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 Jan 2018 Chwins
No, love.
I am not a knight in shining armour.
My armour is bent and dented and
cracked, and underneath it are cuts
and bruises and scars from the horrors
of the countless battles I've seen, and
some of them almost did break me.

No, love.
I am not a knight in shining armour.
But if you'll have me,
I'm prepared to take a vow and swear
an oath of fealty and devotion and love.

You need only ask.
You need only ask.
 Jun 2017 Chwins
Wherever she is
Hope she feels warm with these words
Start to wonder, why

That is how I love
The past, present, and future
No time boundaries

Without anyone
She, the future,  comes to mind
Wait, love you, I will
 Jun 2017 Chwins
Pas De Deux
 Jun 2017 Chwins
Those eyes met
Thy hearts begin to throb
Melody starts rushing in

Listen to each's breath
I gasp for the smell
Then our rhythm links

Touched, held, gripped
Felt your pulse alone
Music fades in

Bodies intertwined
Something sizzled down to my backbone
Our lyrics fleshed out

Us two, dancing under the moon
We make sounds
We made love
Dance is the ******* of movement and music
 Jun 2017 Chwins
I stare at the sun, its glow is fading
Sets to west, hides beneath the clouds
Finally, it is now resting
I stare at the sun, and I find it calming

I stare at sun and wishing I could be one
It goes down and ends the day
Hoping I can also say, 'alright I'm done'
I stare at the sun, and end up sobbing

I stare at the sun, there it is shining
Rises to the east, sky is now finally lit
Light penetrates the trees reaches the earth
I stare at the sun, and its warmth is soothing

I stare at the sun and envies its certainty
For when the **** crows, surely it goes up
Praying that I too could be wide awake
I stare at the sun, and I keep going
“the tired sunsets and the tired
people -
it takes a lifetime to die and
no time at
― Charles Bukowski
 Sep 2015 Chwins
I carried on for quite some time
With the thought of you nestled within my mind
So blissfully unaware of the bitter truth
You had long since left me far behind
I'm slowly becoming a landmark
On our overgrown path
A dying tree, solemn and silent
A boulder among the tall grass
One others can come and go from
Or simply walk past
Everyone wants someone
To call their very own
Everyone longs for someone
Who won't leave them alone
Now you're gone
And all I know
Is that when I was with you
I was home
 Sep 2015 Chwins
Ken Alorro
 Sep 2015 Chwins
Ken Alorro
Her mind, plagued with the darkness of thoughts
Pain burrowed in her chest
She cried, and cried, then cried once more
She needed to breathe but she can't
She gasped for more air
Then looked her face in the mirror
How terrible it is to know
That rivers could come from faces
All because of a broken heart.

— The End —