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8.8k · Jun 2015
Good morning to you
Chris Jun 2015

Good morning, good morning
Hello there sunrise
Your light filters soft
As it glows on the skies

Good morning, good morning
The sweetest fresh air
So cool on my face
In this moment we share

Good morning, good morning
Dew drops on the lawn
Glistening bright
As we welcome the dawn

Good morning, good morning
This world that I see
Yawning and stretching
Right in front of me

Good morning, good morning
To this brand new day
It’s time now to smile
And go on our way

Good morning, good morning
My one ever true
Forever my love says
Good morning to you
Good morning beautiful
6.7k · May 2015
Wake up
Chris May 2015

Wake up,  wake up
a new day has begun

Wake up,  wake up
it's time to greet the sun

Wake up,  wake up
and see these skies of blue

Wake up,  wake up
I'm so in love with you
I know it sounds Hallmark like but
I woke up with this in my head
and had to write it out
5.6k · Oct 2015
Always here
Chris Oct 2015

*If teardrops are your jewelry
A frown drawn on your face
And sadness seems a way of life
With dark outlines to trace

When clouded days of sorrowed gray
Now cover up your sky
And questions fill your weary mind
Always asking why

Just know that as the walls cave in
Distorting every view
No matter how alone you feel
I'm always here for you
Chris Jun 2015
Weeping hydrangeas spill
sapphire tears falling,
drenching grey scale gardens
suspended, free flowing
a mobile of distractions
on tiny threads scattered
above clouded daydreams
Worded floating silent streams,
spinning slowly, creating phrases
on whirlwind petals,
browned edges frame
whispered wonderings
sans answers
upon somber breezes
of yesterday’s questions


A cappella Hydrangeas
send harmonic petals floating
upon melodic wind chime breezes,
suspended soft concerto clouds
on love sonnet strings
tuned to a spring day,
as flowering symphonies,
acoustic mobiles of emotion
bloom within a garden
of daffodils dreams
in unison with lyrical
compositions of nature’s
*enchanting song
I like the happy one best myself.  :)
Chris Apr 2015

She collected sea shells
I collected sand
She searched for the perfect one
I reached down my hand

I carried a bucket
A basket she did whirl
Mine was filled with tiny grains
Hers with mother of pearl

She came out each morning
Me, just late at night
She adored the sunrise
I loved the moon light

Then one day it happened
My alarm clock didn’t ring
I woke to a rising sun
It was the weirdest thing

I ran down to the shoreline
My bucket in my hand
It’s then I saw her gorgeous face
While I collected sand

I found a perfect seashell
And watched her eyes grow wide
She held out her basket
I placed the shell inside

Then she reached down before me
And gathered in her hand
I held out my bucket
She filled it up with sand

And now each day and evening
We walk along the shore
She told me that she loves me
And her I do adore

So if you see us out there
Strolling hand in hand
Know...she’s collecting sea shells
And I’m collecting sand
Just for fun........
3.8k · Jul 2015
Glistening dewdrops
Chris Jul 2015

A bashful sunrise
peeks through the curtains
as we greet the dawn
beneath satin sheets
creating our own
glistening dewdrops
before a wide eyed
*blushing horizon
Good morning beautiful  :)
3.5k · Jun 2015
Silent wind chimes
Chris Jun 2015

Rain still falls
upon my shoulders,
green leaves slow dance
with crystal droplets
to the enchanting melody of
saturated skies singing,
spider webs wear liquid diamonds,
shimmering chandeliers swaying
like silent wind chimes on the breeze
and puddles act as mirrors
where I see my smile
as I head down a muddy path,
leaving lonely footprints behind,
walking towards the sunny day
*that is you
3.2k · Aug 2015
Deserved rewards
Chris Aug 2015

In ode to all who succumb
through wayward passages
lined of scribble notes
dripping ink’s savagery,
staining cursive patterns
in Sylvia-like depressions

Jarred bells ring
down lost tunnels
around each dark corner…clang
from steeples we chase
and beds we lie
draped in sadness
and shapes of
poetic happenstance

Tear drop vinaigrette
spiced of leftover lifetimes
drizzled on leafy desperation
bids a tired farewell
before time collects
*the deserved rewards
3.1k · Aug 2015
Affection's Equation
Chris Aug 2015

You are the sum of my heart,
*I need add nothing more
Chris Jun 2015

A lone mist drifts in feathered shadows
where footprints are soft neath a robin egg sky
Hushed sentiments flow on cool morning breezes
as dreams bask in the light of dawn’s shining,
heaven sent beams caressing our skin

The warmth of a new day embraces us,
sitting quietly on the veranda, two cups shared
with tender glances and sweet kisses as I drink
in your beauty among blooming hibiscus and
hummingbird whispers seeking the nectar of our love

Morning glories yawn in watercolor brush strokes,
painting the landscape in Monet swept patterns
while effervescent dragonflies hover nearby
I take your hand and tell you I love you and
watch as your smile becomes my morning...

*your love becomes my life
Good morning Beautiful
2.8k · May 2015
It's not poetry
Chris May 2015

I don't write
I write little pieces
of my heart,
they will
*touch yours
2.7k · May 2015
I'll Wait
Chris May 2015
I'll wait for you forever
till stars forget to shine,
and oceans become puddles,
words no longer rhyme

Till deserts turn to gardens
where flowers go to bloom,
the grass is red, the skies are green,
the dawn brings out the moon

Till rain is something very dry
and butterflies drive trucks,
when every pond is chocolate sauce
with candy coated ducks

Till basements have a penthouse view
with windows three floors high
and stairways are a place to swim
no matter how you fly

Till mountains are a level path
that you will go to walk
and silence now becomes a way
for every one to talk

Till everything we've ever known
is gone and disappeared
The world does end, there's nothing more
just like we always feared

Till broken hearts are happy,
tears a welcome site
Night comes at the break of day
and daytime looks like night

I'll wait for you forever
until the end of time
It matters not how long it takes
if I can call you mine
2.4k · Jun 2015
Good Night Haiku
Chris Jun 2015

Fireflies dancing
Amidst twilight desires
*Soft lips in moonlight
Good night Beautiful
2.1k · Jun 2015
Lyrics of your smile
Chris Jun 2015

Your beauty sings harmony
with a cantata sunrise,
euphoric melodies in viola
and piccolo lingering
‘pon a lavender haze
of periwinkle whispers,
symphonic poetry
afloat of dawn’s breezes,
ecstasy in tangerine desires,
wafting concertos of passion
as I listen quietly
to my day once again
beginning with the perfect
*lyrics of your smile
Good morning beautiful
2.1k · Oct 2014
Used to be
Chris Oct 2014

You stole the key
that is needed
to unlock
what used to be
my heart
2.1k · May 2015
Quivering horizons
Chris May 2015

Quivering horizons

A palette of picturesque love
stipples weary seascapes
in amethyst ribbons,
pink carnation reflections
blush upon lip glossed beaches
caressing blue skies' gaze
and flip flop yearnings,
quivering horizons
of bougainvillea blooms
drench our hearts,
so we pause silently  
as a poetic sunset
paints a masterpiece
in twilight brushstrokes
inspired by our
*euphoric daydreams
Good night...sending you the sweetest dreams
2.0k · Apr 2015
Unspoken Love
Chris Apr 2015

I want to write
    beautiful poetry
upon your blushing skin
       using my finger,
  gently tracing
    each verse

     the unspoken love
I have in my heart
   to surrender you  
with each word
2.0k · Dec 2015
A broken heart for Christmas
Chris Dec 2015

A broken heart for Christmas
was waiting there for me
When I woke up this morning
underneath my Christmas tree

It's nothing that I wished for,
it wasn't on my list
That I sent off to Santa
but I ended up with this

I guess that I deserved it,
much naughtier than nice
And I am sure St. Nick has checked
his list much more than twice

A broken heart for Christmas
was all that I found here
That's why I'm thankful Christmas
only comes but once a year

Then I flipped it over
and I can not explain
The joy when I looked at the tag
and it was not my name

Santa made an error
I know this to be true
Because she wrote me yesterday
and told me "I love you"

Merry Christmas everyone!
2.0k · Aug 2015
The sun is screaming
Chris Aug 2015

Miles of nothing,
beige on beige on beige
The sun is screaming,
blistering my skin,
draining me slowly
as breath is heated
and tastes bitter
Shoulders slung low
I can’t stand straight,
bent over struggling,
nothing is anywhere
and nowhere is here

Leaving footprints
for the wind dancers,
black feather fathers,
winged circlers
High above, watching
sifting time
in weakened increments,
hourglass patterns of
falling granules
sinking deeper

Water is a dream
and this dream, a nightmare
for it is there,
just ahead, I can see it glistening
but it does not exist
nothing exists,
as the oasis in my mind
dries up, leaving
empty indentations
on horizontal planes, flat lands
of arid emotions
drifting in and out
reaching for…
It sure is hot here today.
2.0k · Nov 2015
Time Disappears
Chris Nov 2015

Time disappears,
the hours, the days
Lost in the shadows,
a sundial haze

Seizing the moments
our memories trace
Drawing the curtain,
these thoughts to erase

Still I ignore
every clock on the wall
Each ticking second,
the minutes that fall

For all I see
is the beautiful view
Of every new day
I am starting with you

1.9k · Jun 2015
A cottage
Chris Jun 2015

A cottage
at the end of the path,
between maple trees and evergreens,
a front porch, weathered boards,
memories in the grain,
summers by the lake,
green converse allstars,
monopoly into the wee hours of the morning,
pancakes and bacon mornings,
red ginham table cloths,
chasing fireflies, sparklers,
hot dogs on the grille,
spitting watermelon seeds, sticky chins...
a cottage, memories,
and now we make our own,
hand in hand as love
once again sits on the porch,
counting stars and drinking lemonade,
you and me and a cottage
at the end of a path...
Good night beautiful
1.9k · Jun 2015
Fortunate man
Chris Jun 2015

A pale orange glow
slips past the darkness
in soft patterns
of a waking dawn

I hold you close,
nestled to my chest
watching as you sleep,
enchanted by your beauty

Slow tempo’d breathing
lulls me sweetly as
your eyelids flutter,
gradually opening

You see me and smile,
that beautiful smile
I look forward to each day,
I return the gesture

I kiss you tenderly,
feeling my lips melt
into yours as my heart
once again skips a beat

“Good morning beautiful”
I whisper as I kiss you again
then sigh, gazing upon you,
knowing I am a fortunate man

And I just lie there
wide awake and in love
at the start of another
*wonderful day
Good morning Beautiful
1.8k · Nov 2015
Yours is the love
Chris Nov 2015

*Yours is the love
that does live in my heart
It is the glue
when my world falls apart

Provides the sun
as the clouds come to call
Lifts me right up
if I stumble and fall

Lightens my load
when it's too much to bear
When I am lonely
it tells me you're there

If I am crying
it dries all my tears
When I am frightened
it chases my fears

Gives me the strength
when I'm fragile and weak
Shows me the way
if the path I do seek

Brings out my smile
every time I am blue
I hope my love
does the same thing for you
1.8k · Jun 2015
On the lawn is a flamingo
Chris Jun 2015

Why can’t I see past the buildings,
skylines obstructing my view,
collecting on the curb
with doorways and steps
inviting to someone else I suppose

Still I push past,
hugging the shoulder
of a rush hour highway
Staring into windows
as they pass, staring back

Exits signs point at me
but I can’t listen
Their warnings make no difference
in cloverleaf grumblings
and exhaust fume skywriting

One foot in front of the other,
worn converse high tops
gray, the greens are lost
with the sunset that breathes down my neck
reaching for one more moon rise

No rest, still creeping alongside
sleeping 18 wheelers purring
on their asphalt mattresses,
straddling yellow lines
leading to the bathrooms…not a chance

27 miles the sign reads
in reflective lettering calling out to me
It seems like nothing,
compared to what is behind me now…
My life or what it was

But that is no longer my concern,
my future is now 22 miles away
Where your arms are waiting,
holding my future…open, warm
and I begin running faster

Another 10 to go, down main streets
with coffee shops and beauty parlours,
one traffic light and a train station
a kid on a bike delivering newspapers offers me a ride
No need, it’s just around this corner…

On the lawn is a flamingo,
plastic and pink behind a white picket fence
with a gate that creaks and a porch light comes on…
illuminating my dream…as I see you,
it has finally come true
Chris Jul 2015

We sway,
    tanned skin and
       sea breeze kisses,
             melodic motions
     to the rhythm
             of moonlit waves,
                leaving forever
              impressions in the
  sensual sands as
             blushing stars sing
             harmonic love
     songs to our
Good night beautiful
1.7k · Jun 2015
Cold cereal, hot morning
Chris Jun 2015

That **** alarm again,
I roll out of bed
not wanting to wake you
it was a late night,
you need the rest

I shower and get
dressed for work
then make my way
through the dark
into the kitchen

As quietly as I can
I pour the flakes
into a bowl
add milk and sugar,
yep, breakfast

I turn and am startled
you are smiling at me,
then kiss me with so much passion
It would burn my toast,
had been making some

Then you whisper in my ear
so soft and sensual,
“Couldn’t you be a little late today?”
I smile and follow you back to bed
No alarm needed now….
Good morning Beautiful
Chris Nov 2016

You, with words of beauty,
speak in softer tones
where volume is not required
because vibrations
bring to light the meaning

Even if remaining quiet
calms the fears
drifting along your heart

Feelings still shout
in actions shown,
leaving only words unsaid
to speak the true meaning
of the silence
Chris Jun 2015

Wildflowers weep
along lonely garden paths
Nectar filled tears
shed on frail petal ridges
run in muted colors
Daylight cloaked
behind clouded veils
Darkly hidden as
grey cotton whispers
cry on listless breezes
Butterflies sleep
in empty shadows
neath leafless branches
while worried sorrow
stills their fragile wings
And this hollow heart
within my breathless chest
lingers in hushed wishes
and silent pleas
*missing you
1.6k · Jun 2015
Chris Jun 2015

“Upon this moss of emerald haze, into this lilac beauty gaze”

In fern leaf wishes of songlike verse, shadows drift as banners flowing
‘pon pinecone promises of starlit dreams, where lavender voices echo melodic harmonies above foot print mosaics laced of soft green grasses. Enchantment comes in silhouettes of euphoric dreams on a periwinkle canvas… as brush strokes of nature gather in this twilight solitude, where your love is forever my tranquility
Good night Beautiful
1.6k · Apr 2015
Twilight Smile
Chris Apr 2015

Starlit whispers
woven through sunset auras
upon a moonglow butterfly’s wings,
enchant the horizon
in uttered silhouettes
cascading ‘neath quivering heavens

As fireflies dance
creating flickering constellations
on a canvas painted
in evergreen breeze promises
and magnolia longings,
effervescent dreamscapes beckon

I follow silently,
gazing into the soft light
of yellow Jasmine’s reflective forevers,
breathing in fragrances
of a beauty that can only bloom
*within your twilight smile
1.6k · May 2015
The sunrise blushes
Chris May 2015

The sunrise blushes
in sunflower
chardonnay braids
on soft merlot clouds
as if it has heard
my whispers of love
sent to you upon
sweet pea breezes
this perfect
*vintage morning
Good morning Beautiful
1.6k · Oct 2015
Empty Vase
Chris Oct 2015

I gathered the fallen petals
and held them to my chest
The slightest hint of fragrance
tempted a smile which never came
And as they shriveled in my hands
becoming hard and brittle
I crumbled them into tiny pieces
then sprinkled the remnants
on my fractured heart,
as they wilted away in the
now empty vase
of my life
1.5k · Apr 2015
One more glimpse
Chris Apr 2015

I saw your eyes among the stars
     a twinkling midnight dream
even the full moon could not outshine,
       and drifting on a comet’s tail
  I chased them across the universe
           *hoping for just one more glimpse
Thank you for reading
1.5k · Nov 2015
Don’t just say it, do it
Chris Nov 2015

Practice what you preach
It’s not too late to start
Don’t just say it, do it
Find it in your heart
Everyone is watching
More than you do know
Prove to them you mean it
Let your actions show
You will find it’s easy
There within your reach
Don’t just say it, do it
Practice what you preach

It's so easy to be nice.
1.5k · Aug 2015
Tonight I sent a poem
Chris Aug 2015

Tonight I sent a poem
streaking 'cross the evening sky
Sprinkled it with stardust
so it'd glisten flying by

Wishing you would see it
when you look up where you are
To find the words "I love you"
written on a falling star
Good night beautiful
1.5k · Jul 2015
Lonely balcony
Chris Jul 2015

I stood on a lonely balcony
with my cup of coffee
watching the sun rising,
painting a pink sherbet horizon
reflecting on meandering waves
softly caressing seashell dotted
caramel beaches glimmering,
knowing it has already seen
the beauty I am
*longing to
Good morning beautiful.  I miss you.
1.4k · Apr 2015
Distant Shore
Chris Apr 2015

Within the grip of swelling grays
The Southern Cross astern now shines
Ever close of darkened bays
Adrift of lost and endless times

Sails now hoisted, directed wind
I hear the angry waves a’ crash
Spume does touch my worried skin
Tempest waters come to lash

This journey fraught of desperate dreams
To reach the one that I adore
Of echoed voices calling me
And compass points of distant shore

Fear shall not my face to run
As fight this wrathful storm I will
Hoping for the morning sun
With calmer seas so ever still

When dawn, I pray on bloodied knees
Does find your arms about my chest
With kisses sweet of anchored pleas
To whisper I have met my quest

And found my love for once and all
By harbor light and North Star way
  Your heart is now my port-o-call
*Never more to sail away
Chris May 2015

Not cupcakes or brownies
or butterscotch drops
Peppermint patties,
nor big lollipops

Caramel ice cream
with sprinkles so nice
Apricot pudding
or pie by the slice

Banana split servings
cinnamon buns
Pink cotton candy
just now freshly spun

Sherbet or popsicles
purple and green
Milkshakes or sodas,
red jelly beans

Oranges, peaches
bananas or plums
Coffee cake, cookies,
their left over crumbs

Chocolate, vanilla
or strawberry too
None are as sweet
as the love found in you
1.4k · Nov 2015
Sharing our dreams
Chris Nov 2015

Gently we lie
under cosmic glowing shimmers
Satin and sheen
on this moonlit night divine

Feeling the touch
of your skin as soft as whispers
Tasting your lips
sweet as wild cherry wine

Here in your eyes
I see heaven's smile reflecting
Deeply I breathe
in the essence of your sighs

Drenched in your flesh
with the heat of passion flowing
Two silhouettes
beneath dark November skies

Lost in this night
as the universe is blushing
Glistened desire,
falling star dust from above

Holding you tight
on this evening of forever
Sharing our dreams,
perfect moments spent in love

1.4k · Apr 2015
Chris Apr 2015

Can you hear
the words I say this night

In the trees
a long and flowing flight

Soft and sweet
to land upon your ears

In the night
to calm your every fear

On the wind
caress the evening sky

That I send
as in your bed you lie

now passing through the stars

From my heart
that float to where you are

Close your eyes
for you will surely hear

Sent from me
to make it oh so clear

these words I mean so true

Of my love
*I send to only you
Can you hear them? From my heart to yours, no matter the distance.
1.3k · Nov 2015
It matters not
Chris Nov 2015

It matters not the time or place,
the hour or the year
The many obstacles you face
of endless mounting fear

Troubles that do plague your mind
nor shadows where you weep
Hidden truths you often find
in memories locked deep

Secrets that can eat away
so very hard to share
Mirrors that reflect the pain
in eyes afraid to stare

Whenever sorrow grips your hand
and tries to pull you through
The words I hope you understand,
“I’m always here for you”
True friends are always friends no matter what…no matter what
1.3k · Jun 2015
Desirable Dawn
Chris Jun 2015

Silhouettes, shapes,
  clouds backlit
   by a distant sun
  rising slowly
      in the east,
   Cantaloupe swatches,
       painting introductions
    of a desirable dawn,
  drape the sky,
    illuminating my heart
       to another
          wondrous day
                *with you
Good morning Beautiful
1.3k · May 2015
I hate salesman
Chris May 2015

I sought the opinion
of a sharp dressed guy
selling sunbeams
by the side of the road

He told me
if I wanted to succeed
I should sell sunglasses
across the street

I took his advice
and as soon as I opened
he held a huge sale
on clouds

Looking over at me
he winked, pointed up
and the rains came…
I hate salesman
I don't really hate salesman, (not all of them) it is just a poem.  :)
1.3k · Dec 2015
Because I love you
Chris Dec 2015

*Why is it every thought
I have is of you?

Waking this morning
you were there
lying next to me,
your smile starting my day,
when I was the only one there.

My first cup of coffee
I shared with you,
on the patio as
bird song filled the air,
and I was alone.

The sunrise, beautiful
pastel ribbons painting
the northern horizon
I pointed out to you,
but you were a thousand
miles away.

And even now as
I write this poem,
I do so because like
every other moment
of my life, you are with me
even though you are not.

Why is it every thought
I have is of you?

Because I love you
No matter what
1.3k · Jun 2015
Harvesting Desires
Chris Jun 2015

As apricot wanderings of
         plum shadow wishes collect
         neath apple cider lips now
          sticky with nectarous flowings,
and pulsating peach blossom petals
             drip of nature's ripened sighs…
a saturated smile appears
                as I imagine harvesting
the fruit bearing orchards
*of your desires
1.3k · Jun 2015
My Poetry (10w)
Chris Jun 2015

I am what you read,
*you are what I write
Not sure this makes sense, but it does to me.  :)
1.3k · Mar 2016
Forcing out a rhyme
Chris Mar 2016

I tried to count the minutes
but I ran out of time
So I’ll just write this poem,
forcing out a rhyme

When will it start to happen
just like I’ve heard them say
Will it begin tomorrow
or several months away

The emptiness keeps growing,
this pain within my heart
I can’t believe the ending,
remembering the start

I just can’t stop the crying,
my face now drenched in tears
Staring at a future
filled with lonely years

How does it become easy
when all I want to do
Is wake up every morning,
a sunny day with you

But now my days are cloudy,
the rain keeps falling down
Where once I wore a smile,
holds nothing but a frown

Every day is different,
though all are just the same
I stare off to the distance
calling out your name

They say it will get easier,
just wait and you will see
I don’t want to see anything
if you’re not here with me

Life now has no meaning,
darkness comes to call
Weakness is my shadow
on my knees I fall

I tried, but I can’t say that
my broken heart is fine
So I’ll just write this poem
forcing out a rhyme
1.3k · Jan 2016
Slowly fading
Chris Jan 2016
I’ve been walking this long hallway
for over a year
Reading the gilded framed
poems lining the walls,
verse after verse of
beautifully written words

I have made some good
friends along the way
Met some wonderful poets
who I have learned from
as well as learned to respect
and admire (watching far too many leave)
these meetings I will cherish

I have also crossed paths with a few
who didn’t care for me all that much,
hated my dreadful reviews, (blocked me for that)
misundertood my attempts at humor
or didn't appreciate the love poetry
I tried to slip in amongst the fighting,
but that’s okay, it takes all kinds

I've counted the masks worn,
there are more than two reasons
aren't there?
Some smiling, some not,
all there for their own reasons,
which it is not for me to judge
or anyone else, though that doesn't
seem to stop it from happening

Still little by little I have
headed towards a faint light
The soft glow at the far end
of this prose tiled floor
Each day the light became
a bit stronger, brighter
That tiny glowing square
in the distance
bigger and bigger

My shadow leading or following,
longer or shorter
depending on if I walk facing
forwards or backwards,
hop scotching over the hate,
sneaking past the accusations,
hiding from trolls (he found me anyway)
and the finger pointed whining,
hoping to pass go,
(you can keep the two hundred)

All the while sadly realizing
I am slowly becoming
smaller and smaller,
barely visible to others here
Disappearing a little more
with each passing day
Till now I am nothing more
than a forgotten minute speck
at the furthest end
of this meandering corridor

An insignificant silhouette
of a poet who once was,
now slowly fading
out through the opening
to stand in the bright sunlight
And as I refocus my eyes
to my new surroundings
I turn to wave goodbye
to what I so enjoyed
only to see a sign that reads…

*“Thanks for visiting Hellopoetry, whoever the hell you were”
To all of the wonderful people on here who have liked my poetry, I truly did appreciate your kindness. Thanks for everything...
Chris Apr 2015

I’m in a new city at a club close to your office,  
sitting at a table, wondering what you will think of me
The bar is crowded, happy hour is in full swing
but basically a blur to me as I watch the front door intently,  
every person entering makes my heart skip a nervous beat

I check my watch, again…5:16
It should be any moment now, I hope
Another sip of my drink, my second this afternoon,
needing a third I think, maybe not when the door opens,
I see you walk in, I think it’s you

Gorgeous brown eyes scan the place
as I wave slightly hoping you see, recognize me
You do and I stand clumsily almost spilling my glass
I can’t contain my smile as yours illuminates the room,
you are more beautiful than the photos

A thousand frantic butterflies invade my stomach
and my knees feel weak, it is finally happening  
I smooth my hair with my hand, a stupid habit
Moving towards you, I can’t stop staring, you are so beautiful
Time has switched to slow motion

So long I have waited for this, so very long
to meet you in person, gaze into your eyes,
touch you and know you are real
I weave through the partying patrons
and reaching you I say “Hi.”

Hi? I had this perfect dialogue planned,
It was so romantic and all I can get out is hi? How pathetic is that?
I wait what seems like forever for your response
You reply “Hi.” It is the sweetest sound I have ever heard,
as the place now has gone quiet to me except for your voice

“I have a table over here,” and sweating like a high school kid
on his first prom, I lead you to our seats
I am still staring, I can’t stop “Can I get you something?”
You take my hand and whisper, “ I have everything I need now”
I melt right where I sit and realize, I am falling in love all over again…
Chris Nov 2015

*I watched her
skipping stones,
creating ripples
gently caressing
the distant shoreline
of my heart
As they washed
over me in
poetic motions,
I felt something
touch me deeply
It was love
in tiny waves,
circular patterns
reaching out then
melting away upon
the warm sand
And in that
moment I knew
that even though
the ripples may
disappear in my heart,
she never would
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