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 Jul 2016
Paul Hardwick
Just sittin' trying to find my rift
how many more times are you going to mess my life
spend all my money
******* with my mind
playing with my head
turning down my bed
some day's my pen
I hate you
and yet I pen on
see how the ink bleeds
and I feel lonesome
see how my heart bleeds
yet you will not write that down

What the F**k
what the ******* bad luck

looking for some rhyme or reason

WHY this should be.
Love ******' with me myself and I.
P@ul.  ***.
 Sep 2015
Paul Hardwick
Now Alice was a very nice girl
even if she had a thing about rabbets
well breed like one
she stood tall, very proud,
on her own two feet, with slitty web toes
which stuck out to the side
she never would become a dancer
now her hair was curly but jet black
which fell over her shoulders
her skin alabaster white
her lips cherry red but thin
and strange but nice sticky out ears
which at times made her look like a fairy
if for would rain like man thunderstorm
and she like black rabbits
So that's my
Alice in Blunderland.

Alice sat down lent on a tree
pulled a book, from her gold and silver pocket book
began to read, but as she did would hum
the heat of the day did take its toll
her mind slipped back and fell down the rabbet hole
and as she did saw signs of the times pop up
her eye did blink, did I say, brighter than the blue sea
or the stars that twinkle on a starlight Coal bout sea.
Her dress bloomed up she drifted for the rest of the fall
in the meantime her lip turned blue full stop. period.

and like all girls became in a bad mood
and the story ends for the common man
as we know there nothing we can do, not even if you give up your arm
the king would not be pleased
at that, all the pink storks fell off there legs, fell and began to snore.
a sleep, now you know why!

Alice did I say
you looksiblime
with all your curls
that seams to curves your shoulders
and I just love them sticky out ears
pixy it up Mamrm.
I am sure, I have not finished with this surreal poem.
Just tonight, do not want my mind to bust.

LoVe you all   P@ul.
Unless I told to more think I am finished now  P@ul.
 Sep 2015
Paul Hardwick
Time takes your soul
the moment your born
day's turn's to year's
day after day, night after night
lost in space
makes your soul turn cold
and scream as you might
there is no noise
but time is all we have
so like me
thank god
that your here at all
in this your time.

True story   ***.
 Sep 2015
Paul Hardwick
As I go to bed this night
getting up early
to get ready
for my day's work

I wonder
how I will feel
as I need to deal with people
all day at work
trying to keep them happy, well and safe
for tonight I am not myself

so as I go to bed this night
I do pray
God for give my sins
make me feel right within
make me whole
take the shadows off my eyes
write within the words
I will need today
and together we will be whole

A M E N.
True story    P@ul.
 Aug 2015
Paul Hardwick
Like another way of speaking
but no not at all
for if you find something exciting
was it part of my brain
for I do not know where it has gone
lost it on distant shore
it fell out of my trunks
no do'nt **** it
just pop it back in my head
you guy's so do not need Androids
True  P@ul.
 Aug 2015
Paul Hardwick
Candles are in churches
and when we light one
we know a new energy is born
people are like candles
we are born
and alight
an in our teens burn into the night
and even sometimes burn both ends
running our batteries low
fall in love
and charge our batteries right up
then when back on both feet
the ******* thing
happens again
until we burn ourselves right out
and on that day
the smoke of what we was rose onward up

Thats why I cry at Candles.
True story and falling bruises your knee.   P@ul.
 Aug 2015
Paul Hardwick
You tell me you'r not
as you have those bar codes scanned
polish it up make it work
pass it through the till of life
and meet me in my universe
of ages
while I make fire
cook real meat
taste the passing time of ages.
 Aug 2015
Paul Hardwick
It was the other night
my life become mixed up
as I did what I always do
taking my pills before I go off to bed
well must have mixed up the jars
reaching the top of the stairs
when from the landing
my head took off blasting my mind
up to mars
so from now on like Alice
I'm going to keep them
in different coloured jars.
True story bitting me in my ****      :-)    P@ul.
 Aug 2015
Paul Hardwick
This one is so going to be looked at
by the men in Black
so don't say
I told you
maybe ever the KGB who knows.
As neil steped out
the first words were not this one step ect.
it was neil saying buzz
got a problem
what neil
the elastic just gone on my dippers
and the installer liquid is tricking into my boots
at that buzz got onto nassa
Houston we have a problem
the elastic gone in neils dippers
**** drifting around
inside neils suit
and man do I have to live with him
all the way back
for we have no shower.
You will never see neil the same again
 Aug 2015
Paul Hardwick
To find
a ******* bookworm
had crawled inside my ear
now it's eat words inside my head
I can't tell the one's for I forget
makes me feel kind off balance
do not know where I am going
think it was, from here to, I forget!
Never get old true story     P@ul.
 Aug 2015
Paul Hardwick
The first thing I noticed
was how cold my feet are
The second
man I'am naked, a feeling of being born again
The third
was how abel I have become
The forth
was how did you get here, did you sneak inside my head
The fifth
was how to love, and how it bits you in the shin
The sixth
was there's no life belt outside of my head
The seventh
was that heaven only exists in your minds and nothing outside
The eighth
was pain, as my body burns, in this your creative hell
The ninth
was to be myself
The tenth
to get back inside of head.
True story>>>>>>>P@ul     :-)
 Jun 2015
Paul Hardwick
Come on people
lets cellabrate the rainy days
read on here
and you will see I am not wrong
on sunny days
we all smile as the radiation burns our skin
growing cancers deep within
we all smile
and say what a beautiful day
be sure we have it all wrong
but when it rains
protected by the clouds
we all look gloomy and for cover do run
so next time
you looking for a holiday
pick a place where it always rains
and I will see you all in Wales.
TRue     P@ul.
 May 2015
Paul Hardwick
I believe I fixing to die
no longer making this life my own
it has become a forgien land
but I hate my children crying
so on the day, I do
they should know
that     I   L  O  V  E   them very much
just leaving them alone in life
now there is no morning dew
but think of me
as you feel it on your, bare feet
and walk in the garden
which was my world
feel it cold on your feet
until the next time we meet
remember Me as your own

Prayes I say every Night
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