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10.0k · Feb 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Discipline’s rule
Will stand you well
If you want to move forward
And idleness quell
Determine your purpose
And make a decision
Take action in life
And plan with precision
Order your future
Be humble in prayer
Gaze beyond your present
Advance more than you dare
Expand your horizons
Gain a new view
Launch yourself forward
Fly into the blue
Set steps in your life
And jump on each one
Don’t stop til you’re finished
And all the tasks done
Then gaze at the bounty
Of life’s awesome store
All the things
You’ve accomplished
That were just dreams before
7.1k · Feb 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Disheveled, staggering
The debate surreal
The participation
Is optional but I decide
To talk to the man
To hear inside
What do you think
of manipulation?
What causes these
Lies to force and to control...
I must admit
He was on a roll
And then the same day
In the eve
With a woman
About to leave
She talks about
This very thing
Same behavior
With a different ring
And then I came
To realize
It can't be hid
Nor disguised
Both fools in rags
And ladies in style
Can spot a liar
From a mile
3.7k · Feb 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Integrity is the value
You place on yourself
You keep your own promises
You know yourself well
You don’t compromise
Your values, your core
Because that never changes
From what went before
Then you can be open  
And give your support
Be flexible
Life just can’t distort
Or toss you around
By what others think
You’ll see opportunities
Not pull back from the brink
You’ll try those new things
With a principled life
In confidence
Not on whim
You’ll always decide
You’ll plan your direction
And not just react
You know who you are
And you have the map
You prepare your own future
On the screen of your mind
Long before it happens
It’s already designed
No matter how adverse
Or how dark the hour
Your hope burns within
And gives you new power
You pick yourself up
Rejoicing in faith
Energizing your life
And fulfilling your days
3.6k · Feb 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
I went to a magic world
Of happiness and fun
I played and gave it my very all
Under the hot Orlando sun

A kingdom of hopes and dreams
And only good decisions
And underneath the bricks and steel
A man’s passion and his vision

You hear it in the words of songs
And stories where dreams come true
Where optimism rules the day
And all the skies are blue

I had a great day in the land of ears
And wands and princess gowns
I saw happy faces all day long
And never saw a frown

So how do you fulfill your dreams?
I know I learned one way
You share it for the world to see
And invite it to come and play
2.5k · Feb 2010
The Early Morning Sun
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
It's just so **** beautiful
And indescribable
The feeling that I get
In the early morning sun
Hanging like a golden torch
Shining with such blinding light
The glare reflecting off the lake
On the day that’s just begun
Amid the fluttering leaves the breeze
Feels like life is reaching me
Speaking in a gentle voice
Bringing tears to my eyes
Kissing me upon my face
Soft in love, as if to say
*I love you my beloved one
This is your own sunrise
2.1k · Feb 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
I can’t seem to get
The hurting to stop
The emotions run deep
And I can’t let it drop
You breeze into my life
And dance up a storm
You embrace and you leave
As if it’s the norm
And I’m left with this churning
And deep sense of loss
But you’re happy and smiling
As if there’s no cost
I don’t like where it’s going
Or what I’ve been through
It’s a choice how I feel
And it’s not something new
I’ve had it explained
So often before
You just can’t force open
A closed, bolted door
So peace is a treasure
You give to yourself
How you face disappointment
And the dreams that you’ve shelved
2.1k · Nov 2010
By Waterfalls
Colin Kohlsmith Nov 2010
(After a seven day hike in Pacific Rim National Park, British Columbia)

The wilderness is a beauty
She’ll take your breath
You glance deeply
Through the forest
Hear the waves
Crash through and crest
This land has not been conquered
It barely has been tamed
There’s many a spot unspoiled
And many a place unnamed
And life is all around you
The way it’s always been
It’s as if the world’s forgiven
Just this once, all of man’s sins
So you tread carefully on the footpath
You pay attention to each step
Cross canyons and each precipice
Scale the granite cliffs
This place, it is rewarding
For those who are aware
You see life teeming in the ocean
And eagles in the air
You live in the present
Your senses re-attuned
Whatever else is happening
Is suddenly consumed
You get up with the sunrise
Build fires when darkness calls
You pay attention to the tides
And sleep by waterfalls
2.0k · Feb 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
The choice is yours
How you respond
How you react
To the world around
You're in control
At the end of the day
When you decide
The right words to say
You should not push
Resist, defend
But acknowledge your actions
In the end
That does not mean
You are to blame
Or it's your fault
For the role you played
In all events
The things you did
Should not drive you
To shame, regret
But rather give you
The power to see
Choices made you
And choices can free
1.6k · Feb 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
The person you left
Is not there
You’ve returned
But he isn’t home
You’re a refugee
Without a future
Always searching
Cursed to roam
You’re torn between
The past and present
What you were
And who you are
And if you could
You’d rebuild
That foundation
When the angels sang
With the morning stars
1.6k · Feb 2010
Us versus Them
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
There is no them
There is just us
No boogeyman
No vile foe
There is no evil
Save what’s common
In all of us from head to toe
Unbroken cycles of misery
Hatred upon hatred
Piled deep
And we wonder why
It happens
That our cities
End up in heaps
Let’s end the division
And work together
No either/or
But also/and
Let’s reach across
These manmade barriers
And listen to
And understand
We’re not going to solve
Any problems
If we point our fingers
And lay the blame
If you work for peace
And solutions
You drop the labels
And the names
1.6k · Mar 2010
Safe Harbour
Colin Kohlsmith Mar 2010
These hot tears
Coursing down my cheeks
It's like I can finally breathe again
This feeling of relief
To feel the answer closer
Than any vision or any dream
To find a home and safe harbour
And to heal of what has been
A place where I can lay my head
And finally be at peace
To love and to be loved
To be accepted for being me
1.5k · Feb 2010
Santa Monica
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
I stand at Santa Monica’s edge
The warm night breeze
Rustling in the palm trees
The crescent moon
Casting its magic glow
On the black, black waters
Amid the stately palms
Twisted ancient trees
Grow like abstract art
The lights of Malibu
Sparkle on the hill
On the other side of the bay
The harsh fluorescent glare
Of the pier behind me
And I pick up my cell phone
And call back home
Because it’s just too **** beautiful
Not to share with someone
1.5k · Feb 2010
The Rich Man’s Lunch
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Amid our disutopian bubble
The suffering masses on white sand huddle
As tourists react with care and concern
Bikinied women and health workers learn
The refugees have come ashore
Weary, tired and forlorn
The clash of leisure and deprivation
Of suntan, and suffering, and dehydration
The haves and have nots meet at once
The beggars crash the rich man’s lunch
1.4k · Feb 2010
Stressed Out
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
The feelings come
From roots so deep
The déjà vu
The slow repeat
Of thoughts so strong
They immobilize
Blur the vision
And paralyze
All actions, joy
And zest for life
Swirls of panic
Cut like a knife
Need to breathe
And think again
Calm the heart
Observe it when
The dark clouds stir
The tempests rage
As you struggle in vain
To turn the page
Observe the emotions
Do not judge
And from unconscious
Realms you’ll nudge
The thoughts that
Got you to this point -
All stressed out
And out of joint
1.3k · Feb 2010
The Chrysalis
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Flitting around
Feelings abound
Opinions change
There is no ground
It all unravels
And it dazzles
As it spins and spins
And the soul travels
Toward the light
The truth that’s bright
Buffeted by thoughts
Wounded by slights
And it weans
And moves free and lean
Away from its home
It’s seventeen!
And the dices
And spices
Fill the air
With chance
At prices
Running storm clouds
Lifting all shrouds
Finding out
And wondering aloud
Amid confusion
And intrusion
Sorting out
Ideas’ illusions
And the heart stops
And the shoe drops
Pains infuses
Where the ball hops
Changing, flexing
Bursting, connecting
The chrysalis emerges
Cocoon dissecting
1.3k · Feb 2010
Poison to the Soul
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
I cannot heal
This pain keeps stinging
As each line of thought
Reveals new truths
That are hard to accept
Kindness was repaid with anger
Love with rejection
Faithfulness with betrayal
Devotion with abandonment
Gentleness with rage
Dedication with neglect
Patience with intolerance
Thoughtfulness with disregard
Compassion with coldness
Mercy with judgment
Saneness with unsoundness
Truth and honesty with lies
Open arms and acceptance with bitterness
So why do I feel guilt and sadness
For crimes I did not commit?
Why am I taking the blame for a lie?
To be falsely accused is a worse sentence
Than to be justly condemned
At least the guilty can repent and start a new life
Rather than stay mired in a web of lies
One can learn to accept criticism and move on
Or to laugh at oneself
And in humility make the necessary changes
But this... this slander
Is simply poison
To the soul
1.3k · Feb 2010
One in a Million
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
I wish the words
Of romance I'd speak
Flowed in Mediterranean Greek
Or Spanish dreams
Italian poems
The thoughts would fly
The feelings roam
I could kiss your face
With subtle French
With rhythm, flow
With sheer grace drench
Instead it's English
That is the tool
To express what's inside
To play the fool
And so I tell you
You're one in a million
In words that are so
1.3k · Feb 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
The wedding partyIn garden’s twilightThe gowns, the flowersThe flashbulb’s bright lightBeyond the fountainThe horizon’s edgeAnd a chain link fenceAt the cliff’s top ledgeAnd down belowShimmering in wavesA final presentOn a perfect dayDancing moonbeams Of a full orbMesmerizing, beautifulThe scene absorbsAnd all who gazePonder the sightOf the kiss of wavesBy soft moonlight
1.2k · Dec 2010
Goodness Has Come In
Colin Kohlsmith Dec 2010
The scent of the lilac bushes
Floats softly in the darkness
The day coming gently to an end
Landing quietly on our senses
This is our sanctuary
A sacred place of rest and restoration
The gardeners quietly transforming
This piece of creation into paradise
The light of the crescent moon
Peaks through the tree branches
The shadow of the gazebo  its mantelpiece
And love holds me and envelopes me
Places its arms around me and kisses me
Hushes my fears and gently strokes my spirit
It was here the foundation was laid
In prayer and faith and promises
So it is only fitting that you are here
In flesh and blood and grace
You name the flowers
And talk of wonderful things
Of adventures yet to come
So how can I not be thankful?
How can I not have hope?
For goodness has come in
Through the door that was opened
And now it is here to stay
1.2k · Feb 2010
After the Concert
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
The concert ended
The crowd moved out
The show was over
But I had doubts
Whether I could make
The long trip home
Long, because I was alone
I walked in circles
In downtown
Stole glimpses of treasures
To lift my frown
Floodlit fountains
Candle light
Night time galas
Hidden delights
Couples and friends
In happy times
Cyclists and tourists
Youth in their prime
And I walked alone
Single once more
And I dreaded the thought
Of the waiting door
That would lead to
An empty house
I tried my best the fear
To douse
And then I faced it
And I plunged ahead
And went straight home
To an empty bed
1.2k · Feb 2010
The Universe Unfurling
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Expanding at the speed of light
The universe unfurling
And on our little ball of rock
Our world is ever swirling

The cries, the pain, the saddened hearts
The suffering and the sorrow
Eighty spins around the sun
That shorten our tomorrow

Angels of mercy intercede
And speak in dreams and visions
Lonely hearts find each other
And God heals our divisions

To grow, to live, to hope, to dance
To sing with each new morning
The starburst of the Creator’s love
Sends our spirits soaring
1.1k · Feb 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Merged as one
And not defined
Not knowing where
To draw the line
Allowing fear
To dominate
Stifle growth
And deviate
From all that’s good
And fair and blessed
Creating one
Hell of a mess
A tangled web
Of deceit and lies
That kills the soul
And something dies
And leaves a passive
Lump of clay
Molded, pushed
By the whims of the day
No anchor, base
Or firm footing
Only shifting sand
And winks and hooding
Of the truth
That lies bound inside
The lights turned out
As you try to hide
1.1k · Feb 2010
Living a Lie
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
The cell phone rings
The young girl answers
And winces at the pending pain
The truth lies trampled
In deception
The healing words
Held in disdain
A story, morale for all others
Spinning tales
And tangled webs
Causing wounds
Of self infliction
Kicking integrity
In the head
So we all
Can be the liar
And choose the what
And when and why
The road is paved
With good intentions
To the hell
Of living a lie
1.1k · Feb 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
A wounded bird lies
Stunned and still
Pointed straight
At the window sill
Recovering its wits
Or breathing its last
Immobile in front
Of the pristine glass

A wounded student
Hobbled in pain
Struggling now
To be free again
Struck by a car
The joy all gone
Afraid to tell home
Of what’s gone wrong

A wounded spirit
Crying inside
Dressed to perfection
The pain to hide
As sorrow creeps in  
From all the edges
She draws back in fear
From the window ledges
1.1k · Feb 2010
The Sin of Forgetfulness
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
We are all just fallen angels
Who’ve forgotten who we are
Sunburst from the realm of glory
Shadows of a distant star
Created, formed in perfect splendor
Placed in time and space and earth
To live and move and have our being
Touched with wonder from our birth
1.0k · Feb 2010
The Ancient Snake
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Such charm, such life
Such love, such passion
Swirling, twirling
Firing captions
Nuggets of sheer genius thought
Pulled from the ether
From the universe bought
But at what a price!
At what a cost!
The victims strewn
And all that’s lost
Thrown to the depths
From the highest heights
A life in freefall
From day to night
A shooting star
That briefly flares
Against velvet black
In brilliant glare
Its ashes fall
Upon the sea
In gloom, despair
And misery
The waves of rage
Rise up and break
And roil that monster
The ancient snake
That bites and maims
And kills at will
And robs life itself
Of all its thrills
1.0k · Feb 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Another place
Another time
Reunion of family
And thoughts that bind
Memories of past
And struggles anew
The future recast
In different hues
Of current events
And change and decay
Of inner renewal
And fog shrouded days
And visions of clarity
That suddenly reveal
Snow covered peaks
That once were concealed
1.0k · Oct 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Oct 2010
Is something felt
Like silk and linen
On body svelte
Love is something
In the air
That traces pain
And soothes all care
Peace is something
Deep within
A calming presence
A cooling wind
And joy is more
Than being sound
It’s when your dreams
Have touched the ground
954 · Feb 2010
Seeds of Destiny
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Let go, give space
Allow time to heal
And find a way
With grief to deal
That does not hinder
Stop or curse
The healing of
The wounds we nurse

Give space and time
For quiet reflection
To think of life
And make connections
Sorting out
The ebb and flow
As the avalanche
Of feelings grows
And buries the soul
Beneath its weight
Of deepest hurt
And cruelest hate

Let go, give space
Allow time to be
Have faith
Plants seeds
Of destiny
That will sprout
And blossom
With patience and care
And will work things out
More than we can dare.
Colin Kohlsmith Dec 2010
There are days
That are turning points
A line crossed
No turning back
Relationships cemented
Friendships born
A choice
A decision
A commitment
Looking back
It is clear
But at the time
All is uncertain
In that fragile
Fault line in time
That decides  the future
944 · Nov 2010
A Hint of Regret
Colin Kohlsmith Nov 2010
I am listening to Leonard Cohen
And thinking of you
You know it seems like ages
Since we’ve talked things through
Our thoughts were once so in sync
It’s like we simply knew
Everything the other would say
Almost too good to be true

But it’s glance in the wrong direction
And just a single misstep
And we’re left only with memories
And a hint of regret

This constant need for closeness
This moving of the spheres
The mysterious pull of gravity
Whenever you are near
For we’re hurtling through time and space
Into the black unknown
And we never know whom we’ll meet
Or where our hearts will roam

But it’s glance in the wrong direction
And just a single misstep
And we’re left only with memories
And a hint of regret

So I’ll smile for you once again
And say a little prayer
You led me to a better place
Pulled love out of thin air
Can’t say I had the roadmap
But I was happy for the trip
You taught me to value what I have now
Not the things that I missed

*But it’s glance in the wrong direction
And just a single misstep
And we’re left only with memories
And a hint of regret
940 · Feb 2010
The Sabbath
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
The Sabbath
Is a time of rest
To reflect on God
On what is best
To feed your spirit
And your soul
To replace with good
Something you stole
Robbed from yourself
In strength, direction
Refusing to rest
Spend time in reflection
And so fulfill your
Deepest fears
Saving hours, but
Wasting years.
934 · Feb 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
In the silence and the calm
The echoes of the birds ring out
The sky is lit with soft hued light
Announcing yet another dawn

Take me beyond the hectic realm
Of busyness and toil and self
To listen to the birds that sing
Whose joy of life overwhelms

We’re meant to sing and live and laugh
And start each day with hope and praise
Anticipating the wondrous start
Of all that good that will come to pass
929 · Feb 2010
Small Miracles
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Every day small miracles
Grace the lives of countless
In prayers and thoughts and wishes cried
Just coincidences doubtless

Yet I’d rather have a miracle
And eyes of faith to witness
The gracious hand of a loving God
And tender acts of kindness.
927 · Feb 2010
Accepting What Is
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
We lose our minds
And imagine a world
Of brilliant sunshine
We invent a story
The hours to fill
And then it hits home
As it always will
So don’t be confused
Don’t lose your way
Just take the time
To hear your heart say:
It’s always better
To accept what is
And the things that you have
Not the things that you miss
That’s when
You wake up
And the turmoil
Has ceased
And you stretch
And relax
In the empty sheets
926 · Feb 2010
What I Have
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
I have my sanity
And the ability
To breathe
I have clarity of mind
And all my being intact
I have all my emotions
I have forgiveness, kindness
Tenderness and mercy
I have courage
Strength, power
And endurance
I have the presence of God
His love
And His healing
I have much, much more
Than what I lack
I have what cannot
Be taken away:
Dignity, self respect
And hope
And a clear conscience
918 · Feb 2010
She’s Fine
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
You know when she’s got that look
There’s nothing you can do
Your words will fall to the earth
Until she’s done with you
Your arguments will just dissolve
You know you can’t resist her
Time and space just seem to stop
And you realize that you’ve missed her

But she’s fine, oh so fine
I don’t think you should regret it
You don’t know what she’s all about it
If you knew, you would have said it

Now she’s got you where she wants you
You’ve forgotten oh so much
And the pleasure covers all the pain
And all your fears are hushed
But you remember in the silence
And in your passing thoughts
And you wonder to yourself
What’s this ticket that you’ve bought?

But she’s fine, oh so fine
I don’t think you should regret it
You don’t know what she’s all about
If you knew you would have said it
915 · Feb 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
So fragile
This tangled web
Of spirit, life
Alive and strong
Yet pierced
And weak
And lost in the commotion

Like crystal
Or a diamond bright
So beautiful
So awesome
Yet shattered
By the cruelest slight
When not cherished
In devotion

How lovely is
The human spirit
When lifted to above
When cast down hearts
Are healed and touched
And lifted up by love

So fragile
Is the human heart
Like life it must be nourished
And fed the nectar
Of praise and care
To blossom and
To flourish
914 · Feb 2010
Encore Une Fois
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Essuie tes larmes
L’heure de la tristesse
Est passé
Joins-toi aux vivants
Car il reste beaucoup
A faire
Est ces larmes n’ont rien
Mais tu peux voir
Encore une fois
Même avec tout ce qui
S’est passé
Le debut d’un rêve
Avec des yeux d’espoir
Ta vie
Comme une personne sensé
Ne pleure pas
Ne sois pas triste
Ouvre, pour que
L’amour et la joie
Qui te reviendront
Comme tu n’y a jamais

Once Again (English version)

Dry your tears
And get up
For the time
Of sadness
Is over
Rejoin the living
There is much
To be done
And these tears
Cannot bring
You closure
But now
You can see
Once again
A new dream
With hope to inspire
Your life now sane
And wise again
Even though
You’ve gone
Through the fire
So do not cry
And don’t be sad
Open up
So you can
Receive them
Love and joy
To you
In a way
You’d scarcely
Believe in
909 · Feb 2010
The Man and the Maiden
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
The man and the maiden
Have a dance going on
Of trust and connection
Before armour donned
The warrior and goddess
Each in their power
The key’s with the goddess
That beautiful flower
Who holds total control
Of the man’s heart
Who brings life to the earth
Gives the race a new start
Who looks for a man
Who’ll approach her with honour
Who’ll keep his commitments
And her trust garner
A man who is alive
With passionate fire
But grounded and strong
With calm, cool, desire
Who passes the tests
The maiden may throw
In casual remarks
To see her man grow
That sweet combination
Of a man standing tall
With a heart wide open
And backbone
And *****
899 · Oct 2010
Peppy Lemieux
Colin Kohlsmith Oct 2010
There’s a cat sized
In my clean laundry pile
The guilty one
Scurries out
And I just have to smile
*Ah Peppy Lemieux
You’re such a flirt!
Making a nest
From Canali shirts!
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Ah little angel
I shouldn’t have wiped your tears
I shouldn’t have held you tight
And carried you through your fears

They warned me this would happen
And the wounds would open deep
And sadness would come knocking again
And fresh new tears I’d weep

I came to say good-bye to you
And say I would be gone
But you found ways to keep me there
As the day wore on

And then each memory of our life
Pierced me to the bones
We lived the lie of what once was
When we were not alone

Ah light feather of flesh and lace
I should’ve let you go
But you called to say you needed me
And I just couldn’t say “no”
866 · Oct 2010
Dreamy Day
Colin Kohlsmith Oct 2010
It’s just a dreamy day
The rain is patterning down
The clouds have spread
Their darkening face
All over this busy town
But I’m floating
Above the rooftops
I’m scarcely touching ground
Time passes so luxuriously
Whenever you’re around

We met and we were young again
We touched and our souls smiled
We held each other closely
Then, we decided to live a while

It all passes in the moment
Of being here with you
The setting is your presence
And the flame that burns anew
As we walk through
The darkened streets
I simply don’t see the grey
For the way that I am feeling now
Is brighter than any day

*We met and we were young again
We touched and our souls smiled
We held each other closely
Then, we decided to live a while
858 · Feb 2010
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
There comes a choice
Between faith and fear
Often in our lives
To try and fly
And live our dreams
And soar towards the sky

So often I’ve let the chains of fear
Hold me to the ground
And the very things that I expect
Have naturally come around

But now with new eyes of faith
I’m about to soar
It’s due to one amazing truth –
I’m not afraid anymore
857 · Feb 2010
Dès Fois
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Très ****
Si ****
La distance
Entre nous
Nos efforts
Et nos espoirs
C’est exactement
Comme prevu
Même si
Je peux distinguer
Tes émotions
Très, très claires
Dès fois
Ne suffit pas
Ce qu’on

This Sad Rarity

So far
So great
A distance
Our souls
Lost hope
And wasted
Where pain
Has taken toll
It’s exactly
What they told me
Your feelings
I clearly see
This time
Love won’t save us
In this sad
840 · Dec 2010
Feelings Deep
Colin Kohlsmith Dec 2010
You look at me
With windswept eyes
So blue beneath
The brooding skies
Emotions like
The storm front brewing
Flit across your face
Your voice now hueing
Fragile beauty
Rarely seen
The paradox
Of what is/what’s been
It’s in the transition
That we meet
Painted skies
And feelings deep
840 · Oct 2010
She's Summer
Colin Kohlsmith Oct 2010
I'm in love with a girl
And she's summer
Indigo, violet and mauve
I'm in a romance
A symphony
Andante, allegro, presto
I'm spinning in passion
A mystery
One in body and soul
I'm on a journey
A destiny
And tears are
Making me whole
833 · Feb 2010
The Littlest Things
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
It’s the time you take
To say the things
That matter most each day
It’s the time you spend
To listen, care
Help others on their way
It’s the little things
That mean the most
The thoughts, the words
The actions
It’s the giving of yourself
In love
This empowering interaction
For the greatest works
Of art were made
By an artist’s
Paint filled strokes
By each strike
Of a sculptor’s chisel
By each word
An actor spoke
And so our lives
Are filled throughout
With small deeds
That cannot wait
For how you do
The littlest things
Is exactly
What makes you great
832 · Feb 2010
Smash the Mirror
Colin Kohlsmith Feb 2010
Sometimes the facts
Just hit you in the face
And all is silent
Even the accusations
Of your detractors
As in horror
You realize the truth
The sobering, humbling
Honest-to-goodness truth
It kinds of stuns
And sickens you
For awhile
As you realize
The advice
Was not an attack
But an observation
Of behaviours
Of which you were not aware
You see
You chose to smash the mirror
That portrayed
Such an unflattering image
It never occurred to you
That they
Whoever they were
Were right
Colin Kohlsmith Oct 2010
May the truth come to you gently
Not stabbing your heart
And bolting you awake at night
There is enough drama
In your life already
It’s hard enough for me
To accept what is
But I know one day
All will be revealed
I wish that day will come to you
Like a sudden panoramic view
Of rolling countryside
That opens up for miles
Before your eyes
With verdant green forests
And fields of long, waving grass
And in the distance
Galloping horses
With chestnut brown manes
The wind blowing softly in the trees
And the clouds scudding along
In silent, graceful procession
The insight granting you
Understanding and acceptance
The means of finding your way back home
The way to healing and peace
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