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 Aug 2018
Mike Hauser
Your friends were floored
When you found the Lord
Changing your way of life

Yet they saw in you
Something new
Different as day and night

Though every now and then
You dip your toes in
The muddy waters of the mainstream

But that's okay
It's not like you dip every day
Anyways it's only up to your knees

"Just because you're a Christian
doesn't mean you have a license to sin"

You grew up in church
Where the lessons you learned
Were all grilled into your head

Barely leaving a mark
Upon your heart
To be nurtured and Godly fed

Although you know Jesus
There's a consensus
You're still a babe in the faith

Eating soft food and milk
Not sure you ever will
Taste the true goodness that is The Way

"Just because you've been forgiven
doesn't mean you have a license to sin"

You do everything right
Know all the Christian sound bites
Pray sometimes when you get the chance

Don't drink or smoke
Know that dope is for dopes
And wouldn't dare dance if given the chance

You see the world in its mess
And so thankful you're His
And with the good as gone you don't associate

You dabble in love
Hoping that it's enough
While in your heart you still hold hate

"Just because you're a Christian
doesn't mean you have a license to sin"
 Aug 2018
Frederick le Roux
He finds himself standing there
Arms helplessly outstretched
A desperate plea to those who see
With nothing he calls his own

He makes eye contact shamefully
To those that pass him by
He tries to speak words
But is surrounded in silence

Excuse me sir-he hopelessly think
Can you spare a dime?
But these thoughts never leaves
his tired mind

A man to his right
Whistles as he walks by
Hey homeless,he cries
Get a job and stop whining

He pretends he cant hear him-
As the passerby starts to smile
You got yourself in this
Now homeless get a life!

His feet are swollen
From aimlessly standing all day
He tries to walk
But his legs dont comply

He hears laughter from the passerby
As he turn to face the sun
Inside his soul is aching
Yet its another day only begun

As the day race on
He finds more people walking by
As if they try to hide
The fact that hes  there

Excuse me madam
Can you help me please?
But the tears in his eyes
Is not enough to convince

She picks up her pace
As she hurries on by
Not today,she yells
And then turns out of sight

He finds himself standing there
Lord,how did i let this be?
Is there still hope,he wonders
Alone and Tearily
Would death bring freedom
From this misery?
Is there nothing oh Lord
You can do...

The sun starts to set in the sky
Soon it will become night
And as the cold wind picks his face
He knows the streets he will pace

And within his eye
He sees a darkness passing by
Its just another day leaving
Yet another plea dying in plain sight

Its the unfairness of Life....
 Aug 2018
Frederick le Roux
If God were to grant wishes
What would yours be?
If God granted your dreams
Would you then be free?
What would you ask of Him
What would your heart desire?
Would your life be better
If you got your souls require?
And think of this:
Would you still need God
After your desire is fulfilled
And youve received all you wanted
Would you be just thrilled?
I honestly tell you
This is not how He works
For instead of being overlooked
He gives you what you need
Not what you thought He should
For then He looks after you
And you get what is good
For what you want
Seldom is what you realy need
But what He gives you instead
Is the best you will get
And this is the truth
If God ever do
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