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Jan 2013
Rehab for poets is not to flush words or good poetry out of your system
But to feed us more like candy
We have revolutionized the meaning of rehab
Out of etymology and dynamics
We now tell you that rehab for poets
Is for us to be an addict even more
Because enough poetry is not enough

But we do warn to avoid becoming vain or allow fame
To be your demise
Because true poets do it out of love
If you lose perspective
Its not rehab but rather you need intervention

Amy whine house sang the song
β€œThat they want to take her to rehab and she says NO NO”
But we say yes yes
It’s not a drug of self destruction
Take it in its right dose
And you will be fine

I say readers:
Welcome to my world
Out of rehab for poets
True talents emerge
Giving magical expressions and flooded emotions
Compiled in words, sentences, phrases and paragraphs
To become poetry.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Christena Williams
Christena AV Williams
   Ashley Wade Parker
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