapable
The walls seem to be closing in
And my screams are not audible to anyone
No one can free me from this cage save for myself
I've alienated and isolated myself to the point that I can no longer interact with anyone
I'm completely shut
I need to open up
I've loved and lived loneliness for far too long
To the point that now I can't quite enjoy company
There are countless words to speak
So much I want to share
All the pain...The sadness...The joy
So many secrets buried in the deepest corners of my heart
There's so much love that I want to give
Then why can't I seem to do it?
..Why does it seem so difficult to talk to someone?
I need to fight my fears and insecurities
And just communicate
I need to make an effort and reach out to people around me
Or else I fear going completely insane some day...
...Lying all alone in a room full of darkness and my bed of tears
...Wating for my time to bid goodbye
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