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Chris Nov 2016

You, with words of beauty,
speak in softer tones
where volume is not required
because vibrations
bring to light the meaning

Even if remaining quiet
calms the fears
drifting along your heart

Feelings still shout
in actions shown,
leaving only words unsaid
to speak the true meaning
of the silence
Oct 2016 · 1.2k
Without a swimsuit
Chris Oct 2016
I suggested leaning but they chose to jump. Never once looking to see what waited for them at the bottom. Still I called in a voice of heroic fashion, though slightly chapped from the lack of judgment shown. I stood listening for an echo or anything resembling a voice from the depths, but heard only waves, crashing against the rocks lining this coast of last chances. Gulls swooped and sang midnight songs while the moon snickered in its own lunar way. I found the darkness to be threatening as I peered over the edge, seeking but a plaid shirt, a pair of jeans or a chrome button dangling from an exposed root to no avail.  It had happened and poetry was the thief. Stolen in our prime, wading in shallow waters, watching ripples of time count minutes as our thoughts began to swim. It was no use, it beckoned and only one remained to answer the never ending call. So I dove head first into the phrases and verses that would spell my doom, sentenced for life, writing graphic details of those things my heart had held and my eyes had witnessed, knowing this was it, the end of my life as I knew it, lost forever in the abyss, the drowning point of creativity, poetic imprisonment and me without a swimsuit.
Oct 2016 · 942
Chris Oct 2016
I tasted the piece that
smoothed the way,
submerged, as a single leaf
floated unknowing

Salted sweetness
on folded fables,
turned pages rapidly
between parted indexes

As eyes pierced,
interlaced of cotton fibers
Laying fears aside,
wrapped in yesterdays worries

While lounging on the side of caution
in plastic sheaves
protecting the existence
of unwanted realizations

Still the moments that fell
atop motions fed my soul,
inserted into the warmth
of streams flowing deeper

And up to my knees wading
brought sighs of satisfaction
when dreams came and went,
but still remain everlasting
Oct 2016 · 674
A shape in the earth
Chris Oct 2016
Now in the shade
A lonely figure
Of interlaced thoughts
Draws a shape
In the soft earth
Because the bark
Has since overgrown
The one he carved above
In a previous life
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
Chris Oct 2016
Playlists of broken thoughts
Cobwebs and keys
Slanted in uniformed dissatisfaction
Notes smeared on fingertips
Melancholy mu-sick
Vibrato virtuoso

Bending strings and pushing pedals
Smashing baby grands
Into bite sized pieces

Feedback flashbacks
And the band played on
While the pianist was shot
Between the eyes
In an off key massacre
To a standing ovation
Oct 2016 · 558
Remember to reach out
Chris Oct 2016

When silence forms
in morning simplicity,
tracing tracks
beyond traffic jam coffee
and softer tones
to a new address
where afternoons are easier
and smiles come
from blurred windows
and online dreams,
remember to reach out,
someone misses you
Mar 2016 · 982
Masking the Tears (10w)
Chris Mar 2016

So you know,
I put on a brave face too
Mar 2016 · 1.3k
Forcing out a rhyme
Chris Mar 2016

I tried to count the minutes
but I ran out of time
So I’ll just write this poem,
forcing out a rhyme

When will it start to happen
just like I’ve heard them say
Will it begin tomorrow
or several months away

The emptiness keeps growing,
this pain within my heart
I can’t believe the ending,
remembering the start

I just can’t stop the crying,
my face now drenched in tears
Staring at a future
filled with lonely years

How does it become easy
when all I want to do
Is wake up every morning,
a sunny day with you

But now my days are cloudy,
the rain keeps falling down
Where once I wore a smile,
holds nothing but a frown

Every day is different,
though all are just the same
I stare off to the distance
calling out your name

They say it will get easier,
just wait and you will see
I don’t want to see anything
if you’re not here with me

Life now has no meaning,
darkness comes to call
Weakness is my shadow
on my knees I fall

I tried, but I can’t say that
my broken heart is fine
So I’ll just write this poem
forcing out a rhyme
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
Only because
Chris Feb 2016

*Only because
she touches my heart
in a way it has never been
touched before

Only because
she makes me smile
and I could never
ask for more

Only because
my life is filled
with all the love she
brings to me

Only because
she gives me strength
to be the man that
I can be

Only because
my every dream
of perfect love has
now come true

Only because
she looks in here
did I post this saying,
I love you
Hi there beautiful, I love you. :)
Jan 2016 · 943
No other way
Chris Jan 2016

*I had never met love
until I met you
My world breathes
in your essence
and I know
I am alive
My heart beats
to the tempo
of your smile
Singing of
your beauty
for I know
without you
I am nothing
I will never be
anything more than
in love with you
and I would
have it no
other way
I had never met love until I met you
Jan 2016 · 1.3k
Slowly fading
Chris Jan 2016
I’ve been walking this long hallway
for over a year
Reading the gilded framed
poems lining the walls,
verse after verse of
beautifully written words

I have made some good
friends along the way
Met some wonderful poets
who I have learned from
as well as learned to respect
and admire (watching far too many leave)
these meetings I will cherish

I have also crossed paths with a few
who didn’t care for me all that much,
hated my dreadful reviews, (blocked me for that)
misundertood my attempts at humor
or didn't appreciate the love poetry
I tried to slip in amongst the fighting,
but that’s okay, it takes all kinds

I've counted the masks worn,
there are more than two reasons
aren't there?
Some smiling, some not,
all there for their own reasons,
which it is not for me to judge
or anyone else, though that doesn't
seem to stop it from happening

Still little by little I have
headed towards a faint light
The soft glow at the far end
of this prose tiled floor
Each day the light became
a bit stronger, brighter
That tiny glowing square
in the distance
bigger and bigger

My shadow leading or following,
longer or shorter
depending on if I walk facing
forwards or backwards,
hop scotching over the hate,
sneaking past the accusations,
hiding from trolls (he found me anyway)
and the finger pointed whining,
hoping to pass go,
(you can keep the two hundred)

All the while sadly realizing
I am slowly becoming
smaller and smaller,
barely visible to others here
Disappearing a little more
with each passing day
Till now I am nothing more
than a forgotten minute speck
at the furthest end
of this meandering corridor

An insignificant silhouette
of a poet who once was,
now slowly fading
out through the opening
to stand in the bright sunlight
And as I refocus my eyes
to my new surroundings
I turn to wave goodbye
to what I so enjoyed
only to see a sign that reads…

*“Thanks for visiting Hellopoetry, whoever the hell you were”
To all of the wonderful people on here who have liked my poetry, I truly did appreciate your kindness. Thanks for everything...
Jan 2016 · 776
Without the warmth
Chris Jan 2016
Spring is not that far ahead,
yet the  sidewalks are empty
as a cold rain falls and I wander
alone, hands in my pockets,
my head hung low

Staring at the puddles,
as my reflection stares back,
between the constant ripples
and I don't recognize
the sorrowed face that I see

Winter touches everything,
dripping from awnings
of the places we used to share,
now closed and boarded up,
empty like my heart

But still I keep walking
nowhere to be,
no one who wants me,
nothing to look forward to
as hope is now frozen

Spring is not that far ahead
though I will not find it
for winter is me and my world
will forever be cold without
the warmth of your love
Jan 2016 · 659
Every thought
Chris Jan 2016

*There used to be
so many thoughts
that rolled across
my mind

But ever since
I met you there's
just one thought
that I find

It matters not
where I am at
or things that I
may view

For every thought
my mind does think
are always thoughts
of you
I can't stop thinking about you
Chris Jan 2016

Happy New Year to everyone on Hello Poetry
Thank you for all of the kindness you have shown me in 2015, you have brought so many smiles to me that thank you just doesn’t seem enough. I hope that I have been able to show you at least as much kindness as you have shown me, I know I have tried.
My wish is that every one of you wonderful poets find every happiness you could ever imagine in the coming year. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing group of writers and to have the ability to call many of you friends.

Here’s to the best poetic year ever.  

Dec 2015 · 695
Only one
Chris Dec 2015

*On this chilly
December evening
I stand on my front porch
gazing up at the moon

Hypnotized by its glow
shimmering in the
silent winter sky,
I can not look away

For this is how I see you,
a mesmerizing goddess,
enchanting my heart and
captivating my soul

And like this beautiful moon
glistening in the heavens,
there is only one - for me,
and it is you
There will always only be one for me
and it will always only be you
Chris Dec 2015

*Here all alone as I’m walking,
heading away from my dream
Questioning why this has happened,
what could this possibly mean

How is it love could embrace me,
fill me with every desire
Colour my world with a passion,
hotter than flames in a fire

Lifting my heart to the heavens,
so it may touch every star
Starting my day with a sunrise,
bringing her near from afar

Touching me soft as a feather,
upon my skin in a song
Poems of whispered affection,
longings that can not be wrong

So tell me why is it leaving,
now as I stand here this eve
Wondering what is the meaning,
this is so hard to believe

Just then I notice behind me,
there’s not one shadow, but two
What was once love is now friendship,
I’m not alone, I’m with you

I guess that answers my question,
how this could possibly be
Falling in love was important,
so it could be “you and me”

Now as we head to the future,
I know I’ve nothing to hide
Every day will be perfect,
with my best friend by my side

Still I will forever love you,
that you can always depend
Who says it’s only for lovers
and can’t be shared with a friend
And who says when the "love" relationship ends it has to be ugly and hateful and spiteful? I have proof that is not the case. No need for name calling and hurtful words, friendship is the best gift ever.
Dec 2015 · 661
Erasing every trace
Chris Dec 2015

“Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight”

The winter wind is cold
as I stand in the yard
staring up at a
the evening stars
we once shared

When the ground crumbles,
giving way beneath my feet,
frozen earth opens up,
swallowing me
into a deep abyss

And as the surface falls,
caving in, creating
a darkness like
I have never known
I whisper, “thank you”

For soon spring will come,
and new grass will grow
over the disturbed land,
erasing every trace,
that I ever was
The first stanza is obviously not mine...I can not find the author or composer's name to give credit to.
Dec 2015 · 572
Hoping to hear
Chris Dec 2015

I cradle my sorrow as if it were new,
holding this pain that I feel
Staring at walls that are blocking the view,
boarded up windows conceal

No place to go, slowly pacing the floor,
footprints on carpet so bare
Longing a knock on the quiet front door,
just a small sign that you care

Counting the hours that haven’t an end,
losing the reason to start
Wondering if the breaks will ever mend,
that have since formed in my heart

Silence is golden, I’ve heard this before,
deep in my thoughts it is clear
Not when it comes from the one you adore,
wishing her voice I could hear

Wondering why all this gold does not shine,
tarnished and piled in a heap
Searching for clouds that were once silver lined,
now it's the darkness I keep

So here I sit as my life seems to fade,
nothing at all now is heard
Except the echoes of tear drops displayed,
hoping to hear but a word
Dec 2015 · 486
Lost Melodies
Chris Dec 2015

*I looked down at my piano,
eighty-eight black and white keys
inviting me to sit down and play,
but I just closed the lid
and could almost hear
their melodic crying
over my own tears,
as I walked away
Dec 2015 · 2.0k
A broken heart for Christmas
Chris Dec 2015

A broken heart for Christmas
was waiting there for me
When I woke up this morning
underneath my Christmas tree

It's nothing that I wished for,
it wasn't on my list
That I sent off to Santa
but I ended up with this

I guess that I deserved it,
much naughtier than nice
And I am sure St. Nick has checked
his list much more than twice

A broken heart for Christmas
was all that I found here
That's why I'm thankful Christmas
only comes but once a year

Then I flipped it over
and I can not explain
The joy when I looked at the tag
and it was not my name

Santa made an error
I know this to be true
Because she wrote me yesterday
and told me "I love you"

Merry Christmas everyone!
Dec 2015 · 758
Glowing too
Chris Dec 2015

*Tonight I watched
as an enchanting
full moon
rose above the
leafless trees,
slowly upon a
slate gray sky

It was beautiful
and glowing bright,
but it was all alone
on Christmas Eve,
then it dawned
on me...
so was I

Then I thought,
I know you love
watching the full moon
and I know you love me,
so maybe neither
of us is truly
alone tonight...

now I am
glowing too
I am never alone when
I have her love
Chris Dec 2015

*This year there'll
be no Christmas
No tidings of
good cheer

No Santa Claus
and reindeer
Upon a
midnight clear

No ornaments
and tinsel
No gifts beneath
the tree

No silent night
or jingle bells
No carved

There'll be no
roasted chestnuts
or snowmen
made of white

It's just another
one more
lonely night

This year there'll
be no Christmas,
the best time
of the year

No happiness
within my heart
Because you are
not here
Dec 2015 · 654
Clouded Winter Snowflakes
Chris Dec 2015

*Your sadness
like clouded winter snowflakes,
floats upon chilled winds
against dark tear stained skies,
accumulating in sorrowed drifts
around my heart

Frigid moments
shiver of lost and lonely days,
when mornings never arrive
and arctic evenings wrap
your lonely world in their
bleak frozen fingers

And I watch helpless,
through frosted glass panes,
icicle teardrops glistening
on my chapped cheeks,
wanting desperately to hold you
safely in my arms

So you will know
this season shall not last,
spring will soon bring sunshine
and blue skies to warm you,
to comfort you and to love you
just as I always will
Dec 2015 · 1.3k
Because I love you
Chris Dec 2015

*Why is it every thought
I have is of you?

Waking this morning
you were there
lying next to me,
your smile starting my day,
when I was the only one there.

My first cup of coffee
I shared with you,
on the patio as
bird song filled the air,
and I was alone.

The sunrise, beautiful
pastel ribbons painting
the northern horizon
I pointed out to you,
but you were a thousand
miles away.

And even now as
I write this poem,
I do so because like
every other moment
of my life, you are with me
even though you are not.

Why is it every thought
I have is of you?

Because I love you
No matter what
Dec 2015 · 767
The Golden Feather
Chris Dec 2015

*I watch the days
fly by
on multicolored wings,
each feather
a memory,  
a moment in my life,
that will soon
be over

Dark colored feathers
are bad memories
Blue are sad
Reds and yellows
are the good times,
there are many
of them

But there is one
that is brighter
than all others,
it glimmers gold
as the wind lifts
these wings,
higher and higher
towards my
final day

You see
my time is short
on this earth,
the hours are passing,
and I wonder
will I be able to
take my wings
when I go

For if not,
then I shall demand
that I take
one feather,
the golden one,
for it holds all
of my memories
of you
If I can only take one memory with me when I go, I want it to be my memories of you.
Dec 2015 · 583
With her in the cold
Chris Dec 2015

I live in the sun
She lives in the snow
My days are hot
Hers ten below

She dresses in layers
I’m shorts and a T
She builds a snowman
I play at the sea

She’s starting a fire
My A/C is on
She’s under a blanket
I’m out on the lawn

But she is so hot
And I am a fool
Living down here
And not where it’s cool

I’m packing my bags
Now ready to go
Leaving the sun
I’m off to the snow

And yes it is cold
There might be a storm
But held in her arms
I know I’ll be warm

And live ever after
Until I am old
No, not in the sun
With her in the cold
Brrrrrrr...but it's worth it.
Dec 2015 · 842
Stranger than fiction
Chris Dec 2015

Stranger than fiction
the fact that we are
In love with each other
yet we are so far

Affection keeps growing
no matter how wrong
To show that together
is where we belong

Traditional reasons
our romance you see
Is so far from normal
this love, you and me

And who would believe it
if ever they saw
These feelings we’re having
in spite of it all

But I just can’t help it
this love that I feel
No matter how different
can only be real

So know this is fact
these words that you view
What’s stranger than fiction
has somehow come true
Dec 2015 · 591
You are
Chris Dec 2015

*You are the glow as I crawl through the darkness,
lighting my way so these eyes they can see
A soft woolen blanket when winter is reaching,
wrapping the warmth of your arms around me

You are the shelter when storms fill the heavens,
keeping me dry as the raindrops now fall
A calming voice that I hear in the distance,
when every sorrow about me does call

You are the strength as my knees slowly weaken,
lifting me up when I’ve nothing to give
The precious life as I feel I am dying,
giving me hope when I don’t want to live

You are my world, every day I am facing,
showing me love is a beautiful view
All that I wish is whenever you need me,
I will be all of these same things for you
Dec 2015 · 654
I planted my heart
Chris Dec 2015

*I planted my heart
now broken and shattered
So deep in the earth
for nothing much mattered

Then sat on the ground,
my teardrops now flowing
When before my eyes
I saw something growing

The tiniest stem
from the dirt was breaking
A beautiful green
by now was breathtaking

When then came a bud
this afternoon hour
It seemed like real soon
there would be a flower

From what I now saw,
that came into being
My face wore a smile
of what I was seeing

For there on that stem
was something alluring
Filled with such joy
and love over pouring

A friendship it seemed
had grown from our parting
I dug up my heart
the healing was starting

And knew on that day,
my garden endeavor
Had bloomed as a friend
I’d have for forever

Yes there is still love,
I can’t stop the caring
And that I will keep
for now I am sharing

My life with this girl
with smiles and laughter
And we’ll be best friends
happy ever after
Chris Nov 2015

*I watched her
skipping stones,
creating ripples
gently caressing
the distant shoreline
of my heart
As they washed
over me in
poetic motions,
I felt something
touch me deeply
It was love
in tiny waves,
circular patterns
reaching out then
melting away upon
the warm sand
And in that
moment I knew
that even though
the ripples may
disappear in my heart,
she never would
Nov 2015 · 871
Chris Nov 2015

Just a shell
is all that remains
Hollow and lifeless
of thread and thoughts
Fraying slowly in
lost dreams and
unfulfilled wishes

Falling into the shadows of
fractured promises
and the passage of time
when winds will disperse
the memories of what
he once was

scattering them as they
disappear on the horizons
beyond the distant sunset
he so enjoyed sharing,
now colorless,
as he stares blankly

just a shell

is all that remains…
Nov 2015 · 709
“I understand”
Chris Nov 2015

The days have left,
disappeared faster than I could think
Waved goodbye from platforms high above
every dream that never came true,
each wish that remains unfulfilled
Scribbled papers scattered on an abandoned desk,
poetry written in bled out emotions
crumble and tossed…jump shots
missing the goal completely

Though memories in gilded frames,
moments forever frozen in time,
words never to be forgotten
gather warmly in my heart for
I am so fortunate and thankful to  
have had this opportunity
to know you, to love you
and to share…to share our lives

And as I bid farewell to the last chance,
that lost horizon fading
I send sincerely the confirmation,
the truth in whispered hopes
that happiness is abundant,
smiles are forever,
and though it can't be me,
you find the absolute love
you deserve…

because sadly

“I understand”
Nov 2015 · 630
It is not the moon
Chris Nov 2015

*I look to the sky ,
the stars shine so bright
Yet something is missing
this November night

It is not the moon
for it sends its beams
Of crescent desires
and shimmering dreams

Still it seems empty
this cold autumn eve
As winds softly whisper
through branches a' weave

For here on this evening
as we are apart
It's you that is missing
I feel in my heart

So now as I gaze,
prayers sent to the sky
I fall to my knees
as moments pass by

To hope that my wish
will somehow come true
This November evening
as I'm missing you
Chris Nov 2015

*My whole life I've waited
for someone like you,
but sadly I waited
too long

Life is not fair,
I see that is true,
for what seems so right
now is wrong

If only I'd known,
so different it'd be  
for you would be here
by my side

And happiness would
be walking with me,
no longer from my
heart to hide

But now that I know
true love I can feel,
these moments I
will not regret

So as my life goes,
I  now can reveal,
your love I shall
never forget

And if something changes
please know I'll be waiting
with love that will
always be strong

If you come to me
I won't mind the waiting,
forever will
not be too long
Nov 2015 · 2.0k
Time Disappears
Chris Nov 2015

Time disappears,
the hours, the days
Lost in the shadows,
a sundial haze

Seizing the moments
our memories trace
Drawing the curtain,
these thoughts to erase

Still I ignore
every clock on the wall
Each ticking second,
the minutes that fall

For all I see
is the beautiful view
Of every new day
I am starting with you

Nov 2015 · 707
Chris Nov 2015

*Life is filled with choices
so many there to make
Right or wrong we do it,
chances that we take

Often we face failure,
sometimes we succeed
We'll just go on trying
if it's something we believe

Yes mistakes will happen,
we see it everyday
That doesn't mean to worry,
just listen as I say

We've just one life we're living,
we ought to have some fun
So make the choice to smile,
before your time is done

For it is your decision,
it's yours and yours alone
Which path you tend to wander
of everything you've known

And when you say it's final
I hope that I will see
A choice made from within your heart
and you have chosen me
Nov 2015 · 683
As I wonder
Chris Nov 2015

*A chilly morning
greets me beneath
dark November skies
and silent stars
as another new day
finds me
thinking of you

And as I gaze
across somber fields
to the northern horizon
my thoughts change
as I wonder
if you are thinking
of me too
Most mornings for me
Nov 2015 · 860
Always return
Chris Nov 2015

*A blushing sunset
tempts my heart
with alluring visions

Illuminating my dreams
on graceful waves
of pastel painted waters

Tiny seashells offering
mother of pearl wishes
entice my smile

As glistening sands
reflect a violet sky of
silent shimmers in my eyes

And still my thoughts
always return to the
beauty I find in you
Chris Nov 2015

Where once sat a puddle
dry pavement remains
Your smile has erased
the tear drop caused stains

And cracks in the concrete
have disappeared too
Like the cracks in my heart
now filled in by you

While footprints of mud
I no longer see
Since your perfect love
has washed over me

So now we can stroll
where the sidewalk does lead
With you by my side,
that’s all that I need
Nov 2015 · 669
The light of my mornings
Chris Nov 2015
*The light of my mornings
is not in the skies
On the horizon,
a wondrous sunrise
Painting the heavens
a light shade of blue
The light of mornings
will always be you
Nov 2015 · 692
Chris Nov 2015

Kiss me o’er the sunset
Kiss me ‘fore the dawn
Kiss me ‘neath a glowing moon
‘Pon a dew drop lawn

Kiss me ‘midst the maples
Kiss me ‘long the shore
Kiss me o’ my precious one
Now and ev’r more

I had some extra apostrophes laying around so I thought I would use them.  :)
Nov 2015 · 739
Every Word (is you)
Chris Nov 2015

*When writing a poem
I think about you
That’s pretty much
All I have to do

Thoughts begin turning
Words soon appear
Whispers in stanzas
Emotions are clear

Phrases expressing
Infinite dreams
Penned within verses
Magical scenes

Melodic wishes
Everywhere found
Lines become music
A euphoric sound

Wondrous affection
Written for you
Promising always
My love is true

Now you know why
It's easy for me
You are every word
Of my poetry
Well, the love poems.  :)
Nov 2015 · 1.5k
Don’t just say it, do it
Chris Nov 2015

Practice what you preach
It’s not too late to start
Don’t just say it, do it
Find it in your heart
Everyone is watching
More than you do know
Prove to them you mean it
Let your actions show
You will find it’s easy
There within your reach
Don’t just say it, do it
Practice what you preach

It's so easy to be nice.
Nov 2015 · 439
Every day Senryu
Chris Nov 2015

Daydreaming of you
is the very best part of
my every day

Nov 2015 · 847
This poem is for you
Chris Nov 2015

You told me that
each night you read
the poetry
I pen

You said it is
the perfect way
to bring your smile

That life is tough
and troubles deep
the weight just brings
you down

And teardrops fall
upon your face
now painted with
a frown

But when you see
the words I write
your sadness

Your read each verse
and look beyond
forgetting all
your fears

For even in
the darkest hour
you know my love
is real

My poetry
wraps you so tight
in happiness
you feel

So here we are
again tonight
I send my love
so true

And hope you know
like all before
this poem is
for you

Nov 2015 · 1.2k
Why not a world that is free
Chris Nov 2015

What kind of world will we leave for our children,
one that is shackled in hate?
Tying their hands in the wake of the future,
sealing the edge of their fate.

Killing of innocents minding their business,
filling the shadows with fear.
What is the plan to relieve all this worry,
now that it’s already here?

Why is it right that we turn against neighbors
just for the clothing they wear?
The color of skin and the faith they believe in,
did we forget how to care?

Racism churned from the bellies of monsters,
pointing their fingers in blame
When will they learn that we’re in this together,
regardless of language or name?

Why do we hide always ducking for cover,
waiting this terror to cease?
When we can stand up like sister and brother
walking together in peace.

We are all people who live on this planet,
being the best we can be.
It’s up to us what we leave for our children,
why not a world that is free?
Inspired by a conversation this morning with a very dear and special friend.
Nov 2015 · 884
Every moment
Chris Nov 2015

*Rose petals bloom
in your smile's inspiration
Sunsets begin
with the glow in your eyes

Hummingbirds sing
of your heart's destination
Perfect your skin
under cool autumn skies

Whispering sonnets
this night as you're sleeping
Hoping your dreams
are a beautiful view

So when you wake
you will know what I'm seeing
Every moment
that I look at you
I could never write a poem as beautiful as she is to me.
Nov 2015 · 599
Decorated in Silence
Chris Nov 2015

It is on these days
when my heart longs,
wandering down lonely paths
bordered by indecision

When thoughts drift
on empty breezes,
lost in northern wishes
rustling empty leaves falling

As sunset lingers
staring from distant horizons
in clouded thoughts
at the end of the day

While moonlight shimmers,
once a glow anticipated
are now an annoying light
blinding happiness

And my world darkens
behind drawn curtains
in a desolate room
sadly decorated in silence
Missing her.
Nov 2015 · 1.8k
Yours is the love
Chris Nov 2015

*Yours is the love
that does live in my heart
It is the glue
when my world falls apart

Provides the sun
as the clouds come to call
Lifts me right up
if I stumble and fall

Lightens my load
when it's too much to bear
When I am lonely
it tells me you're there

If I am crying
it dries all my tears
When I am frightened
it chases my fears

Gives me the strength
when I'm fragile and weak
Shows me the way
if the path I do seek

Brings out my smile
every time I am blue
I hope my love
does the same thing for you
Nov 2015 · 1.4k
Sharing our dreams
Chris Nov 2015

Gently we lie
under cosmic glowing shimmers
Satin and sheen
on this moonlit night divine

Feeling the touch
of your skin as soft as whispers
Tasting your lips
sweet as wild cherry wine

Here in your eyes
I see heaven's smile reflecting
Deeply I breathe
in the essence of your sighs

Drenched in your flesh
with the heat of passion flowing
Two silhouettes
beneath dark November skies

Lost in this night
as the universe is blushing
Glistened desire,
falling star dust from above

Holding you tight
on this evening of forever
Sharing our dreams,
perfect moments spent in love

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