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Chwins Jan 2018
A face I shouldn’t see
Feelings I shouldn’t feel
Too evocative to ignore,
But they’re never real.

Places I don’t want to visit
Memories I wish to erase
Soft musings I pray to never hear
But I do, darling, loud and clear.

When I asked you to set me free
I failed to see
I was locked in my own fantasy
Where you never were with me.
Chwins Jan 2018
Tired whispers
One-sided ironies
Made up memories
Set me free.

Fitful sleep
Eyes wet from tears that won't fall.
A fleeting memory of a kiss
Lips feeling tender.

Hands still warm from your fingers
The only real truth.
Fantasies be ******,
Leave my heart to rest.

You should have been more circumspect
With the words you uttered
Caressed ears, dancing heart
All shattered when I saw her.

Leave me be.
I still want to belong to you.
Never was, never will
But you plague me STILL.
Chwins Jun 2017
Six feet under is where my love for you should be
Right from the day I said you were dead to me.
Six feet under, buried in the ground,
But ‘til now in my heart, it remains safe and sound.
I remember the day I visited your grave
Beneath the tombstone I lovingly made
“A friend, a lover, a heartbreaker in his final hour”
Was the story of how our relationship went sour.
It was the day I brought your memory back to life
Stabbing myself in the process with this metaphorical knife.
Now your touch is all but resurrected,
Back to where I buried it – in the land of the dead.
Chwins Jun 2017
It was the downtown coffee shop where they first met
A beautiful morning on the first of May.
She glanced up from the Paulo Coelho book she was reading,
Into hazel eyes that refused to look away.

Fast forward to a year later, outside the same place.
He got down on one knee.
"I will love you forever, Marry Me" he said.
She whispered "yes" for all the crowd to see.

Five years later she lays in bed,
On stained pillows that bore marks of the tears she has shed.
Heaving dry sobs as she remembers way back when,
He promised he wouldn't cheat on her again.

Two months later she feels a pain in her chest.
Doctor says it's terminal, she has a year at best.
He breaks down and begs forgiveness for the cheating
The deceit, the lies, and the girl who won't stop calling.

She withers away right in front of his eyes
And he's left with no answers and nothing but whys
Remembering the day at the cafe where they first met
She died 2 months later, leaving him with nothing but regret.
Chwins Jun 2017
Matagal na panahong nilihim sa iyo
Isang sikretong pasan ng mga balikat ko.
Dinggin mo ako bagamat tila’y huli na,
Pagbigkas ng mga katagang marinig mo pa sana.

Halina’t sumilip sa kaibuturan ng aking puso
Nagkadurug durog at hindi man buong buo
Kailanma’y hindi naubusan ng dugo
Na tuloy pa ring dumadaloy dulot ng alaala mo.

Kailangan ko pa bang ipaliwanag ito
Isang pangungumpisal at pagsusumamo
Sa tinagal tagal ng ating pagsasama
Ni minsan ba’y dumapo sa’yo na mahal na pala kita?
Chwins May 2017
The depth of feeling I have for you is terrifying.
You’re a walking contradiction
Of the most captivating kind.
I’m a moth and you’re the flame --
And ours was the most beautiful encounter I’ve ever had.
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