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 Dec 2023
Underneath an empty sky
I cry out my loneliness
And pour out my sadness
To celestial beings
Who could not care less

Eventually I stop my crying
And I go to join
The moon and
All her glorious stars
 Dec 2023
The light turns red.

I look over at you,
Eyes pleading for a kiss.
You give in
And the world seems to stop,
As two lovers escape
For a moment of bliss.

The light turns green.
The moment is gone.
 Dec 2023
my darling
i know your heart aches
with a lifetime
of burden and regret,
but the world still turns
the tides still crash
and the moon still shines

despite the hole in your chest.
 Dec 2023
I am so overcome with love
But only when my mind is hazy
And my thoughts come slowly and quietly

What am I so ashamed of
That I can only see you warmly
In the dark

Why is it easier
To admit I love you
When I’m not thinking clearly?
 Dec 2023
strange strange girl
your silence makes you strange
your strangeness makes you forgotten
so be silent and be gone
 Dec 2023
Words I never spoke to you crumble in my mouth,
Forgotten flames destined to burn out
Or burn the life around it

I let my affections die inside me
For I don't think you would understand
The weight it holds, no
I don't think you would be so gentle with my heart,
Cracking like eggshells beneath your careless grip

No, I can't bear to watch you break me
So I blink and smile warmly,
Swallowing my heart and hoping you don't notice.
Is it considered unrequited love if it was always unspoken?
 Dec 2023
20 years I’ve lived
And I still feel like a kid
I told him this
And he said, with ignorant bliss

But you’re a woman
You certainly look
Like a woman

And something about
What he said
Or how he said it
Or how he looked at me
Made my skin itch
And my stomach turn

I couldn’t hide
How my smile dropped
For the sudden realization
That I was simply something
Pretty to look at
Stripped me to my bones

Oh, how can a man
Drain your humanity
With just a few words?
 Dec 2023
at the end of the world,
when the future isn't looming above us
all we will have is each other
and beneath the night sky
we can watch the world turn
and relive the bitter melancholy
of what once was

-a poem for my sister
 Dec 2023
i had a dream of us
aged like the finest wine,
one comes to the other
looking for the knowing glances
and careful smiles

underneath all of
the time we spent apart
lays a love so untouched
and so bright
it may blind us both
 Dec 2023
Today, a simple day
I like to start my day with someone gentle and sweet,
Who only needs a little extra sleep
Who I’ll be extra quiet for when I zip my things

Fluttering in and out of sleep, I can’t predict when you finally speak
                        “Are you going on a walk?”
                        “Not yet, darling.”

Sleep, darling.


Yesterday, you held me when I cried
And looked at me in a way that made me
Want to kiss you, wondering when
I’ll stop being so scared

I’ll keep thinking of the way
You looked at me and the way
I had to look away, scared
Of what I’d do

Too many thoughts and the wrong state of mind kept me from loving you yesterday.


Today, you told me you dreamt
Of kissing, something vague and hazy enough
To remind me not to tell you
That I dreamt the same last night.

Between my usual fevered dreams, there you were.


I think I’ll be OK.
Nothing to repent for.
No shame left to carry.
 Oct 2023
we fly
with lofty feathers
albeit shorn wingtips

we speak
but with pregnant minds
albeit engorged nibs
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