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Jul 16 · 146
The Malcontent
Chris Thomas Jul 16
I am currently failing to feel a pulse
And I am shriveling into nothing
The thought of waking up to this cold world
Concerns me,
     About as much as the icy breeze

I grasp at straws that all turn to ashes
I drown deeper within all the madness
I have closed all the windows in my heart
But instead,
      Blood seeps through cracks in the floor

I am poorly designed, not just broken
Made prisoner by a mind that's outspoken
I am famished but I feast on nothing
Besides the pain,
     Pain that my heart's been serving

I am an octave below the sound of silence
I am a victim of my own violence
And the straight line I've been walking
Is finally curving,
     Curving into a circle that is far from perfect
Chris Thomas Jun 17
Befriend me until the end
Because I am bound to my fate
We dance on clouds without silver linings
Yet, we wonder
Why only pennies fall from the broken sky

Betray me until I stay
Because I never stay in one place long
We're down to six degrees of separation
Yet, we wonder
Why we're always so **** cold
Oct 2018 · 137
Chris Thomas Oct 2018
So the wind has circled back around
Picked up your scent
And carried it off again
You know, it's funny
Because the slightest of breezes
Can remind me of it
On days where the rain has soaked me
From the top of my guilt
To the bottom of my soul
On days where the moon pulls at my tides
From the shoreline of my failures
To the abyss your absence has caused

Everyone seems all too quick to remind
That this empty draught of mistakes
Was always just a poison
Weak enough to keep me alive
But strong enough to **** me slowly
And the thought of never refilling my cup
From the tap of your bitter bliss
Inspires sorrow that I have never known before

So now I watch our lightning die
Straining to hear one more meager clap of thunder
Something, anything
To carry your tempest back into this valley
Because even the slightest of sparks
Is enough to ignite my heart again
And set ablaze every forest from east to west
But now, our own creation aims to consume us, too
Aug 2018 · 1.1k
Catkins (Winter's Road)
Chris Thomas Aug 2018
Like the elms, I am bleeding
But nothing so sweet as sap
You sit perched on the branch above me
Contemplating your belated Autumn nap

Your eyes harmonize with the brown bark
And I envy you, so simple and blasé
I crave some shelter from your rain
But it's cold, and still drizzling dismay

There's a shadow falling over us
The forest has learned to be a clever thief
The light catches you smirk while I weep
Like a willow without a handkerchief

You hear applause, so take your bough
All while dawn bends and slowly breaks
My lips snap like frozen twigs as I wonder;
How can you slumber while my heart's awake?
Apr 2018 · 209
Chris Thomas Apr 2018
Ava dwells on imperfections
Wishing an iron could be made
Perfect enough to smooth them out

Ava dreams in seven colors
If only to escape the void
If only to dance freely for a while

Ava doesn't flinch at the medication
She curls a lip and smiles
As she dangles feet in crystal waters

Ava misses her auburn hair,
But misses the salt of the ocean more
The one place she calls home

Ava possesses the courage
Of armies ten thousand strong
Yet, no one hears her battle cries

Ava's heartbeat may finally cease
Before sunrise, before breakfast
But her love won't fade anytime soon

Chris Thomas Apr 2018
With my shoelaces untied
I'm always falling short
Short of you
Short of yesterday
Short of tomorrow

So, I reach down to tie them
Yet, I am still falling short
Short of my destiny
Short of my reasons
Short of my ankles

With illusion cast aside
I understand why I have fallen short
I am aimless
I am distracted
I am imperfect

But, I'm not reaching anymore
Apr 2018 · 125
Bloodletting You Go
Chris Thomas Apr 2018
Once, back when
were just a whisper
on my
bated breath
I spilled my heart
this marble floor
And you,
in all your
as rivulets of me
my blood
my passion
my reasons
Ran as wild as
the Yangtze
Seeping ever slowly
into crevices
That no one else
will ever
Jan 2018 · 196
Winter's Mess
Chris Thomas Jan 2018
She is jumbled
Amidst all of winter's mess
And she sleeps alone
In varying stages of undress
She does not burn
With the same fire anymore
But she does not waver
On the same wire anymore
She harbors a paltry smile
Embedded far within the isolation
But she does not tremble
Despite the tremors in her foundation
Nov 2017 · 2.9k
Rain, Rust, Pain, Lust...
Chris Thomas Nov 2017
Metallic heart,
Savor what you can
While you can
And rest where you lie


Sanguine flesh,
I will pierce thee
To feverishly rip, and tear
At these rusted-over heartstrings


Sluggish pulse,
Hand over calloused hand
Wipe the luster from her brow
And drown me in the clamor


Dangerous dreams,
I smell the rain from years away
I recede, and believe
That time won't repair this erosion


Nov 2017 · 165
Fair-weather Endeavor
Chris Thomas Nov 2017
It's just hard to see it
But as time creeps on
It becomes clearer to me
That you, my dear,
Are just a fair-weather

In times of grey and disarray
You are nowhere
To be lost or found
And you, my dear,
Are the slowest form of
Chris Thomas Nov 2017
It may surprise you to learn
That I cannot return to my genesis
Quite simply, I have no fail safe

It may leave you wanting for a whisper
But, when I open these frail, chapped lips
I have no fail safe

It may be that I am a savior in disguise
Hidden behind briers in the garden
But still, I have no fail safe

It may trigger a memory from nothing
To feel my fingers graze across your cheek
Yet, I have no fail safe

It may be a splintered crutch
That I lean on as I take the last train home
But, I have no fail safe

It may be that your delicate kiss
Is a beautiful straight-jacket
But, I have no fail safe

It may be that your unforgiving eyes
Are a glorious pair of fetters
But, I have no fail safe

It may be that the combination
Is within a world I no longer exist
Because after all this time
I still have no fail safe

Nov 2017 · 150
The Baron
Chris Thomas Nov 2017
The baron told me once,
"It is not the war that is won,
But the peace that is lost,"

So here I remain,
As tatters of fabric and flurries of ash
To darken the brightest of unsafe skies

We step further from empathy
With each step toward destiny
The cut runs deeper than we know

We no longer look through this prism
As Hell reigns on all sides of the schism
And blood trickles across these faceless dreams

Release the captives,
For we are mere moments away from capture
And the gods no longer listen to these aimless prayers
Nov 2017 · 136
Quest for a New Scar
Chris Thomas Nov 2017
The demons in my head are trembling
From the madness that's overcoming me
There's only one step left to the bottom
But my feet only delay the inevitable

Your silence has kept me climbing
Your tripwires have kept me falling
Your many faces have blurred my vision
Our beautiful failures have erased my canvas

I need a new scar, so I dangle from the ledge
If only to glimpse at the love we once knew
No matter if love or hate laces our words
Treacherous, is our only state of mind

Maybe I'm a fraud, or just a demon myself
But I gave until my heart became an empty canteen
And though the end looms closer every hour
You drank 'til nary a drop was left
Oct 2017 · 190
Mercy of the Wind
Chris Thomas Oct 2017
I elevate my heart
To stop the endless bleeding
But the tide is coming back in again
I grieve for the smiles forgotten
And the tears that were spilled
Like raindrops on the driest grains of sand

I hesitate to inhale
Because my lungs are still expanding
Fear is a means to a grisly end
And I ache for the timeless treasures
Or a glimpse of the aftermath
But tomorrow is just a leaf at the mercy of the wind
Oct 2017 · 169
Magic Word
Chris Thomas Oct 2017
Sometimes, I lie awake thinking
If there's a magic word
A fantastical phrase
A solemn song of our wonder years
That would make you return to me

I wonder the oddest of things
Where it must be stored
Who could guard such a treasure
And what it would take
To lockpick my way inside

And I die a bit more everyday
Suffocating from memories
Choking from dreams lost
And drowning in the deepest
Oceans of misery and regret

But, of all the sleepless thoughts
That rattle around
In the darkest corners of a broken mind
I think about the tears I've shed waiting
And the years I've let dance away
Chris Thomas Oct 2017
If all our dreams are nightmares
And if all our hopes are hopeless
Then darling,

I just want to leave you weightless

If derelicts won't ever row ashore
And if the sun leaves our sons faithless
Then darling,

I just want to leave you weightless

If I never learn to be adept at depth
And if water runs dry on the doorstep
Then darling,

I just want to leave you weightless
Oct 2017 · 132
Daydreams Forgotten
Chris Thomas Oct 2017
I patterned myself a savior
One who was stitched up tightly,
In the shadowy form of a simple man

A man who,
For all intents and purposes
Bled out when the town did,
Sixty-some-odd seasons ago

The smell of rubber,
Burning like embers in the night
Fills the lonely air here
Which, in return, fills my dying lungs

I am incapable,
Incapable because my empty hands
Don't reach for a hammer anymore,
Now, they only reach for nails

Spurned by the asphalt,
I get behind the steering wheel
And turn my car around,
Without actually turning myself

I will close my eyes for once
And sketch daydreams forgotten
Buried beneath the sand of time
Sep 2017 · 207
Pride Comes Before Autumn
Chris Thomas Sep 2017
The sun is setting over this wonderland
Here I am, drifting along shame again
Using my dreams as the raft
And my heart as the anchor

I make landfall and plot a course
Blistered feet causing no distraction
My veins run with yesterday's toxins
Making my scars more visible than before

Anxiously, I await in the shadows
For the villain to make his grand entrance
My hands crave to clutch his throat
My eyes burn with fires of vengeance

The cost of everything he took from me
A debt that could never be repaid
I crouch behind misshapen branches
And inhale one spiteful last breath

But the cowardly ******* never shows his face
Leaving no print for miles around
Until, at last, in the rustling of summer's death
*Autumn points her finger directly at me
Sep 2017 · 231
Fragile State of the Union
Chris Thomas Sep 2017
Cover me, and protect my eyes
From this hell-staged atrocity
We're in a fragile state of the union
And we're still bleeding for our country

Open me, undermine my powers
Find me a bunker, in which to store my pride
Launch all the weapons of mass dysfunction
To infect the tribe with panic's genocide

What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight's last screaming
Were rasping voices begging for mercy
From all this terror in our dreaming

Fallen men, and bleeding hearts
All trampled by hatred's silent symphony
Knees resting upon the cold earth
Send tremors throughout colder unity

He who hath no glory
Pretends to be deaf to freedom's ring
But if this is still a home worthy of the brave
Defend us from us, above everything
Sep 2017 · 140
No Mirror to Break
Chris Thomas Sep 2017
Light floods dilated pupils
As life scribbles its autograph upon them
White roses fall from the sky like rain
And I know there's no turning back now

Tilt me sideways, so the world is askew
For a minute, for a lifetime
Because I'm seeing everything for the first time
With this pair of brand new eyes

With no vanity, there is no mirror to break
And with no allegiance, there is no fate to disobey
I watch as the colors flee from predators
And I know there's no turning back anymore

This sharp breath that I finally inhale
Destroys me from the inside out
Because I'm seeing everything for the first time
With this pair of brand new eyes
Sep 2017 · 133
Chris Thomas Sep 2017
Scarlet grants me freedom
Scarlet grants me forgiveness
Scarlet breaks my tidal waves
Scarlet breaks my umbrella
Scarlet dances with superstition
Scarlet dances with her radiance
Scarlet opens her bloodshot eyes
Scarlet opens her lavender lips
Scarlet washes away my sand
Scarlet washes away to sea
Sep 2017 · 136
Chris Thomas Sep 2017
I am off...
Slightly to the left.
No.  Slightly to the right.

Never straight, never

I am disarray...
Out of order.
Out of sorts.

Never aligned, never pristine.

I am inharmonious...
Causing a cringe.
Causing a sigh.

Never melody, never beautiful.

But, I am content...
On my island.
In my sanctuary.

Always me, always in dream.

Sep 2017 · 194
Baritone and Brokenness
Chris Thomas Sep 2017
I set my pen down
To watch the sunrise
Staring at me through folds of clouds
I glimpsed visions of my children
Dancing along the horizon
Like butterflies across the meadow
I felt a kind of humming
Deep within my chest
Made of baritone and brokenness
And soon, the realization set in
That my softly-beating heart
Was simply strumming at tight strings
Creating melodies of yesterday
Improvising the pain yet to come
And saving room for an encore
So, I picked my pen up
From the cedar-scented table
And once more, spilled my broken soul
Sep 2017 · 356
Color Me Comatose
Chris Thomas Sep 2017
Don't color me comatose
If there is breath still in these lungs
Don't fade to black just yet
If there are songs left to be sung

I want a romance that crashes
Like the moon into the ocean
I want a history that archaeologists
Dig up to set in motion

Don't drown me in sorrows
If there's a smile creasing my face
Don't chain a ball to my blistered feet
If there are still rainbows left to chase

I want an epiphany that explodes
Like stars gasping their final breath
I want a heartbeat that is loud enough
To pierce both the eardrums of death

Don't color me comatose
If there's a blink still in my eyes
Don't forget me when I take my leave
There's still a chorus left to reprise
Sep 2017 · 292
Chris Thomas Sep 2017
Amounting to more than my heart can hold
Stained silver cuts deep with its poisonous blade
The pen in my hand remains bitterly cold to the touch

I write my pleas with ice-coated words
Words that melt swiftly as they dance upon coals
Coals of a fiery and deceitful tongue

As I tiptoe along the edge of the earth and back
I notice there is scarcely a whisper in the wind
Imprecise eyes see only brackish blinks now

Fallen memories have piled outside my door
Yet my footprints are still sprinkled across the field
And I retreat back to my haven of simple thoughts

I am hallucinating as I watch pieces of me chipped away
As though I am a sculpture for winter's amusement
Merely a plaything of this everlasting frost
Sep 2017 · 150
Chris Thomas Sep 2017
Frivolous fairytales?

Frivolous fairytales, be ******
These goals are anything but lofty
I have owned my past mistakes,
But seems my demons still own me

Frivolous fantasies?

Frivolous fantasies, be expunged
Because the taste of your salty skin
Kept me dehydrated,
From outer layers to depths within

Frivolous affection?

Frivolous affection, be absorbed
By the heartless pit in your chest
For my blood is still flowing,
But this love needs laid to rest
Aug 2017 · 235
Chris Thomas Aug 2017
We tiptoe around egos
The size of mountains
To find the dragonbreath
Still reeking of long forgotten worlds
And as the haze fades,
We find we're back
Back where we used to poke holes
In the holy water
Where men dotted these lands
Like blotches on scarred skin
And the dragonbreath
Still smells sweetly foul,
Or foully sweet
But either way,
The wolves will lap at our bones
Until daybreak,
Where the reclamation begins
Aug 2017 · 1.1k
Chris Thomas Aug 2017
Embedded in my consciousness
Clouds of endless fire and fever
Lick at my salty face like a lazy waterfall
I have been unraveled outside the stratosphere, where
Pieces of starlight consume my decaying skin
Sun and moon crash, collide, eventually crumble, and
Everything I once touched, no longer touches me
Aug 2017 · 114
Chris Thomas Aug 2017
Seems that I mishandle patience,
And seems I put mind over matter
Sometimes, you just can't grasp
The concept
Of having nine lives
Until you're on your tenth

Seems apathy is the new homeopathy
And seems rings are made of ice
Sometimes, you don't realize
You crave a second chance
At something
Until you're on your tenth
Aug 2017 · 613
Baby's Breath
Chris Thomas Aug 2017
Etching a legacy
In things harder than stone
A brittle and frail reminder
To sieve the soul from the bone
Uttering the wrong word
Can bring a man certain death
With his mortality in question
Like shriveling baby's breath
He stamps out his detractors
With sharp swords, and a sharper tongue
His history intoned by the fall of night
On the edge of a future, forever unsung
Aug 2017 · 391
Chris Thomas Aug 2017
The rust across your eyes
Should have been a shallow warning
The ease in which I become a failure
Should have been clearer by now

Perhaps the trust I bartered
Was just a copper coin of insignificance
And maybe, the kiss that lingered
Just smeared against the windowpane

The heralds came and left
Their static signals clamoring in our minds
The ringing in my ears won't fade
While we tepidly embrace our fate
Aug 2017 · 147
Chris Thomas Aug 2017
Scatter rights, scatter wrongs
pitter-patter, pitter-patter
Scatter ships, scatter lips
pitter-patter, does it matter?
Scatter rain, scatter colors
pitter-patter, pitter-patter
Scatter love, scatter lovers
pitter-patter, it doesn't matter
Jul 2017 · 157
Outside the Atmosphere
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
I only feel at home

I only feel safe

Outside the atmosphere...

...the choking for air is less severe
Jul 2017 · 213
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
May flowers
Under broken raindrops, pale love devours
Nary a bucket to collect them in
Drowsy mornings
A trembling within, and solemn warnings
Nary a violin to soothe a sinking mind
Every awakening begins with a kiss goodnight
Jul 2017 · 214
Hellbent, Heaven-Broken
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
In the palm of my hands
There is stone
There is lace
And a rope bridge between heaven and hell

Ashen-haired symphony
I am resolved
To tend your wounds
So you can save my heavy soul tonight

I am not a castaway
Just a weathered picture frame
A drop of midnight
In an ocean of morning dew

I feel a hand touching mine
Not of stone
Not of lace
But made of love and atmosphere

And through the darkest nights
Unable-bodied as I am
I finally give way
To the grace that crushes my empty lungs

With each step that I take now
I am hellbent,
Yet heaven-broken
Caution is the property of the wind
Jul 2017 · 191
By Splendor's Dying Light
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
The power of pain is ungoverned
As faith slowly bleeds out
Children transfixed and mesmerized
While cannons cauterize our wounds

Mother moon, over hills and lakes
Eyelids can't resist the weight
Arms vanquished and immobilized
As dawn breaks our last awakening

By splendor's dying light
Treason has spoiled meager hearts
Eyes squinting and crestfallen
We are but a fraction of this mutinous crew

For our deaths may be inevitable
And our honor may be unenviable
But betrayal blinks and relapses
As shield and sword seed the earth
Jul 2017 · 171
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
I'm angry today.

Just like I'm angry everyday.

I'm in love with a married woman.
My lot in life is to rot in that prison.
There's no end to this pain.
There's no rhyme to any reason.
She lives on a separate plane.
One where my heart doesn't ebb,

it just flows.

And I'm quickly losing blood
Jul 2017 · 170
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
Oh, Viola
Your missteps are our haven
Dropping, and dripping
Sorbet on the sidewalk
To melt on summer mornings

Oh, Viola
Save the best for first ensemble
Scoffing, and skipping
To the tune of Frère Jacques
A beacon for seaborn warnings

Oh, Viola
A dainty marvel shadow
Flenching, and flaking
Til' Hale Street gleams in purple hues
To banter with the orchids

Oh, Viola
Overhead and underfoot
Whistling, and wincing
From the piercing of a brother
At the pulpits of the sordid
Jul 2017 · 208
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
Turquoise eyes, wake up
Break this dawn with your vengeance
Swoon another soul
Jul 2017 · 284
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
The mind can only think so much
Before it wanders
Before it dampens
Before it derails

The heart can only take so much
Before it withers
Before it crumbles
Before it falters

Sever ties before they tighten
Sever love before it blooms
Sever us before I shatter
Sever these memories that loom

Because the mind can only think so much
Before it wanders
Before it dampens
Before it derails

And the heart can only take so much
Before it withers
Before it crumbles
Before it falters

Jul 2017 · 214
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
He yearns for where it all began
A small town on the side of the world
Where if you stray too far from home
You might spill out into space
Or what's left of it, anyway

He uses umbrellas, not to stop the rain
But to shield his scars from the dark of day
The cars streak past like comets
Telling platinum tales of redemption
About a fruitless, squandered, life

He takes the stairs because it's faster
Town Square is abuzz with frivolity
The shadows on the walls dance
With their partners and paramours
And he climbs to the idyll of his dreams

He bears witness to apocalypse
A listless world torn from foundations
Starlight crashes from heavens above
Careening into eyes held wide open

And he finally jumps... prevent himself from falling
Jul 2017 · 135
Sweet's Revenge
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
Stained glass,
It hides the loathing
But nothing can hide the avarice
A southbound train rips rain from clouds
And he frowns as heaven spills her cup

He sips at tea,
Swimming in thoughts bereft of color
The seat makes him feel claustrophobic
But less so than he felt yesterday

The grinding of gears,
That ****** grinding plays her melodies
Guilt shimmers off mountain waters
While subtle delusions of grandeur thrive
Deep within his heart's lifeless abyss

The train finally stops,
And he buttons his overcoat
As broken words rattle around his mind
The next stop, sweet's revenge upon bitter
The next town, failure's judgment day
Jul 2017 · 897
My Dear, I Am a Vandal
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
"My dear, I am a vandal,"
I am an eclipse of your brightest days
I am merely hollow, and in great despair
A turquoise sunset in a sunrise maze
I am an event horizon
Better left to its own devices
We are fragile as a sundered vase
Reaching for stars when clouds suffice

"My dear, I am a bane of goodwill,"
I am marshes in your gardens green
I am ravenous and armed with tongues
A veil over your dreams unseen
I am corruption in the incorruptible
I am a syndicate of deceit
We strive to thrive in a heartless abyss
Weaving webs and yarns of the bittersweet

"My dear, I am an arrowhead,"
I am doused in poison with no remedy
I am a covetous despot and a saboteur
Forever an omen of our catastrophe
I am the first feet in a field of mischief
A master seamster of discord
We hoard the rain in this eternal drought
Just to corrode, and rust, our lethargic swords

Pointing a finger at yourself and your own misdeeds is often more than a human can bear.
Jul 2017 · 129
Soft Tissue
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
It's true
I used to have a softer heart
I used to feel the ***** of the pin
As it etched across the surface
Inscribing the images
Of your storied beauty,
And tattooing the words,
Such magnetic words
That drew me into your divinity

It's true,
I once possessed a sweeter smile
One that packed naivete in its suitcase
In its travels across my face
Vaulting me far beyond
Time and space,
And into a fairytale,
Such a frivolous fairytale
Forever staining my memory

But now,
I am trapped in this hourglass
With a heart made of granite
And for the first time
In this causal loop,
You're on the outside,
Peering in from the shadows
And the soft tissue
Is far from intact
Jul 2017 · 153
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
Under layers,
A word lies dormant in the dark
Under pressure,
A quiet rage swells in the deep
Soft earth,
Hardened where good men fell
Eve of eradication,
Waiting on division and the end
Under clouds,
We tear the fabric of blue skies
Under bombs,
We shed the skin of our apathy
Beleaguered body,
Sleep now, so I can dream
Surreptitious knives,
Withdrawn from the back of belief
Wander off now,
Til' tripwires change your mind, child
Come home again,
Death begins at the first uttered word
Come home again,
Life ends at the sound of silence
Jul 2017 · 197
Aerial (237425)
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
All the vultures
Starving for attention
Hovering here
No sense of direction

Mist of sorrow
Hints at horizon's doom
Wisp of smoke
Carries me from room to room

Aerial afterthoughts
Come before the contrition
These lofty watered wishes
Lack all inhibition

Feet I've hardened
And wings I've torn
Dimly-lit dreams I've squandered
And delicate hands I've worn

So here I stand, more devastated
More drained of empathy
And more unsettled
Than I have any right to be
Jul 2017 · 155
Empty Chambers
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
There is talk
Too often, that's all it is
Of storms far off in the distance
Of raindrops created by baseless rumors
Knowing that silence is stationary
That the stillness is where the clouds are breaking

There are other eyes
Watching us, studying our movements
Laughing at our comedy of errors
Lamenting our production of self-affliction
Dizzy from the spinning film reel
And waiting patiently for the sequel

There are shots fired
From empty chambers and arrowless bows
Where the trauma is the most severe
And blood runs colder than December's breath
The aim was meant for the bullseye
But in truth, the bull is still sound asleep
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
Names and lies
And by God,
All the nights spent
Afraid of the dark and dismay

You sing your troubles
In treble and tyranny
Hum your mesmorizing melodies
And wait until a quarter past never

So many magic boxes
To still cut in half
So many discordant pieces of me
Scattered across time and space

These names and lies
Brunette hair and brown eyes
These are the pretenses
To my post senses

Sleight of hand
Can't fix this brokenness
Anymore than a single stitch
Anymore than a ghost's reflection

So I take my leave now
A dare to dangerous dreams
Almost as if to say tomorrow will
Disappear like everything we were
Jul 2017 · 265
Full Circle Mountain
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
I'm easing my thoughts into mountains distant
Settling them down on a plot of empty land

No automobile could reach this perfect place
No telephone could interrupt my dreaming

There's just breath here that I've failed to inhale
And altitude that brings my mind full circle

There's no money here, nor the madness that shares its DNA
Only me, alone with self-preservation

Have I ever been anywhere more serene than nowhere?
Outside, the mindful breeze flies my burdens back to city lights

I hear only the simple noises; no more bickering, clatter, or static
So I can finally break this fever that's burned me for years
Chris Thomas Jul 2017
Stop me if you have heard this one before.
"Boy meets girl."

Stop. Erase.

"Boy meets girl in a trivial pursuit."

Stop. Erase.

No, there is no meeting at all.
Boy never meets girl, as meeting implies brevity.
A meeting is held in a conference room.
A meeting is not felt to the very core.
A meeting is no flower on the brink of bloom.

The reality is, the world ceases to spin on its axis.
The sun flares at the sight of her.
The moon implodes at the sound of her.
Mars and Venus collide at the touch of her.
All while constellations dance like moths,
Hovering far too close to a flame.

There is no pulse, only rhythm.
There is no break, only bend.
There is no rescue, only flailing.
There is no beginning, only end.

Now boy is standing at the center of a great divide.
And girl disappears, abruptly as the tide.

Stop me if you have...

Stop.  Erase.
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