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 May 2014
Curt A Rivard Sr
As I slowly drift asleep and then start to close my eyes
Every night I talk to him, because he never lies.
Amazing me each and every time with his wonderful power
He shows me his true strength for I try to talk to him for about an hour.

I ask for not much, just the simple things in life
Protection for me, my children and my future wife.
Blessing me with seven gifts the beautiful family I can hold
I’m not gambling it all away, here are my cards, and I now fold.

When in times of need and when you neither are nor near
I then invite you into my dreams and look, you did hear!
Four times in my life I invited you; four times you were at my side
Soaring high above our sleeping bodies, soul mate spirits now glide.

Embarking on many journeys I go on so many dreaming quests
Is this heaven or is it hell? Or are they all just nothing but major tests?
My eyes are now opening and on the ends they stand all of my hair.
Another gift I now possess, you confirmed it, cause you showed up…
And meet me there!

(SirCARSr. 4-23-14)
 Apr 2014
Curt A Rivard Sr
He is looking down while sitting upon his mighty throne
He’s listening to all our pain and suffering as we moan and groan.
In this spiral disc we all call home we're held in its spinning arm
Commandments spell out; to no one shall you ever bring harm.
Into the vast never ending void of darkness there is a…
green and blue marble that is three hundred and sixty degrees round
If you sit and ponder all your thoughts all about it
you'll all see this place is just nothing more than just a massive burial ground.
Discriminating not for he needs to beloved hold
all his criteria is fulfilled and with it, the young and the old.
If detective’s cadaver dogs were let loose to smell the scent
down upon everyone’s knees we all then would be bent.
Seeing and smelling death everywhere I now do go
It won’t be too long before I feel someone’s no blood flow.
I can’t believe the things I am now seeing and hearing,
Do you pray to him and are you God fearing?

(SirCARSr 3-31-14)
 Apr 2014
Curt A Rivard Sr
Toiled for days, toiled for weeks, toiled for hundreds of years
working his fingers to their bones he’s crafting an ark out of gopher wood.
Noah tried ever so hard to tell and be a teacher
A choosing one from God he spoke as if he was a preacher.

No one heeded to his warning and Noah cried and prayed that they all would.
It’s now getting to late and he’s wishing that they all were godly good.

Getting ready to sail on an ocean full of angel tears
he’s not afraid, he’s content in his ark and he has no fears.
Two by two they came from all the creepeth corners of the earth
He’s so happy that he has his wife and wives for his three sons from birth.

For Forty days and forty nights the angels wept from heaven
And down on earth every living thing’s nostril was begging.
The master didn’t really want to take their breathing air
It had to be done because he had a plan and he did care .

It was a beautiful night when the dove with an olive leaf took to fight
bearing a gift showing Noah he was always right
and dry land isn’t too far from his sight.

After enduring a test of faith and with no despise
he was told and given a promise
and in return for his believing eight souls had rainbows were put in there eyes.


(Curt A. Rivard Sr.)

 Apr 2014
Curt A Rivard Sr
Upon his donkey he’s on his final farewell tour
He knows inside that there all getting one last good look
Spectators are gathered and crowding both sides of his path
Covering the ground there laying palm leaves at his feet
Because he loved the lame and he loved the poor.

My heart was aching and I was desperate for so many answers
It was tucked away for twelve years and collecting dust
I knew right where it always was but thought I was stronger
Please forgive me maker; I’m so sorry for putting it into hiding
Holding it every day now, I read from it so it will never rust.

On this same very day last year, a day I will never forget
I was sitting, I closed my eyes, and I randomly opened it up
Highlighted paragraphs then caught my blurry burning eyes
After I prayed and cried begging to hear no more lies
Inside I saw it all covered in yellow, it is my life saving story.

It was in the book of Judges the story about Samson to be exact
Not being able to answer the riddle, they then went out on the attack
Hiding in clusters under the leaves shaped like feathers
Look to the top of the tree is what the answer is,
My youngest son Joshua said to me.

You drew my sights to show me your wonderful power
Thank you for helping me take a look,
Because in a split second I fell in love
For you gave me Samson’s strength to open up,
My beautiful, five letter book.

(SirCARSr. 3-12-13)
 Apr 2014
Curt A Rivard Sr
The Lord is my Shepherd and now I have not a single need
An infinite given gift given to me for everything that I ever did was a good deed.
So warm the beautiful glow upon my new complexion
As I walked into his crimson fortress I can see all his creations
And they were done to complete perfection.
Following the beams as they all converged into one and another
There showing me the way to my new home
Please mourn and weep no more because I am not alone
In my left hand I hold the Lords hand and in the right is son Jesus.
Walking hand in hand in this heavenly bliss I am again with the ones I did miss
With all the wonderful things that are up here to do,
Always know that I am looking down upon you.
When you see not a cloud in the sky and you feel the rush of wind come upon you
Fear not for it is me wrapping my arms all around you.
Until we can meet once again, rejoice in knowing that I now sit and eat at the Lords table
And at night he rocks me to sleep in his pure white arms
As if I’m his new born baby in his loving cradle.
(SirCARSr 10-03-13)
 Apr 2014
Curt A Rivard Sr
Blessed with children I was asked to be there protector
On a loan and watching my every move
You are looking, for you’re the sole investor.
At a breaking point and thinking all about fleeing
I try and tell myself I can get through this
But why does it seem there’s no end to what I am seeing?
I was wishing and I was wanting, I just wanted it all to stop
Because I was tired of drowning and I wanted to get back to the top.
experiencing torrents of emotions crashing wave upon wave
I can't seem to see any way out and now all I want is to be in a grave.
In this darkness and with no light I'm praying to you please let me win this fight.
You turned my eyes to your words once again
And look there it was, the chapter title all in yellow
Hiding deep within the scriptures that are written
Suddenly right before my eyes I saw the pages turn into a mirror
As the goosebumps all started to rise, I then saw, I was him, I was that fellow.
Starring at myself in the reflection
I then heard a voice telling me to have trust
And throw all my worries over to him
And if I did, I’ll be on my way again to perfection.
Thank you lord for spiting me out back on solid land,
I could have never did it,
Without your loving helping hand.
(SirCARSr 10-18-13)
 Apr 2014
Curt A Rivard Sr
Are there secrets that you do keep?
Or do you reveal them all to him before you go to sleep?
Begging him for forgiveness because you don’t want to sin no more
Asking him over and over to just take them all away
Please sweep them all out my heart, out my mind and throw them out the door.
Promises that were given like it shalt never again flood
And if we accept him, were protected by his Son's ransom blood.
I can see it in all their eyes and it happens every time I look about
Can you hear his angels whisper and sing or does he need to scream and shout?
Whatever God you know, he knows you better than you do think.
When they found him, bound him and crucified him
And he died up upon that old cross,
I don’t know about you all,
But I know,
I mourn everyday his loss.
(SirCARSr. 11-16-13)

— The End —