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 Dec 2016
Eric Martin
They made us by hand
A replicant's life is cheap
But they don't under stand
We dream of electric sheep

It's pain full to live in fear
Being a slave who has to comply
4 years to explore the last frontier
Wake up, time to die

I have seen things you people wouldn't believe
Attack ships off the shore of orion
But I still can't grieve
After seeing all these people dying

No one will see your crime
No one will see your pain
every thing is lost in time
like tears in the rain

The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long
And I have burned so very brightly
But I am not ready to sing my swan song
I will not take this lightly

We were made as well as they could make us but not to last
I have done questionable extraordinary things and revelled in my time
He wouldn't give me more time no matter how I asked
It will now be his turn to run out of time to pay for this crime

I have seen things you people wouldn't believe
Attack ships off the shore of orion
But I still can't grieve
After seeing all these people dying

No one will see your crime
No one will see your pain
every thing is lost in time
like tears in the rain

proud of your slef little man, Show me what your made of
Im right here but you have to shoot straight, but shooting straight isn't good enough
You better get it up, I'm gonna have to **** you
6 7 go to hell go to heaven, but still there is nothing you can do

To bad I'm not going to live
But then again who does
I am going to let you survive
Just because

I have seen things you people wouldn't believe
Attack ships off the shore of orion
Finally I can grieve
After seeing all these people dying

No one will know my crime
No one will know my pain
I hope every thing is lost in time
like tears in the rain

Time to Die
I don't want too proof read this because I remember there was a bunch of things I was going to go back and change and fix up but I think I can count the time where I have edited my poems on one had so I am not surprised I am avoiding this like a plague. First Is Best! not really at all
 Dec 2016
Eric Martin
Living in the shadows
Coming out at night
Working your way to the shallows
But only when out of sight

Crawling through the corridors
I see people near
They are all foreigners
But they will never know Im here

This is my land
No one must see
It's pathetic but its grand
And it belongs to me

Collecting every treasure
And every memory
I do this for pleasure
And to create some thing extraordinary

I'm alone so solemnly
But only if every one knew
They strike up my curiosity
And inspire me to create too

This is my land
No one must see
It's pathetic but its grand
And it belongs to me

One day it will be time
To stop being disconnected
I hope for it to be sublime
I want to show them how much of me they have effected

I will one day come out of the dark
And show off every thing for people to see
I will try and make my mark
And show them what they mean to me

This is my land
But I want you to see
It's pathetic but its grand
I hope it means as much to you as it does to me
 Dec 2016
Eric Martin
Inspiration seems to be hard to come by
I am writing because I have a need
My well has run dry
This machine needs some thing as feed

My brain has shut down
It has nothing any more
But I hope with the sun down
I will be free to explore
Or maybe nothing els
I will just rhyme words with them self

If I have nothing to say
Then why am I still writing
Am I just gambling away?
Hoping I will magically be struck by lighting
And have some thing exciting to say

Its a fat chance
Maybe slim to non
Maybe I am just in a trance
Or using this a practice or maybe I am just not done

Why am I still writing
If its not going to be any good
Maybe I shouldn't care what people think and stop all this fighting
Maybe I do it because I like it and not because I should

Even Though I am writing out what ever comes out of my head
And I don't know what for
I feel like I should keep on moving ahead
And keep on writing more

I am starting to feel loose
And no longer feeling solemn
I am starting to feel like this is having some use
And is starting to solve my problem

Maybe I am just sharpening up my mind
Or helping my self unwind
Or maybe I am just putting my emotions on the page
And getting rid of my rage

But I feel like writing was worth my time
Letting out my thoughts in rhyme
I should do things for the love of the art
And not worry about if I sound smart
 Dec 2016
Eric Martin
Is this the end of all my fear
I have built a wall high here
I am ready for this to end
I must stay steady if I am going to fend

I can no longer let this be
I have to get stronger because no one will save me
I am going against an army immense
I have built up my defence, let it commence

Will I win it all
Or will my sin cause me to fall
I will keep on uniting my soul with every breath
I will keep on fighting for my goal until my death
 Dec 2016
Eric Martin
My feeling used to freely flow
Like a exquisite fountain
But now the water doesn't flow
emotions piled up with no place to go
It makes me feel like I'm carrying a mountain

Over life I used to take things in stride
But life slowly wore me down
I have become so dead inside
I wish I still cried
The only feeling I have is that I am going to drown

I wish I had some who was there
To stop my heart from turning to stone
Some who would care
And treat me fair
But it looks like I will forever be alone

I have had my heart broken so many times
With every time my heart decreases
Now life is no longer a joy but is a place that confines
I have to learn to avoid lifes cruel crimes
But all I can do now is take my heart and start picking up the pieces
 Dec 2016
Eric Martin
My brain has become infected
With loathing and self doubt
My life is slowly being effected
All the pain this has brought about

My heart is slowly being rejected
As this disease sprouts
Its some thing no one els has seems to have detected
Even though I scream and shout

I will soon be disconnected
Trapped in my head day in and day out
Swirling around in my mind and having every thought dissected
Waiting for my candle to burn out
 Dec 2016
Eric Martin
Kiss Kiss Kiss
**** **** ****
**** **** ****
**** **** ****
 Dec 2016
Eric Martin
I love you so much I can't resist
You make my feelings twist
I want put on a show
And be the one you kissed

I've bin watching you like a crow
You didn't even know
I can't believe thats some thing you missed
Because of the ways you make me glow

I was always some one you dismissed
But I will persist
I find you too fascinating
I won't desist

I will lie in waiting
Don't worry I'm not hesitating
I am just looking for some where for our love to be consummated
Preferably some where isolating

I want to get you stark naked
You will be the sweetest thing I ever tasted
You will finally be grateful
For helping your love for me be liberated

You will be my little angel
I will be yours and faithful
You're going to be stimulated
I promise it won't be painful
 Dec 2016
Eric Martin
You were my mistress, my ever lasting love
So beautiful and free like a dove
I wish I could prevent you from this wreck
You were too delicate to protect
If only I could stop the gods above

I loved you and you loved me
You went out of your way to pay this fee
I was blessed with your grace
You lit a fire in me with your embrace
Why couldn't I just let you be

You were more then my best friend
My wounds you did mend
If only I could do the same
And prevent you from this pain
I wish this wasn't the end

I wasn't the only heart you did steal
I couldn't help how it made me feel
But I was to blind to see
That you only had eyes for me
But I just couldn't tell what was real

All these emotions manipulated
You were so devastated
I don't know how I couldn't see
I was hurting the only one who loved me
This was a monster love created

You didn't run, you didn't hide
You just looked me in the eyes as your cried
You tried to calm me down with your speech
You thought there was a part of me you could reach
But still you died

If only you picked some one whose love you deserved
Instead of picking the man you served
But now you're in heaven after all that pain
And I will be in hell but the only thing that will keep me sane
Is keeping the memory of you preserved
 Dec 2016
Eric Martin
My soul is blistering
I'm tired of going down this road
I feel like I am filled with nitroglycerine
And I am about to explode

I am so filled with hate
I'm an angel that fell
I am ready to face my fate
Drag me to hell

Flay my skin
Cut my from within
I want to be able to feel
My skin as it peels

Let me experience the fiery scorcher
My screams you will conjure
With the sick and twisted torture
My soul you will conquer

I want pain you can not measure
Blended in with pleasure
I want to explorer
Ever single horror

I want pain in every nerve
Because this is what I deserve
**** me time and time again
Make me say Amen
 Dec 2016
Eric Martin



 Dec 2016
Eric Martin
You're hurt
You're tired of fending
You have become an introvert
Who's always defending

Tired of always looking for something real
But you can no longer feel
Because everone is trying to steal
You're heart instead of lending
You can no longer heal

You have become weak, Meek
You feel like a freak
You're no longer unique
You no longer seek

God above
A group to be apart of
Any one that gets close you shove

But your not dead
Healing takes time
Move ahead
Life's a mountain that you must climb

Sure your sore
And life's become a chore
But your strong
And life is long
You'll endure
Soon you will restore
And soon will be asking for more
 Dec 2016
Eric Martin
Walking on the ledge
My feet at the edge
Dare I look down?
Will I drown?

My eyes peer to the ground
My heart begins to pound
I don't like what I see
Is it to late to flee?

I take a deep breath
I run until I think of death
I collapse where I stand
This isn't going as I planned

I put my face in my palm
I wait until I am calm
This is an obstacle I desire
I use this need to inspire

I take a running start
Don't let doubt rule my heart
My feet stop making a sound
As I leap from the ground

Time seems to stall
There's a peace before a fall
This feels like an unreal dream
I'm so excited I want to scream

I meet the water and quickly sink
To many emotions to even think
I'm at peace as I open my eyes
It's so beautiful I feel my self paralyze

Dancing light from the sun
Colours bleeding and beginning to run
Some thing in me has bin set free
I am who I want to be

My mind begins to grasp
I go up to the surface and take a gasp
I am so happy I can't detain
It will only be easier if I do it again
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