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Mar 2013
Upon his donkey he’s on his final farewell tour
He knows inside that there all getting one last good look
Spectators are gathered and crowding both sides of his path
Covering the ground there laying palm leaves at his feet
Because he loved the lame and he loved the poor.

My heart was aching and I was desperate for so many answers
It was tucked away for twelve years and collecting dust
I knew right where it always was but thought I was stronger
Please forgive me maker; I’m so sorry for putting it into hiding
Holding it every day now, I read from it so it will never rust.

On this same very day last year, a day I will never forget
I was sitting, I closed my eyes, and I randomly opened it up
Highlighted paragraphs then caught my blurry burning eyes
After I prayed and cried begging to hear no more lies
Inside I saw it all covered in yellow, it is my life saving story.

It was in the book of Judges the story about Samson to be exact
Not being able to answer the riddle, they then went out on the attack
Hiding in clusters under the leaves shaped like feathers
Look to the top of the tree is what the answer is,
My youngest son Joshua said to me.

You drew my sights to show me your wonderful power
Thank you for helping me take a look,
Because in a split second I fell in love
For you gave me Samson’s strength to open up,
My beautiful, five letter book.

(SirCARSr. 3-12-13)
Curt A Rivard Sr
Written by
Curt A Rivard Sr  Connecticut
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