preacher pastor priest teach believe
god's garden, eve, reach
those two tree's:
bible 2-3,
that's genesis
osiris is
life's nemesis
birth to burials
i'm the jungle garfield with Pi's eyes
but it's undead, the doll's cat on 9-lives
that's infinity like the minute he rewinded, rewired the eternity
baobab of knowledge
hey use the scriptures
as scripts to chain us, this devil nature
we django to the shackles
no chain on my ankles
people 'r evil, don't be naive
pity nobody warned EEB
you see, fruits is poisoned
waters bleed peace
victory hyms from Igbo slaves
history wins deep
i wonder but a lot
like how mama alkebulan got
all these viruses
her children riding in an ambulance
down a slippery slop like avelanche
welcome to never-land
pain never the right-hand
emergencies, cries & crises
the elite ambience be,
a pain in the gut,
so who really run world,
i'm the cat that runs rat to the rut!

(C)2017. Phila Dyasi. NuBlaccSoUl™. All rights reserved.** | 21 FOR 21 is me releasing works of prose or poetry for 21 days straight to celebrate my 21st birthday



angels beautiful angels
I never knew but you are real
angel without wings

heart is warm
kind thoughts all the time
no finger is lifted
this comes natural

I am favored
indeed Gods love I see
I see it in you
you are sent, not from heaven but earth
to shower me with light

when dark seems to cover
your light appears
when I have forgotten his ways
seeing you I know he lives

in me he exists
I smile
peace follows you
peace I have when you are here
indeed you are an angel
you come with light

you light my path is yet to be
smooth is all I see
you are sent
yes for me
you are an angel

20170524 08:30am

Neentyantyambo ezizalelwe kwimithimbo,
emanzini amtoti ziyabuna
zide zotshele
zitshabalale zide ziphele.

Thina, besingobani na kakade ukucinga ukuba sizophila ngonaphakade?

(C)2017. Phila Dyasi. NuBlaccSoUl™. All rights reserved.** | 21 FOR 21 is me releasing works of prose or poetry for 21 days straight to celebrate my 21st birthday


All that I am
And can see
Is the black
While the gaps
In between
The shadows
Serve as a reminder
That I too am
Confined within
These borders
Never to bleed
Past lines
My colours
All confined
And will never
Seep out
To catch or feel the gold

You ask me whether i love you
Then you ask me as to how much i love you?
I don't need to say that i love you all the time
Every inch of your body knows it
Your soul knows it
Both are familar with me
My taste, smell, feel and touch...
.....they are all imbibed in your senses
There's no getting rid of them now
I reside in you and vice-versa
I long to taste you everyday
Your silky hair feels so good to touch
Your porcelain like skin feels incredible when it brushes against my skin
Those ocean deep eyes...they say so much without saying
The freshness and beauty of your being is something i look forward to every single day
Your words are my greatest source of inspiration
I aspire to be like you
A heart so full of warmth and always ready to give
A heart that is selfless and kind
A heart that provides hope

Graduation girl,
Welcome to middle school world!


My daughter Alyssa, the budding little poet, graduates 5th grade tomorrow. This is just a small tribute to her great worth! I'm so very proud of her!

Thanks for reading!

he waits until his feet
hit his dirt floor before
he thanks the Great One
for allowing the sun
to rise again    

he walks through
well worn weeds to make
water, and again gives thanks
he could pass the water, and saw
no serpent in the grass  

this is a blessed day
for he has yams and fruit
left in his hut; he finds little
mold on these gifts from the
ground, the trees    

he looks to the sky
for omens--it is mauve
with morning, but the clouds
have no foreboding shapes
again, he gives thanks  

before and after his repast,
there are the prayers, then the silence
in which he has learned he will hear the voice
which commands all, its words in cadence
with the slow beating in his chest

Sludge black driveways
holding hazardous mindsets.

Back of his head is made of
white canvas; red strap; yum-yum.

You can see body in the window.
Cut like a Valley Girl diamond.

Brown pubic hair, faint.
Narrow shoulders, pointed.

Brows arch like arrowhead;  
floating above callous constellations.

Snarls of smoke from his cig;
dragging filter like a conscience.

He studies her while she studies
how life looks around her neck.

Closer to midnight, says Darling.
Gotta let her live in a dream-mo.

Inside the piggy bank, gold looks
like memories 'round her nape.

Peeking into the mirror's reflect,
mouthing her name, twirling hips.

What a time to be a star; stable
inside the crown of debris.

Completely secure in nakedness,
a streak of light swims closer.

Black bear fur, harboring glittery
fleas; her eyes look out and up.

It is as close as anyone ever tried.
Non-stop destruction, seductive.

Darling says, look at her look.
He takes a picture with his phone.

Nude beauty, masturbating to
the assertiveness of annihilation.

Looking at the picture, he curses
himself for not upgrading.

A fire overflows, as she has
one hand on her stomach and
another on her purse.

We Time Travelled together threw Thick
and Thin Worrying about nothing But


Make her see
through my eyes

Make her see
the peace I'm trying to find

Make her see
further than I could ever measure

Make her see
that right now I'm blind

Man counts his gains,
and God counts
the gains to the world
from his deeds.

We made a vow, you and I
In the sight of no-one
Other than our souls
Where the truth dwells
And awaits us

Miles apart within these isles
With hearts keeping time
Living within each other
Without touching
We wait
Until our time arrives

                                By Phil Roberts

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