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Krezeyyyy Jul 2016
Bundak uwan
Di man ikaw ang gipangandoy
Sa kadaghanan
Bundak pa, ibundak tanan.

Hilak pa
Di man tanan kasabut
Kung mao na imung kinahanglan
Sa wa'y pagduha-duha,
Ihilak na.
Krezeyyyy Jul 2016
Ikaw at ako
Meron bang ganun?
Oo, sabi mo
Isipin natin ang tayo
Isipin natin kung ano ang
Nangyari at mangyayari pa
Isipin natin
Hindi ang ating sarili kundi..
Meron bang ganun?
Oo, sabi ko
Sa tuwing magkatugma ang ating mga mata
Iyo’y kumikislap, sinasabing
Oo, tayo talaga
Magkadikit ang mga kamay
Doon ako’y tila nalulusaw
Sa init ng mga palad ****
Aking naging tahanan na
Sa tingin ko ba meron talaga?
Oo, sabi ko.
Hindi ka maiiwan
Hindi kita iiwan
Hindi kita kayang iwan.
Hanggang sa huli,
Oo, pero nawala ka
Iniwan ako sa ere
Ganun naman talaga
Nagsimula ang mga
Sakit ng nakaraan,
Akala ko'y kaya kong
Pahilumin ang sakit ng
Mga pag-ibig ****
Noon iniwan ka
At babalikan **** muli
Balikan mo akong muli
Na parang wala
Tayo ulit
Tayo na
Tayo pa
Asahan **** andito parin
Hindi ko iisipin ang ako
Paano ba bumitaw?
Kung nakalimutan ko ng isipin
Ang sarili
Dahil nga,
Tayo di ba?
Paano ba maging tayo?
Hanggang ngayo'y
Wala ka pa.
Krezeyyyy May 2015
I miss the old us. I miss miss miss miss miss miss miss.. you.
Krezeyyyy Feb 2015
Ours was a set of wrong timings. It started with us. We met, unfortunately. I was happy and contented until I met you. We were something impossible still I hoped for the best. It was wrong. It felt so right.

And everytime I think of you I feel so happy yet so sad. Its so euphoric I could fly right out that rooftop and into the sky. I'll shout your name, let it be known that I'm exploding into my happy thoughts of you then dive into the pits of hell. All this pain's making me feel like burned out to pieces then burned all over again until I won't know how to feel anymore.

We had to end. We're a tragic story but I'll talk about us like a lover talk about his love, like a painter paint about his masterpiece, like a writer trying to write his best. I'll talk about how our roads were only meant to cross for a second then forever gone. It was a second worth remembering. A second of infinity. We've separate destinations. We're never meant to be. We tried. It wasn't enough.

I'll miss you. It's funny how I could feel so much for you like I've known you from when forever began. But I'm glad we met. I could replay us over and over and over and over again until my memory sinks into the deepest of the earth.

Ours was a set of wrong timings. But you were the rightest of all my wrongs.
Krezeyyyy Feb 2015
How is it that you’d ask me not to forget to meet you halfway and forget about it? Does your mind ever wander or your voice ever whisper through the winds or your heart ever wish in every shooting star about this -- about us -- the way mine does


For you?

If I could count all the tears shed and all the hours I’ve skipped sleep and those times when I’m drowned on songs and verses and memories all because of this that I have,

For you?

You'd know the depth of how much you have an effect on me.

If only I could write word after word until our worlds meet and collide so beautifully again, I’d write how my heart aches and crushes and hurts.

How is it that you said you’ll wait and left me here waiting? And yet I’m still here waiting,

For you, Topaz.
Krezeyyyy Dec 2014
And so I found myself staring at a picture that had your face. I wonder how you are. Merry Christmas, by the way. Do you still remember me and all that I was to you? I do. I remember all you are to me. The glances, the smiles, the whispers, the you and me sitting on a swing. It was morning full of hope, just as I was.

I remember the letter. Do you remember the last part? I hope you'll make it through like how people get through the night til come daylight, another day will come, another hope. Another swing to sit on. You staring at me as I at you. Hey, all I want for Christmas? Us..

But a want is not necessarily something to behold. I'll keep staring at this face that is you. I'll keep your photograph and your words until then. But until then I'll be thinking, you're another promise broken.
Krezeyyyy Dec 2014
They kept on telling me it wasn't love. It was something, but it wasn't love. But what do they know? They weren't the one who lived inside this body that kept on getting fired up every time you laid your eyes on mine. They weren't the one who got to feel those tingling electricity every time your hands touched mine. They weren't that girl who died a little bit every day after you said goodbye. No, they only told me it wasn't love because they never know. Oh how it feels like, hot and cold mixed up, good and bad, everything nice and then so so bad.

But maybe I do not know at all what love is and so I thought it was. No, it wasn't love after all. It was something that paints smile on my face every time.
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