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Chris Jul 2015
· · · – – – · · ·

Stardust drips
in Southern Cross directions
lost at sea
floundering in the nothingness
counting seagulls
and island torches
branding the sky
with delirious connections
traveling beyond the speed,
22 knots to nowhere
and sinking fast

SOS carved
in summer clouds
threatening distractions
floating silently in our heads
as we bail out,
tossing salt water worries
overboard as
barnacle beliefs wait
beneath the surface
of our dreams

A lone timber,
nails protruding,
rotting slowly
is held for dear life
as tridents and trishulas
flail in withered hands
breaking seas,
angry waves bend
dissipating into
misted blankets as
foghorn signals
bellow in needled warnings
like a skipping album
drowning in its
own repetition
Chris Jul 2015

A dark cloud,
not angry, just an
early morning formation,
a soft pink hue
on its fluffy underbelly,
is just now waking up
as it floats by

I gaze past
the light gray atmosphere
of this new dawn
to a place where the sun
is already shining,
where skies are blue
and crystal clear

And as my sun
happily rises, I imagine
your smile now glowing
on this buttermilk horizon,
illuminating every dark cloud
to once again make this
*a beautiful day
Good morning Beautiful
Chris Mar 2015

Now you see it,
now you don’t


Some say it is magic
and it must be
because it sure did
disappear quickly

Now if only that magic
could mend the heart it broke
when it did
Chris Jul 2015

Your touch is that of angel’s wing
so soft upon my skin
Like feathers sifting morning air
as dawn does soon begin

Pure beauty blooms within your eyes
a soft horizon stare
In marigold and baby’s breath
and glistened dew drop glare

A smile to make the sunrise blush,
light fuchsia tinted hues
Above upon a lilting cloud
and skies of vibrant blues

As in your scent, a breath of life
my heartbeat sings your praise
A whispered wish, with you to share
*these wondrous summer days
Good morning beautiful
Chris Dec 2015

A broken heart for Christmas
was waiting there for me
When I woke up this morning
underneath my Christmas tree

It's nothing that I wished for,
it wasn't on my list
That I sent off to Santa
but I ended up with this

I guess that I deserved it,
much naughtier than nice
And I am sure St. Nick has checked
his list much more than twice

A broken heart for Christmas
was all that I found here
That's why I'm thankful Christmas
only comes but once a year

Then I flipped it over
and I can not explain
The joy when I looked at the tag
and it was not my name

Santa made an error
I know this to be true
Because she wrote me yesterday
and told me "I love you"

Merry Christmas everyone!
Chris Apr 2015

A butterfly upon a lily
An orange sherbet dream
Flowering the sunlight
Within an angel’s wing

Softly flowing fragrance
Sweet upon the breeze
On this April morning
*Sent for you and me
Chris Mar 2015
I painted a butterfly’s wings
because its colors
clashed with my garden

It died,
so did my garden
Don't try to change someone to be like what you want, love them for who they are or you could lose everything.
Chris Jun 2015

A cottage
at the end of the path,
between maple trees and evergreens,
a front porch, weathered boards,
memories in the grain,
summers by the lake,
green converse allstars,
monopoly into the wee hours of the morning,
pancakes and bacon mornings,
red ginham table cloths,
chasing fireflies, sparklers,
hot dogs on the grille,
spitting watermelon seeds, sticky chins...
a cottage, memories,
and now we make our own,
hand in hand as love
once again sits on the porch,
counting stars and drinking lemonade,
you and me and a cottage
at the end of a path...
Good night beautiful
Chris Jun 2015

Across my universe
A new star appears
everytime I think of you

A new planet is discovered
orbiting around us
each time you tell me you love me

along with flowers and trees
birds and butterflies
sunny days and rain storms

each stone, every stream flowing
on a beautiful Sunday morning
when the sun rises and I see your smile

Every midnight thought,
sleep revealed dream,
sunset that I write about

I just listened to the Beatles singing
"Nothings going to change my world"
And I finally understand...Across the universe

You are my world, my universe,
everything that matters to me
and nothing is going to change my world

I write so many poems about my love for you
hoping you see them, read them,
and understand how I feel

and this is another, though it rambles...
not cohesive,  doesn't rhyme,  no flow or cadence
It is just me just trying to say once again

that I love you, you are my universe,
my world, my everything and
nothing is going to change that...ever
I am sorry for this collection of thoughts. I am so in love that often my thoughts just overwhelm me and I have to say how I feel. I continue to search every day for the perfect words, poetic or otherwise to tell her how I feel.
Chris Aug 2015

You are the sum of my heart,
*I need add nothing more
Chris Apr 2015

A fog this night has settled in
Among the chiseled stones
With dates now carved of ending years
and places so alone

Shadows weave in dense display
Each noise our skin it crawls
The squeaking of the rusty gate
Like footsteps in the halls

Shaded in its own dark beauty
Garden glows 'neath half hidden moon
A rose's thorns prickle the night
Trembling winds carry somber tune

Voices loom behind the walls
Whispers of secrets rushed
Cries of anguish simmering ready
Betrayals are quickly hushed

And still we walk with eyes so wide
Shivering our hands we hold
Bound by fear this wicked night
Lost among the gravesites cold

It's my fault this nightmare eve
A shortcut sought, a new way home
And now we wander, careful steps
Deeper than the eerie roam

Finger nails against blackboard scrape
The whistle of a boiling kettle
Sounds that make me shiver and cringe
Maddening and unsettled

I imagine a band of ghostly beasts
Play upon our organs this night
Stealing our hearts, tortured minds
Now I'm clinging to you in fright

Hold me tight I’ll find an exit
Somewhere down this crooked path
Lined of shrubs with broken branches
Beating hearts the aftermath

Not much further, there’s a clearing
Just a few more steps to go
I’ll let nothing come and harm you
Because I do love you so
A collaboration with my amazing and beautiful girlfriend. Her verses are in italics
Chris Jun 2015

This is my spot, just outside these green coffee house doors,
my piece of sidewalk, my place in this world
A small square of concrete where I try to bring smiles
to those in a hurry, hustling past, chasing their lives

Opening the case, I bring out my constant companion
I love her feel, smooth and perfect, she fits so nicely in my hands
Her neck like soft butter against my calloused fingers
A black Takemine cutaway, my favorite guitar, my best friend

There was a time when I would make eye contact,
cast a smile and a thank you at those who would stop and listen
But times have changed, people aren’t as friendly, smiles aren’t
what they used to be and the frowns just bring me down

Now from beneath my hat all I see are legs and shoes, it amazes me
all the different shoes, what they say about a person. Shiny shoes,
maybe a quarter, nice high heels a dollar or two, sneakers,
worn and tattered, my best customers, a five may fall when they pass

It’s not much, but it is a living at least for me and it’s not really a job
I don’t have to be here, I want to…playing music for strangers, for me
It’s kind of like writing poetry, only you listen instead of reading
and the coins and bills finding my case…comments, but better

I start today the same as every other day, with our song,
the one we sang together in school, the song we related too…funny
She was my heart, the one that got away…so what, I never got over her
It’s my deal not yours…I press the strings, fingers preparing to play

She was the love of my life, we were meant to be, at least I thought so
but after school we went in different directions, it happens I guess,
that was so many years back…I lost track of her long ago,
but my mind never did and I suppose my heart didn’t either…I play

A few coins trickle in…shiny shoes, wingtips…feeling sorry money,
but that’s okay with me, it’s food or few beers eventually
Then a ten spot hits the felt, gorgeous high heels, those with a red sole
I know my smile is growing as I arrive at the chorus

“And you fly away today, and you fly away tomorrow”    
When I hear a melodic voice singing along with me, it is the high heels,
the harmony is perfect and beautiful and…sounds so **** familiar…
I lift my head up to see…it is her, after all of these is her
I saw a program about a street inspired this.
Chris Jun 2015

She takes my day
  and turns it to night
So that I may dream
  of loving her
       *again tomorrow
Good night beautiful
Chris Jun 2015

Leaves on the trees
rustle in the breeze,
the crickets sing
out of tune

Drowsy tulips
bow their heads,
saying good night
to you

Twilight skies
bid goodbyes
on this eve of a
nightfall dream

As now I send
my love to you
glowing bright on a
*soft moonbeam
I asked my love to help me with the
good night poem I would write tonight
She sent me these first two verses.
Chris Jun 2015

The morning sun
     in your hair,
  a new blue dress,
geraniums blooming
  on a terra cotta veranda,
    a sparkling mimosa
  in your hand,
   pelicans float silently
  above melodic
     aqua marine waves...
Yet, all I see is your
  eternal deep brown eyes,
    for perfect beauty
  is what I seek
*on this morning
Good morning beautiful
Chris Apr 2015

Enchanting the season
offered for free
Walking along
just you and me

Sonnets of springtime
afloat on the breeze
Harmonic ripples
to tickle the trees

Hummingbird wishes
of garden delight
Rose petal flutters
neath skies ever bright

Irises blooming,
lavender too
Sunrise concertos,
wondrous the view

Surrounded by beauty,
these days we spend
Falling in love
*all over again
Chris Apr 2015

Strings so tuned in harmony
The music that we hear
Sweet within our open hearts
Symphonic and so clear

Instrumental melodies
Dreams that we shall play
A lullaby of perfect love
*Composed of us this day
A little night music to help you sleep
Chris Oct 2015

*If teardrops are your jewelry
A frown drawn on your face
And sadness seems a way of life
With dark outlines to trace

When clouded days of sorrowed gray
Now cover up your sky
And questions fill your weary mind
Always asking why

Just know that as the walls cave in
Distorting every view
No matter how alone you feel
I'm always here for you
Chris Nov 2015

*A blushing sunset
tempts my heart
with alluring visions

Illuminating my dreams
on graceful waves
of pastel painted waters

Tiny seashells offering
mother of pearl wishes
entice my smile

As glistening sands
reflect a violet sky of
silent shimmers in my eyes

And still my thoughts
always return to the
beauty I find in you
Chris May 2015

The forest is lush
in its offer of silence
Solitude dwelling
this path that we stroll

Crepe Myrtle borders
of pink satin petals
Trickling quiet
amidst evening’s lull

Lightening bugs linger,
a soft glow emitting
Shining the way
beneath branches above

All we can hear is
the sound of our heartbeats
Tranquil the rhythm,
*whispering love
Good night Beautiful
Chris Apr 2015

The distance beads on sunflower petals reaching
as bright yellow vistas bring happiness to open spaces
and blue skies welcome multicolored balloons
released by children on a day in the park

Miles stare me in the face with silence
when another Sunday seems like the longest day
and I wonder where your thoughts might be
while friends vie for attention with fancy words

I long for the sunset's introduction of night,
a spring moon crossing my universe
and stars to count and recount as minutes
bring tomorrow and my hopes it will include you

This is just another afternoon I wish I were there
In your arms, a new smile, a new city, a new world
Learning to love all over again and I would be
if only I had started my journey long ago

For now hummingbirds dance on cool April breezes
and azaleas concentrate on the task of blooming
As a park bench beckons at the far end of the walk
for me to sit and dream of the what ifs on my list

I look around at nature's gifts and know,
if love is springtime then you are my springtime
and breathing in the warm beautiful day
I I the springtime in your heart too?
Chris Jun 2015

In a lemon zest field
of goldenrod and lavender,
where butterflies frolic
in calm breezes
on a warm springtime afternoon
and shade trees cool the day
with outstretched arms of nature,

an aphonic cloud approaches,
menacing in proportions,
clinging to a frightened sky
Swirling leaves and mingled debris
like shrapnel of days long gone

Beneath life ceases to exist
as frayed discolored blooms
litter the now vacant wasteland
and roots exposed on a parched
desolate earth burn
in umber tinted weepings,
coughing of dust bowl deliveries,
while cataclysmic calamities
bring forth the wrath
of the end

And as the cloud finally passes,
dissipating in a mist of forgotten fears
making its way to a darker universe
now waiting on
the other side of hope,

sunlight returns from pale blue skies
slowly breathing, exhaling the past,
inhaling the future…    
a lone butterfly appears
fluttering amidst tiny green sprouts
peeking through a new born soil
*and so it begins…again
Chris Oct 2015

*How was that poem
you read in the meadow
There as the sun shone
so warm on your skin

About a man and
a beautiful princess
And how her heart
he was trying to win

Slaying a dragon with
fire breath breathing
Saving her life with
a sword and with style

Bringing her jewels and
a rose from the garden
Whatever it took so
he could see her smile

She took his hand and
then thanked him so sweetly
Said that she needed not
flowers and stones

All she desired was a
man who would love her
Stand by her side,
never leave her alone

I am that man, said this
commoner kneeling
I will be faithful each
day of your life

Beautiful princess, you'd
make me so happy
If you would say yes
to being my wife

Needless to say there was
joy in the kingdom
Love was in bloom
as their life did begin

But did you know in this
poem you're reading
You were the princess
and well, I was him

And they lived happily ever. . . . . .
Chris Oct 2015

The princess sat along a stream,
crying in the sun
Closed her eyes and dreamt a dream,
about the perfect one

For love had never come her way,
she longed for it so much
The tender words that he might say,
a gentle caring touch

When then a frog hopped into view,
a slimy little guy
He smiled and said, “How do you do?”
A twinkle in his eye

She frowned for she was feeling bad,
not real sure what to say
Then whispered, “I am kind of sad,
but how are you today?”

He croaked an answer quietly
“I’m sad like you, as well
A handsome prince I used to be
before that witch’s spell”

“But fear not, for it could be worse
It’s not so bad like this
The only way to break the curse
is with a princess’ kiss”

She rolled her eyes at what he said
“You must think I am daft”
Then saw the crown upon his head
and stopped before she laughed

Perhaps what he had said was true
and this could be her chance
To end this feeling, oh so blue
with a new found romance

He looked at her, tears in his eyes
Then said in sorrowed voice
“Don’t worry, I’ll just eat some flies,
it’s totally your choice”

Oh what the hell, she thought a while
this chance I shall not miss
And then he saw her gorgeous smile
as she gave him a kiss

A puff of smoke, the brightest glare,
then something did explode
And though she once was seated there,
now sat a princess toad

He never could imagine this,
his wish had just come true
When she gave him another kiss,
she felt the same way too

They fell in love, a perfect dream,
as joy now filled their eyes
And spent their days along that stream,
together catching flies

And they lived hoppily ever…

Oh wait, is that a tadpole I see?  
I guess they lived VERY hoppily ever after   :)
Ok, you can roll your eyes now too.  :)
Chris Jul 2015

A clearing they did enter slow,
though haste was of the days found deed
Beyond the waters chanting flow
of driftwood doors and ancient ****

There stood a man in beard of white,
not startled as they entered sure
His staff possessed a jeweled light,
a robe of crimson fabric bore

Through misted haze of chanted sway
they spoke for it was their command
He turned to stare with eyes of gray
and silence them with lifted hand

“You words are known before you speak
of beauty taken to the gate
A potion, magic, which you seek
to wish on hope and not too late”

Upon the floor a contoured ring
in seashell essence powered stain
A cauldron empty smokless sting
it burned their eyes, their skin the same

“Fear not for this shall be the path,
now step within this circled mark”
As they obeyed, with wave of staff
and suddenly their world was dark

With woven lines of vibrant glare,
a feeling ‘pon their chests fell tight
Now breathless as their thoughts did share
when sure of foot they stood in light

As focus came their worried eyes,
their castle stood as if a dream
The shaman spoke, past sorrowed cries
*“Now take me promptly to your queen”
I don't know why I am posting this, but what the hell.
Chris Jul 2015

Their faces bounded, fear and strife
For none did want to feign the truth
His precious queen of stolen life
Now taken, lost among the proof

The king he watched through shuttered eye
Seen worries drown of tears long traced
His heart now falling, stoic sigh
Thoughts of all else now erased

With flickered glow, the candle drips
For in does walk the cherished knight
Draining strength to come to grips
As well his tears he longs to fight

He bows his head in slanted flow
Then lifts his eyes to meet the king  
“I’ve saddened news you need to know,
I fear that forth is dark to bring”

“Tell me Knight, what sends this pain,
draped upon expressions worn?”
The blood still trickles, crimson stain
Above the royal crest so worn

“It is the queen, your majesty
the news, your death, an empty throne
in poison fueled insanity
she feared the worse in what she’d known”

The king, now tears did flow his cheek
Trembling lips and shaking hands
A clench of sleeve, still very weak
“Find the shaman,” he commands

“His magic, shall be ending’s cure
with haste now go, as time now past
through forest lone enchanted shore
*and pray a spell he fills to cast.”
Part 4

Part 1: An empty throne
Part 2: An empty kingdom
Part 3: An empty realm
Chris Jul 2015

The news did spread, a kingdom’s will
For sorrow placed its shadowed hand
‘Pon castle steps the crowd did fill
As heart break took a firm command

The skies, a darkened clouded stain
As children wept in mother’s fold
Now lost amidst a dismal rain
This hour, sadness frigid cold

How could it be, their precious queen
Had fallen to a woeful stead
A tethered seed, nightmarish deem
Her majesty this day is dead

The knight, of shining armor might
Her lifeless body cradled deep
Staring straight to heaven’s light
Then bowed his head, began to weep

He raised her body ever strong  
Carried her through chambered door
An empty hallway wide as long
Depleted by this mournful chore

The villagers of forlorn feel
Gathered in the dampened street
The plight of loss in full reveal
Disconsolate of death’s defeat

When then upon horizon’s glare
A silhouette of staggered steed
Towards the kingdom's stricken stare
In slow methodic steps proceed

This figure slumped of saddle ride
And weary strains of wistful yearns
Through gates of iron, wandered stride
*A shout rings out, “Our king returns”
This is a sequel to my poem, "An empty throne"
Chris Jul 2015

The startled crowd his side did rush
As slow upon the ground he fell
Seeping blood, a worried hush
“Your Majesty” a voice did yell

Shoving bodies, pushing through
A sentry wrought of silver chain
“Find the healer” his command
Echoed of this loud exclaim

He helped the king to stand his feet
An arm in offered steady sure
A glance about, he’d not repeat
Uncertain moments to endure

Towards the castle, cobbled pace
Another came, assistance felt
And then appeared the healer’s face
Before his king, he fell and knelt

A weaker state with eyes now glass
Consciousness began to seep
“Bring him to the castle quick,
the wound received near fatal deep”

Once within the lighted glare
Upon a bed of feathered fill
The king was laid, comforted care  
With prayers of strength and endless will

Breath now weak, pulsing slow
The healer plied his knowledge true
Pressure to the wounded flow
Hoping best for what to do

When then of listless tethered word
Through thoughts of love and soft confide
The king he spoke, these words were heard
*"Summons my queen to here my side"
Part 3.  You should realy read part 1 and part 2 for this to make any sense.

Part one: "An empty throne"
Part two: "An empty kingdom"
Chris Jul 2015

The king now nary cast a breath
in weakened state and fallen frown
Within his mind a door to death
an empty stairway heading down

The healer sent a worried look,
a nervous sweat upon his brow
No words so clear his opened book
“Great Shaman, please do something now”

The sorcerer seemed un-amused,
a glance upon the poison’s urn
and sensed that something had infused
Yon windows, orange glow did burn

The sun had fallen in the west,
barely but a light did shine
Running out, this challenged quest,
clinging tight to borrowed time

The shaman, to his nose, inhale
then raised his hand, now all was clear
His potion short, yet not to fail
required now a king’s sad tear  

The monarch sighed, eyes drew back,
pale his skin was white a snow
Minutes move as seconds track,
the setting sun was ever low

“We need a tear drop from his pain,
complete this antidote on trial”
The wizard spoke in dark refrain
“To place within this waiting vial”

The king, his pulse did disappear,
so limp his body now it fell
When then one glistened streaming tear,
*the token needed for this spell
Chris Jul 2015

For this of castled velvet throne
A queen does weep a single tear
Bleak shadows of this night have grown
To cast upon her heart this fear

Reflection polished marble floor
Her silhouette of humbled reach
Now shutters via nightmare’s pour
Alone of bridges fought to breach

Beyond the window valleys sleep
Soft candle flame in slumbered night
Flickering her pain felt deep
Burning through in cautioned light

An empty throne aside her heart
Its warmth now chilled of worried feel
That day her love he did depart
Read messages to long conceal

Her single kiss of cherished due
A farewell bid, pled safe return
Lost amidst this sorrowed view
And loneliness again did burn

As if the dawn had been his shield
In misty haze on moor’s harsh breath
Of forest frame it had concealed
A moment quick of arrow’s death

She takes this single tear she’s cried
Into a glass of liquid clear
This droplet of her love applied  
Her broken heart to wish him near

And brings this potion to her lips
Such bitter taste slow going down
A whispered hope in swallowed sips
To then remove her saddened crown

Upon his throne of gold now rests
She breathes one final moment pure
Her eyes now close of wishful quest
*To be with her sweet king once more
Chris Jul 2015

“My queen, we feared we’d lost you so”
The healer said in joyous speech
“When here the shaman does bestow
these wishes that we do beseech”

“What have you done, how can this be,
my broken heart can not withstand
You silly fools, why can’t you see,
this was my choice by my own hand”

“Your majesty, we know so true
these actions, orders from the king
He returned home in search of you
not knowing what the news would bring”

A frightened glance, her shoulder pure
“My love,” she rushes to his bed
Now weeping every saddened pour
to find her king now lying dead

“He gave his life so live you would
with every ounce of strength he owned
For from his heart he summoned good
his wish, his queen to stay her throne”

“Oh Knight in armor, promised main,
why did you not protect our king
So I may sit upon my throne
and worry not of anything”

“Be gone, I need you here no more”
She wept, her face a glistened streak
then kissed this man she did adore,
when one lone teardrop fell his cheek

It shimmered bright in colours grand
like prisms floating on the sky
She reached and took his weathered hand
then saw a flutter in his eye

A warmth did flow his fingertips,
his eyes then opened with a gleam
He pulled her close and kissed her lips
“I love you so my precious queen”

Her breath escaped from deepened fears
with heartbeat movements quivering
She cried again, though happy tears
“I love you too my wondrous king”

The kingdom sang and cheered in glee,
a celebration soon had grown
For on this day their King and Queen
once more did sit upon the throne

And they lived happily ever after...

The End?

Meanwhile, the knight of angered soul
Beneath his heated breath did say
Of all these years, a banished toll
*Those two, I swear will surely pay…..
Phew, I'm glad that's over.  :)  

Thank you to everyone who has followed this poetic journey with me. I really do appreciate every one of you all reading and leaving such nice comments for me. This was fun to write.
Chris Jul 2015

The shaman held the vial near
it trickled slow into the glass
A'shimmering this welcomed tear
as precious moments came to pass

He shook it slow with tempered stroke,
the gem, his staff, once more did glare
Again the incantation spoke,
an emerald glow was everywhere

“Return this beauty to her form
of daisy rush and willow feel
To cleanse the soul of poisoned storm
and sorrows cast as to reveal”

The sun now but an empty trace,
a fainter amber light is found
As nightfall rushes to the place
above horizon’s silent ground

Another drop, his fingertips,
then quickly her mouth he did lean
To place upon the tender lips
of this, the kingdom’s precious queen

He feared this might have come too late
as others in the room agreed
Yet not with words, but quiet wait
their silence floats on hoped for deed

This staff, its light begins to dim,
the healer breathes in heavy sighs
“I fear, I fear, we have lost him,
indeed our king this hour dies”

When then a flickered lash does flow,
another comes as if to thrive
As now her eyes they opened slow,
*once more, their queen has come alive
Chris Jul 2015

He stood before the arching glass
as if by angel’s breath was blown
Her beauty lives though she may pass
of any goddess he had known

From there within a pocket slight
retrieved a vial of liquid blue
and raised it up into the light
so glistened in enchanted view

Upon his staff the gem it shone,
an emerald green did flood the room
Now closed his eyes in shimmered tone
with words now spoken, dark of gloom

“Return this beauty to her form
of daisy rush and willow feel
To cleanse the soul of poisoned storm
and sorrows cast as to reveal”

Into the chamber came the king,
he stumbled slowly to her side  
“Dear Shaman let your magic sing,
without her love my heart has died”

The sorcerer he cast no glance,
unfazed in stoic manner seen
“She lives still in an empty trance
not hell nor heaven, in between”

“Our time is till the setting sun
for on that hour all is lost
As spirits call the precious one
a beckoning of lifeless cost”

He raised the vial, tilting so,
upon his fingers several drips
Again the gem topped staff did glow,
then place the liquid on her lips

“This can not be,” his salted ply
“She does not stir, she does not breathe
As darkness wanders towards the sky
In amber moments to perceive

He placed a hand upon her head
to summon fact with tethered scan
“Where be the flask, her poisoned bled?”
*A sentry set it in his hand
Chris Aug 2015

Where was the sun when I went chasing shadows
Hiding behind something else I did see
Lost in illusions of minds carved so narrow
Painting a darkness now following me

Whispering sorrow in words they did splatter
Saying “I’m sorry” again and again
Still standing back between walls made of plaster
Crumbling quick, hoping patches will mend

Always the same even while pleading difference
Dressed in a cloak of a smoke screen display
Smiles abound with a sneer freshly hidden
Pulled from the shelf of this worded display

Fooling the masses in moments retreading
Pieces of promises glued into place
Pointing a finger at mirrors now broken
Fragments ignored as it shows their own face

Why can’t we lead with the best of examples
Hold out our hand when we find one who cries
Where was the sun when I went chasing shadows
Shining its light on a new set of skies
Chris Jun 2015

Dancing in the flame beneath a flickered candle's light
Moving between shadows on the floor
My every thought now focused on the beauty I have seen
Standing present on a distant shore

Gentle waves do drench her skin, to shimmer soft and sweet
As walls I find about me steadfast true
With only but this window do witness every need
This vision that does flood my mind of you

Delicate the grains of sand which capture where you are
Upon the golden wings of whispered pleas
While I alas, do fight the ways that keep me ever gone
Now praying as I fall upon my knees

My angel of the waters with the breezes in your hair
Feel this love which flows upon the wind
There atop a rainbow near a lighthouse proudly stands
Beginnings that I cherish once again

Cast apart these shackles which so tightly hold me down  
Bound about my feet so I shan’t flee
Solid is the lock it seems now forged of hardened dreams
Yours is but the love which holds the key

Free me with your crescent smile as bright as any moon
Place your eyes upon this tear stained face
Take me by the hand and lead me far away from here
Hand in hand along the shore to trace

We shall leave our footprints by the lake that you call home
Rows of two now stretching far and wide
Open up your wings so I may fall into your heart
*Lock my love away so deep inside
Good night Beautiful
Chris May 2015

I put out the fire,
the last of the flame
Swept up the ashes
and called out your name

Felt the first rain drop
that splashed on the ground
Listened for echoes,
there wasn’t a sound

Looked under trees,
behind every stone
I couldn’t find you,
I was all alone

Now I was worried,
a tear I did cry
Still I kept looking,
I just had to try

Walked to the sunrise
that waited for me
Came round a corner
and then I could see

There picking flowers,
you turned with a start
I saw your smile,
it ran through my heart

“These are for you,
they’re a morning bouquet
So you will think of me
throughout the day”

And then she kissed me,
took hold of my hand
Whispered “I love you”
said I was her man

I held her close
as we breathed in the air
A beautiful morning
again we did share

We watched the sun
as it rose up above
Another day dawns
we are so much in love
Chris Apr 2015

Another rainy Saturday...
I watch as it
drips from the eaves,
a rhythmic melody humming
in glistening harmonies
puddling on the lawn,
reflecting my constant thoughts
of your brilliant sunshine smile,
beautiful shade tree eyes
and your forever
blue sky love

You sneak up behind me
and putting your arms
around me say,
"Looks like another rainy Saturday"
I turn and kiss you, then reply,
"I hadn't noticed"
You make every day beautiful to me.
Chris Apr 2015

Here I am again
I stir in my bed, waking
as my thoughts instantly
become you

How did you sleep,
how do you feel,
are you smiling
and are you thinking of me too

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes,
I stumble to the kitchen,
make myself a cup of coffee
and grab my notebook

I hear thunder in the distance,
as I sit down to write
another poem I hope you will see,
but you probably won't

Words seem lost in my empty heart,
but still I write,
as if I am talking to you,
as if you can hear me

Telling you how much I love you,
in short verses filled with my affection,
truthful phrases expressing how I feel
in my best poetic way

Yes, here I am again
another dark rainy dawn,
another poem written,
another Sunday morning...missing you
Thank you for reading
Chris Jul 2015

Jasmine climbs the arbor
Sweetly scented air
Standing ‘fore the sunrise
Moments made to share
Butterflies and dew drops
Neath magnolia skies
Gazing their reflections
Soft within your eyes
Knowing there is beauty
Wherever we may be
Any given morning
*Together you and me
Good morning beautiful
Chris Jul 2015

So you think all I can write is romantic poetry,
flowery, affection infused, soft and silky
poems that sing in sensual symphonies,
well that is not the case I can assure you
I can write poetry on many topics and themes
any time I want to…

Sure, I am in love with the most amazing
woman in the world, with hypnotic maple eyes
and a smile that could light up the
dark side of the moon, one who makes my mornings,
like this beautiful Sunday, my reason
to wake happily each day

And yes, I find beauty in everything I see,
from an enchanting honeysuckle sunrise
to a euphoric star draped twilight sky
on a warm spring evening as fireflies
linger in the cool breeze and we sit together
mesmerized by our desires…

And of course I enjoy a whispering ocean,
melodic waves of turquoise and aquamarine
gently lapping upon a satin shore
in harmony with crystal azure skies
as my love and I walk along
leaving footprint mosaics in the sand…

But that doesn’t mean all I can write
is romantic poetry…I can write about other things
anytime I want to…
and I will…pretty soon…maybe tomorrow,
well tomorrow is not a good day for me,
*maybe the next, but you’ll see….
Good morning beautiful  :)
Chris Jul 2015
Silhouettes and darkened skies
Nightfall finds a lonely heart
Wishes sent on fireflies
Thoughts on velvet heavens chart

Promises of wind born flow
Shadows dance a slumbered song
Here beneath a full moon glow
Dreaming as the night is long

Parting fields, desire’s cry
Calling out in echoed whim
Imagination, child’s eye
Pleading you were here again

Reaching out for what I miss
Far beyond this empty stare
Seeking tenderly your kiss
Moments in the night to share

The hour late, a silence falls
My eyes now gaze a northern star
Appearing as it softly calls
So very close, so very far

Yet in this vision I can see
Illumined on the sky so bright
That you do send your love to me
*A perfect feeling on this night
Good night Beautiful
Chris Apr 2015

I have noticed her for weeks now,
this same coffee shop,
the same table, the same time each day

I am taken by her beauty, the way she smiles
and sips her coffee, Irish cream I believe,
reading her ipad intently, enjoying herself it seems

I have found myself daydreaming about her,
her wonderful brown hair, not really knowing what
has come over me, there is just something about her

I have wanted to approach her, but I’m not sure how
So I decided today I would write a poem on one of these napkins
and leave it on the table before she walks in, hoping she finds it

This is what I wrote:

For the girl with chocolate brown hair

Far of lonely breaths I breathe
Upon yon smile enchanting so
O’er these moments to believe
Gazing soft enchanting aglow

Of this chance I long to feel
Soft the touch of feathered lips
For my love can not conceal
Lo' the brush of fingertips

Take these words which I have penned
‘pon this paper meant for you
Keep them close as they do send
My poetic feelings true

It’s almost time, here she comes…
My god she is beautiful, I can feel my heart racing,
it is about to beat out of my chest, I’m shaking

She sits down and takes a sip of coffee, turns on her ipad…
come on…it’s right there, in front, wait, she sees it, she sees the poem
She is reading it and that gorgeous smile appears again

Scanning the shop, she notices me watching, smiling at her
Nodding at me she folds the napkin and places it in her purse
then motions for me to join her, my nerves are going crazy

‘Hi, did you write this poem for me?” she asks. “I did,” I answer
“I love it, it is so beautiful.” Then she removes a napkin from her purse
and hands it to me saying, “I wrote this for you.” I unfold it...

She has handed me the most beautiful poem I have ever seen
and then whispers, “I have noticed you for weeks, the same table,
the same time…I just didn’t know how to approach you, so I…”
Yep, another daydream.  :)
Chris May 2015

Its dark outside
the roads are wet
Within my thoughts
I can’t forget
The love that shines
upon my heart
As this new day
hastens to start

A skyline wakes
of street light glare
In silence that
the dawn does share
For soon the sunrise
I shall see
When your sweet love
*appears to me
Good morning
Chris Aug 2015

There she was chasing a rabbit
with 1 am coffeecakes and weak tea
She didn’t notice I was watching
from the branches of an olive tree
A lone smile hidden amongst
swirling smoke rings in a foreign accent

To the gazebo she ran
with its straw grass tables
and pleated cushions in hibiscus
print fabric no one would sit on

My eyes followed her as she
darted around manicured boxwoods
and cherub statues spitting water
onto sleeping lily pads

She came upon a dandelion
and asked politely, “Pardon me,
but have you seen a…”
The **** interrupted,
“Didn’t, don’t do drama dreams
dancing deliriously down
donut distracted ditches”
“That’s dumb” she replied
with a giggle and a snort  

This must be her fun, I think,
trying to catch a white ball of fur,
big, then small,
then smaller still like a
thimble seeking a thread,
when now she is stopped
in her ziggy zagging tracks
by a June bug singing,

“I see, I see, in front of me
Dessert, dessert, set out for free
A chocolate pie, a chocolate pie
in menus written on the sky”

Perplexed she climbed upon its back,
red leather shoulder pads
with black dots changing shapes,
ducking winged arches that
covered the vestibule they
soared through when a sharp turn
pitched her to the opposite side…

Landing with a thud,
her new dress now soiled
between the wrinkles in time
that had ticked away
on a clock faced sun named Ray

She cried carrot tears,
orange sherbet streams
on peach tone cheeks,
marmalade miseries
and mango miscues
piddling on her patent leather shoes,
ready to give up

When it appeared hopping happily,
jumping into her lap
and licking her face
She caressed its fur, removing
sticker burs and scratching
just the right spot, as its right rear leg
thumped with joy

Then lifting the bundled bunny
to her face, she kissed it tenderly
with wild cherry gloss lips,
or should I say…kissed me
for you see, all along, it was me

*And you thought I was nothing more than a pretty smile…..
Just letting my mind wander...I know, that's a scary thing.  :)
Actually saw bits and pieces of Alice in Wonderland last night with Depp and the **** snippets wouldn't leave me alone.
Chris Apr 2015

This sunny day
Oh weary be
A welcome nap
Doth come to thee
Of spider webs
And blossom’s bloom
To rest this April
Chris May 2015

A rainy morning greets me
as lurking dark clouds weep
over an already saturated dawn

Puddles form in abstract patterns
as thirsty sunflowers bend and
drowsy shadows run for cover

Dreary droplets drench, gathering
cold upon my shoulders, still
unable to dampen my spirits

For sunny skies glow within my heart
and nothing shall keep me from
*another new day with you
Good Morning Beautiful
Chris Jun 2015

Arise my morning glory
the coffees on to brew
A brand new day is waiting
to welcome me and you

I know that you are sleeping
so soundly in our bed
A wondrous sun is shining
so wake up sleepy head

I made some eggs and bacon
and toast with berry jam
Come push aside those covers
and take me by the hand

For not a cloud is showing
just perfect skies of blue
Arise my morning glory
I’m so in love with you
Good morning Beautiful
Chris May 2015

Why is it more words rhyme with hate than love?
Ok, a rhyming romantic poet’s quandary
Chris May 2015

Cryptic syllables
create a thought stream
running dry along
pebbles and broken glass
from the mountain tops
echoing questions
               cascading downhill
following the path
set out by scattering
seeds of doubt
from an empty back pocket
wanting something more
than the aftermath of lint’s
                            fuzzy ideas
and ripped cotton sheets
hang upon a line of rope,
taut from tree to tree
stringing out the hopes
of a simple poet
seeking a shady spot

             to disappear “           “
Chris Oct 2016
Now in the shade
A lonely figure
Of interlaced thoughts
Draws a shape
In the soft earth
Because the bark
Has since overgrown
The one he carved above
In a previous life
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