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A spark to start my life,
A crutch to guide me through the chaos,
A mentor to teach me to think.

A child leaving to get his way,
searching for freedom,
attaining a curse.

A new young adult,
wise yet naive,
learns from his mistakes.

You are not just a dad to me
You are my Father.
My desires are insatiable.

My attempts to move on
only reassure the necessity.

Were I to ask of you
where your passion leads,
would you let me down softly
or take me by the hand?

In this age of chaos and revolt,
one must be loved by another.

Times are changing and so am I.

I've come out from my cocoon
entered a pig, escaped a man.

This transformation is in distress.

Requires more attention.
Needs more intelligence.
Hungers for contact.
Thirsts for love.
Soft and supple is the fruit that women bear.
Might I pluck it from her tree?
'Tis every man's desire, to taste such succulence.
In the absence of love, the feast is bittersweet.
Dare I say, the contrary compares to the food of the gods.
Men have trekked the earth for one mere glimpse,
I have traveled far less, yet my reward will be far greater.
May I taste the golden apple that is the fairer ***?
Time spent waiting for affection
is lost without reward.
Tactics change.
I seek to cure the itch
which haunts us everyday.
A quick burst of passion
will go unspoken.
All your desires satisfied,
yet your chaste remains unbroken.
The most enjoyable of seven sins.
Let this sin consume us in flames.
The shadow of night closes in
as I gaze into your eyes.
You speak to me about love,
You ask for my guidance.
The advice I give is selfless.
I despise these feelings
which I posses for you.
They rot away at my heart,
as you help it fall apart.
I reassemble each piece,
'Tis the third time from you.
Still, I come crawling back,
the pain you cause, an addiction.
You are Poison.
Our strings are intertwined,
destiny had us come together.
The fates are to be undermined.
We are meant to be, always and forever.

Or so we thought.

My mind strayed from our purpose.
I became trapped in conformity.
I became what I despise.
You were no longer my priority.

'Twas my mistake.

Now that I've grown,
My mind is open and clear.
My life is back on track,
But is it too late to win you back?

I love you, I am sorry.

Forever and always,
We were meant to be.
A second chance,
Do I deserve one?
The engulfing darkness of jealousy takes over,
The all-consuming hatred for the one that stole your love.
The anger is misplaced ans irrational.
My mistakes are where my fury truly resides.
Forgiveness is what I ask, Love is what I desire.
I yearn to confront you, yet fear to ruin your happiness,
These feelings, bottled up, are erratic, distraught and unorganized.
How is it you feel?
What is it you desire?
Does your love still exist for me,
As mine does for you?
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