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1.4k · Jan 2015
An Unwell Snowman
cheryl love Jan 2015
The snowman was feeling very low
His thought processes were rather slow.
He took a cough
His head blew off
and landed upside down in the snow!
cheryl love Oct 2013
“Do not grab me”
“She has done it again,
You have got to agree
She is a pain.”
The little pink toothbrush
Moaning about the way it’s treated
In the mad morning rush
Till the cleaning session’s completed.
“Pick me up gently, that is it
Now squeeze the paste”
“Too much, too much, just a bit
Oh my life, what a waste.”
The little pink toothbrush is a fed up
He wants to be looked after lovingly
From when he comes out of his cup
Which is fair comment to some degree.
“In the mouth we go,
Always the same molar
Now woman brush to and fro
No, no, wrong, I’m trying to control you.
“Up and down, not like a yard brush
Gently, we have to do it gently
It is not some major rush
Do it differently.
Do human beings know?
Do they actually care?
Is their brain like pastry dough?
Is it even there?
If I have thought it once,
I’ve thought it a million times a day
She must be a dunce
And that is all I can say.
Rinse woman , rinse me
Under the sparkling spray
Oh no don’t dip me in your cup of tea
I’ll be yellow and smelly all day.”
Does she not know I have needs
Not know how to treat me nice
It is like she succeeds
I have to think everything twice.
“And don’t throw me
Put me gently back in my place
And I’m covered in tea
Pity it’s not on your face.”
Look soap, look everyone what she does
Treats me like a scrubbing brush
And she does it because
She is always in a rush!”
1.4k · Nov 2015
A Single Poppy
cheryl love Nov 2015
Here lies the grave
Of an unknown hero
Fighting for his country
he lies cold and tired.
A single shot fired
straight to his heart
Blasting him through time
into an unknown place
a frustrating place of nothing
A place where poppies grow
and a field of dreams.
Unwoken dreams,
never ending, but for a poppy.
1.4k · Apr 2014
Cockles and Winkles
cheryl love Apr 2014
Cockles and winkles
cheese and pickles
washed down with lovely
sweet rosy lea.
Mushy peas
with mint sauce.
Yorkshire puddings with
Worcester sauce.
Clotted cream and lavender jam
The orangy bread bits on the ham
Oh to be in England
That is the life for me.
1.4k · Mar 2015
A Chocolate Teapot
cheryl love Mar 2015
What good is there in a chocolate teapot
It will not hold any of your Rosy Lea
Obviously not but I could eat it
Which is good enough for me!
cheryl love Jul 2015
What a beautiful soul this fairy has
She's as pretty as the flower itself.
She has a sense of humour second to none
And definitely will not belong on any shelf.
1.4k · Jun 2013
Raspberry Skies
cheryl love Jun 2013
The huge orange flame sat down
Sat down on the edge of the horizon
Waving its raspberry arms in the sky
The orange and red flames of the sun.
Waving goodbye just for a while
Whilst it visits our friends down below
Cool nights turn blue the very second
The sun decides it is time to go.
But we are left with raspberry skies
Smeared with lemons and stars
Is there a more beautiful sky
If we were to live on Mars.
No our plant and its beautiful sky
Preserve it and keep it nice.
Keep our environment clean
Before everything turns to ice.
1.4k · Oct 2013
Colours In My Mind
cheryl love Oct 2013
Colours are never in short supply
Nature’s wonder and is absolutely free.
From a show stopping azure and apricot sky
To a burgundy and emerald sea.
A walk in the woods on a crisp Autumn day
The bluebells in a mauve and lavender wood.
Rich red colours of a raspberry sorbet
Making our mouth water the way it should.
Lemons and tangerines dripping in a Spanish field
Blue Sapphires, topaz and amber in the sunlight
Tropical fish;  their iridescence revealed
Once trapped in the opaque frothy white.
Colours are awash in my mind
Flooding my head
Bringing life like a sharp citrus rind
Making me blush like a pink rose bed.
cheryl love Jul 2015
We all live in a world
Where fairy tales could come true.
Rivers that flow like caramel
Watercolour skies painted blue.
Strawberries hang from peacocks tails
Sea green, berries and ducks in teams
Sailing with cigars in their beaks
on crispy clouds and coconut dreams.
cheryl love Aug 2014

Hot chestnuts warming in their skin
Wild cherries for the brandy and sloes for the gin

Bramley apples and blackberries stewing together
Halls decked with bouquets of dried heather.

Deep dark red petals from the English rose
Pineapple mint food where the rosemary grows.

Oranges and lemons added for extra taste
Walnuts for the cake and almonds for the paste.

October’s pumpkins glowing bright
Apples dripping with toffee for bonfire night.

But waiting for the polished conkers to fall
Makes autumn the best season of them all.
1.3k · May 2017
Whispers From The Moon
cheryl love May 2017
Strolling along the footpaths in my mind
Kicking away unwanted leaves
Never knowing what I might find
or indeed what my journey achieves.

I know hopes and dreams are buried somewhere
in a file I clearly wanted to relive
Most of my dreams are on a wing and a prayer
and some of my hopes are wanting to forgive.

I come across memories from a short while ago
I sit on the bank and on my face there is a smile
Across the stream shines a golden glow
I plan to sit and dream just for a while.

I feel a chill and there is a twinkle from a distant star
I have lost track of time; dusk has arrived too soon
Visions of my youth has nudged me from afar
and I hear gentle whispers from the silvery moon.
1.3k · Sep 2014
A Sandcastle Or Three
cheryl love Sep 2014
The turn of the tide
the swell of the sea
the fizz of the foam
we're at the seaside yipee.

The brown fried onions
for the hamburger with red sauce
to steady one's nerves
on the crazy golf course.

The ride on the donkey
wearing a hat that says "kiss me quick"
Now the teeth are stuck together
it's the toffee apple on the stick.

Go on then just push one more penny
To see it topple the rest down and more
They say just one more will do it!
They say there are pennies galore.

Endless cups of English tea on a cold beach
A gale blowing behind the leaning wind break
But not one little moan do we hear
because it's a holiday for goodess sake.

Grandad has his knotted handkerchief
protecting his red, bald, shiny head.
Grandma is yawning in her creaking deckchair
ready for her nicely made bed.

The turn of the tide
and the swell of the sea.
Digging cold sand with a bucket and *****
to make a sandcastle or three.
1.3k · Oct 2014
Jack O' Lantern
cheryl love Oct 2014
Inside a damp turnip or pumpkin
carved with a smile on its face.
To scare the living daylights
and vanish without trace.
Glowing embers sparking madness
Toss a coin in its place.
Jack of the lantern to keep spirits away
carved with a smile on its face.
Happy Halloween to you all.
1.3k · Jun 2014
cheryl love Jun 2014
Remind me that
one day
I will visit the planet
Where sleepy people
parade in duvets
instead of clothes.
Good morning
to them means nothing.
Sleepy people come from Zog.
Is it where rude animals live?
That make a mess with
food in their dish
oh sorry they eat
off the floor.
Spend their time
distributing hairs to
every corner of a room,
Then they go in the
shoe cupboard and
choose the nicest shoe
and goes to the toilet on
the sole of it.  Nice.
A dog comes from Zog.
their one purpose in life
to spread eagle on your car window
with a shcoked look.
Or drape themselves to the grill
on the front of your car.
They come from Zog.
The postman that looks
at the address on the envelope
looks at the number on the
front door.
Do they match?
No they do not.
It is next door's mail.
But hey ** just for the thrill of it
it goes in the letterbox.
That postman comes from Zog.
The teaspoon from the cutlery drawer
having its daily laugh.
Refusing to comform
wont go with the rest, oh no
It stays in the washing up water
and tries to abscond down the plughole.
Teaspoons are from Zog.
Here endeth my rant.
1.3k · Oct 2013
Strolling Beside A Stream
cheryl love Oct 2013
Strolling beside a stream
On a crisp Autumn day
The water frothing like cream
Getting drenched from the spray.
I see a Kingfisher further ahead
Perched on an old Oak twig
Its breast a bright brick red
To offset his very blue wig.
The blackbirds sing to me
A sweet tune they know
They are high in the tree
The Kingfisher thinks it’s time to go.
The leaves crunch underfoot
Delicate veins being crushed.
Like Mother Nature’s put
Down stuff to be brushed.
But the wind blows them to a pile
Neatly arranged by the bank
In colours in single file
Like soldiers in their rank.
The stream flows with vigour
Taking no prisoners, no stone turned
The force,  compelling rigour
Another penny earned.
cheryl love Aug 2013
Colours To Enjoy Till I’m Old
It is enough to make one’s heart sink
Wandering around amongst the blue
Greens, lavender and pink
Rose trellises to wander through.
Lilacs, forget-me-nots,
However could I?
Poppies with spots
As red as a cherry pie.
Daisies as yellows as brass
Sweet petals intoxicating my nose
Sweet perfume of freshly cut grass
And the delicate smell of a summer rose.
Heavenly, I am in heaven
Different aromas every second
Even the perfect petals run even
Nature’s wonder has beckoned.
Along my path where butterflies meet
Warming their wings against the wall
Absorbing the midday heat
Nothing worrying them at all.
Bees gather pollen eager to work
Their tiny legs carrying a heavy load
Packing in the pollen like a busy clerk
Storing each bit by colour code.
The ***** and the Violet
Well doesn’t everyone love them?
The tiny red Robin, the sky’s mad pilot
Christmas’s little scarlet gem.
The ivy and the holly
But where are they?
Berries as golden as the tea on the trolley
And as shiny fit for the Christmas bouquet.
They are waiting, in the wings
Ready for their time of the year
When everything dies, up it springs
Nothing to dread, nothing to fear.
Snow, bring it on, let the ice cover the ground.
Rich berries for the bird’s release
Their goodness, plenty to be found.
Nuts for the squirrels, food for the season.
Colours of Autumn, yellows and gold
Giving me every good reason
To enjoy life till I am old.
1.3k · Feb 2015
The Call Of The Cuckoo
cheryl love Feb 2015
Up through the golden bracken
a stem of bright green can be seen
Soon a serenade of trumpets
with bells of blue crashing in-between.

White bells, pink bells
Deep yellow trumpet flowers to top it all
I cannot wait till the spring arrives
and to hear the Cuckoo's call.

So I await with patience
for the Cuckoo and his merry band
for the daffodils and the bluebells
Life could not be more grand.
1.3k · Aug 2015
The Cost Of Living
cheryl love Aug 2015
Cost of food
price of fuel
Very soon it will be Oliver Twist
and living on gruel
The cost of living
is a bit sky high
the result is fits of giggles
if I didn't, I'm afraid I'd cry!
1.3k · Jul 2013
cheryl love Jul 2013
Yes, I have them
Aren't they tears that run
run slowly down my cheeks
When you tell me its not fun
to watch me suffer.

Yes I have them
Aren't they the lines on my brow
wrinkling and creasing
worrying my now
now that I suffer.

We all have feelings dont we?
1.2k · Apr 2014
Pansy People
cheryl love Apr 2014
Eyes left
eyes right.
Stand to attention
On guard.
The ***** people
the purple parade.
The orange peelers
Ruby reds
the show stealers.
Jack in the box
complete with pale
green zip up socks
whiskers for lace
covered fur
Attention to you sir
***** people
violet markers
for my plot of land.
1.2k · Apr 2014
Love Can Be Cruel
cheryl love Apr 2014
He does love me
I hope that he does
Or does he even care?
He is never here
Never there
Love can cruel
He shouts when I'm ill
Which is most of the time
Will it be until
The day I die?
Love can be cruel
He is always sorry afterwards
Sorry is such a petty excuse
Take another pill
I say I am fine
Love can be cruel
Is he bullying me
For his own self satisfaction
If he is then that is wrong
Love can be cruel
They say one has to be cruel
to be kind
Who on earth thought that one up
Love can be cruel
I know they love me
In a strange sort of way
I cant help being ill
They know that
So where is the love
cheryl love Sep 2014
Good morning Monday
Good Morning to you
but it's Tuesday.
1.2k · Apr 2014
I Love You With All My Heart
cheryl love Apr 2014
It is every little thing that you do
For me,
We could never ever be apart.
Darling I just want to tell you
I love you, with all my heart.
1.2k · Aug 2013
Zippy The Nervous Wreck
cheryl love Aug 2013
Such is the way of the world
When one has to dodge a white light
It is not his only excuse for being nervous
But Zippy the Zebra has stage fright.

Yes, Zippy’s knees knock together
Playing a rather strange beat
Or is it his heart thumping
When the audience and himself meet.

He goes red in his worried little face
And his hooves are a little damp.
It wasn’t like that at his audition or
When he played along at boot camp.

But through thick and thin he showed up
Sitting cross legged in the line up.
The only thing that rattled then was
The spoon left in his tea cup.

But Zippy’s nerves were in tatters
He was an absolute wreck.
He could not be bothered anymore
And walked off set what the heck!
cheryl love Jul 2013
I wish I were a fairy
My hair would be dyed blond
and I bet you have guessed
I'd have a magic wand.

I would wave it about like mad
Sprinkling fresh moon beams and stars
There would be no illness, no poverty
and I could live on Mars!
1.2k · Mar 2014
The Fair
cheryl love Mar 2014
I used to stand, dreaming
I could win that brown bear
Only takes three darts, top scores
To win, at the local fair.
Or a fish, I would have liked that
An orange thing in a plastic bag
Or hook-a-duck, a chance to win
Perhaps a new toy or wave a flag.
The smell of onions frying all day
Hot crispy potato skins enticing
The unmistakable aroma of doughnuts
With different kinds of icing.
The thrill and fear of the ghost train
With dangly things in your face
Screams, sighs, a creepy hand touching
I loved that very creepy place.
The helter skelter, skimming on a mat
Winding to the bottom with a smile
Then queuing for ages once again
Strangers in a single file.
The fair, money for this and that
Oh I wanted that teddy bear.
Eventually I got him, my new friend
Sitting there with his short brown hair.
A reminder of days when fun was fun
Screeches, screams and music very loud
They’d play the number one in the charts
To a very approving fun loving crowd.
So with my short lived fish in a bag
My bear and tummy full of candy floss
My pockets with no money just tissues
Smeared with onions and tomato sauce.
I’d head back home, looking over my shoulder
The lights, the atmosphere nothing can compare
Dodgems, rides that made you feel sick
But that’s ok at the local funfair.
1.2k · Mar 2014
Loving You
cheryl love Mar 2014
Each time
you walk through the door
my heart pumps louder
because excitement
rushes through me like
a storm in a stream.
Each time
I wake up next to you
my body is alive
because happiness takes over
like an amazing dream.
Loving you is exciting,
amazing, thrilling
and it will never end.
cheryl love Oct 2015
The mixture,
looking as good as it tastes
dappled with currants
matured by the lakes.
Splashed with cherries
as ripe as they should be
Baked with love in my heart
backed up by a cup of tea.
Cradled not curdled with eggs
with a touch of Jamaican ***
Drenched in the juice from an orange
and dried pineapple, loved by some
not by others. But it is not for them
it is for you Sally.  The finest cake
in the land, baked lovingly by me.
For your forthcoming special day.
cheryl love Aug 2013
Poppies, bobbing above the green
Waving heads back and forth
Dark clouds inbetween
Driving rain from the north.

Vanilla fields, soft an fragrant
Seeds sprinkle in the air
Dished out by a vagrant
He’s wooden so he wont care.

Wild strawberries, seeds on show
The only fruit inside out
In vanilla fields it will grow
Its rosy hands reaching about.

Dreamy days, creamy ways
Strawberries for tea please
Hot tea on tin trays
And strawberries to tease.
1.2k · Dec 2014
Exhausted On Christmas Day
cheryl love Dec 2014
Tired and exhausted on Christmas Day
Santa thought he’d repair his damaged sleigh.
The snow was thick and falling
The reindeer understood he was calling
At top speed he shot off into the sky and away.

He pleaded to stop until he was blue in the face
Because the reindeer were in a competitive race
Santa repeatedly hit the deck
Now he’s a minute speck
As he has shot off to outer space.
1.2k · Oct 2014
Just A Toothbrush
cheryl love Oct 2014
“Do not grab me”
“She has done it again,
You have got to agree
She is a pain.”
The little pink toothbrush
Moaning about the way it’s treated
In the mad morning rush
Till the cleaning session’s completed.
“Pick me up gently, that is it
Now squeeze the paste”
“Too much, too much, just a bit
Oh my life, what a waste.”
The little pink toothbrush is a fed up
He wants to be looked after lovingly
From when he comes out of his cup
Which is fair comment to some degree.
“In the mouth we go,
Always the same molar
Now woman brush to and fro
No, no, wrong, I’m trying to control you.
“Up and down, not like a yard brush
Gently, we have to do it gently
It is not some major rush
Do it differently.
Do human beings know?
Do they actually care?
Is their brain like pastry dough?
Is it even there?
If I have thought it once,
I’ve thought it a million times a day
She must be a dunce
And that is all I can say.
Rinse woman , rinse me
Under the sparkling spray
Oh no don’t dip me in your cup of tea
I’ll be yellow and smelly all day.”
Does she not know I have needs
Not know how to treat me nice
It is like she succeeds
I have to think everything twice.
“And don’t throw me
Put me gently back in my place
And I’m covered in tea
Pity it’s not on your face.”
Look soap, look everyone what she does
Treats me like a scrubbing brush
And she does it because
She is always in a rush!”
1.1k · Mar 2014
A Spanish Tapas
cheryl love Mar 2014
Red, she was dressed in red
Skirts swirling with her hips
Click, click her fingers snap
Her pearly whites grip
The stalk of a freshly cut rose
Red as blood, as stark as fire.
Olives, green, pure and oily
Clench like teeth to a wire
With spicy sausage and clams
Orange and pink in a pan
Tapas, little bits of this,
gorgeous bits of that.
Spanish lullaby from a talented hand
plays romantic flamenco in a band
held tight in his grip, the skin so lovely
the eyes so brown, the look of love so now.
1.1k · May 2014
Tread Carefully
cheryl love May 2014
Tread Carefully
Tread carefully through the tulips
Rush through the bluebells.
The tulips are perfume free
And the bluebells have smells.
You’d get pollen on your fingers
And powder on your toes
If you dawdled through the daffodils
And sat beneath the rose.
Sitting for more than an hour
Under the lilac tree.
Finally you would disappear
I know believe me.
Wandering past the lanes
On a dark Autumn night
If you get caught by a blackthorn bush
It would put up a fight.
Wandering through a strawberry field.
Being here would be a dream
Don’t forget your spoon and dish
And *** of rich double cream.
1.1k · Feb 2014
Snail For Sale a Repost
cheryl love Feb 2014
The news arrived via E-Mail
The fog draped heavy in the wood
The message read “Snail For Sale”
None of the creatures understood.
Their tiny minds had gone blank
The fog had trapped the bluebells
Perhaps it was some mad prank
Nothing round their forest sells.
The ants thought today’s climate dense
The fog had started to clear
Most of them sat on the fence
Trust the ants to interfere.
They wondered what the buyer would give
The fog had now gone.
And where would the snail live
They hadn’t considered that one.
The snail slithered past “vacancy To Let”
With a bit of a smile on his face.
He is out for all he can get
He is just renting the place!
1.1k · Oct 2013
Bubble and Squeak
cheryl love Oct 2013
At the end of the working week
All that's left is cabbage and leek
Throw them in a pan
With bits of old ham
and you have got bubble and squeak.
1.1k · Nov 2014
Another Year Older Tomorrow
cheryl love Nov 2014
Today I shall be looking at the pages of my life
My memories in my mind are always there
Just close my eyes and I can search all I want
Find the right page and I can go anywhere.
To my childhood to where happiness lies,
To my marriage, my very best day
But I cannot go forward in time, not allowed
Flipping forward is for when I reach that certain day.
Tomorrow is my birthday, another year on my chart
Another number that I have to live by
This time I cannot go back but go forward
and this time it will be happiness not a sigh.
Sometimes I wish I had a time machine
Twiddle the dial and off I shoot to that year
whether it be backwards or forwards
I could visit the time in my life I hold so dear.
But today I fish out yet another candle for the cake
Another new number is perched on my head
I am happy, I am going to be extra happy from now on
Because that is what life is for, to be happy, it is said.
1.1k · Apr 2015
Lavender Blues
cheryl love Apr 2015
I sit tinkering
with the bells in the wood
flicking the bell this way and that
Not doing me that much good.
Playing with my head
and that is not sheet music
it is regrets and bashed dreams
shot down completely dead.
The blues I call it the lavender blues
blue rinses, phone calls and lonely beds.
Not with fruity flowers but dried hay
I have the lavender blues that is
all that I can possibly say.
1.1k · Aug 2013
For Sally
cheryl love Aug 2013
Looking at the rainbow
The colours envelope your mind
Rubies, ambers and turquioise
Peach skins and orange rind.
Strawberries and lemons in the sky
with apricots inbetween.
A strip of violets in the cloud
Like tea from Devon with cream.
A kind gentle soul emerges
with roses in abundance.
Petals scatter on her path
and fairies lead in dance.
She is wonderful, she is graceful
words without end.
She is a light shining on my dull day
She is Sally, my new friend.
1.1k · Jan 2015
About Love
cheryl love Jan 2015
Allow me to put together a few words about love
Sharing feelings and all what it consists of.
To me love is strong like a knight in armour
Brave and solid dressed all in white
Love is sweet like Turkish delight
Love has an undying power
Yet gentle like a delicate flower.
It is like having a mad love affair
With your favourite teddy bear.
Love is every reason t look out for
Holding your hand; opening the door.
Let us just suppose
That it is soft like a red rose
As stormy as a grey sea,
Romantic like the last dance
An everlasting romance that is love.
1.1k · Jun 2013
cheryl love Jun 2013
Mr C Penguin the head of the house
Wears a uniform and listens to Strauss.
Seals plonked by the door as a draught excluder.
Chimps are taking tea in the parlour Room.
Judging how many cakes they can consume.
“Get a brush Foxy and sweep up those crumbs,
I will be charging them double when the time comes”
Mr Badger making endless trays upon trays of cakes
For the ignorant posh chimps and the mess thy make.
“Bag the goose and send the felloe to me,
I will give the chimps something to do for free”
The penguin cracked his knuckles and gave a cough
He had told the chimps he had taken the day off.
“The goose is here” half smiling “the goose is here”
The chimps shook, gulped and felt a trifle queer.
The goose frog marched in and the chimp went limp
“Right you posh lot, eat nicely is that clear chimp”
“I’m not old fishy pengy” he snapped straightening his wing,
“no hanky panky on my watch, nothing, no anything.
“I run a tight ship chimp, my rules old chum.”
The chimps heard right and put an end to the fun.
“Respect, respect,” the goose patrolled his little space
The chimps now ashen with a worried look on their face.
It is all about respect
1.1k · May 2015
A Cheeky Mole
cheryl love May 2015
During the night, a dreadful night, a mole dug deep
deep and around my garden that I love
This cheeky mole then had the nerve to stop burrowing
and then surface to check the damage from above.
Up came his velvety head and sniffed the fresh air
parting my newly laid lawn like a digger.
Now he appears to be smiling the cheeky scoundrel
He is making the problem a whole lot bigger.
"Look what yo have done" I shouted "made a right mess
The piles of earth are everywhere with your coming and froing"
"With all due respect madam" sniffed the mole "what do
you expect when I cannot exactly see where I am going!"
"I have no map, no satellite navigation device, just my claws
I am just a mole and all that I can do is dig, I've no appliance
No shiny *****, no mechanical device, what do you expect
Honestly madam it is not exactly rocket science.
He tutted and rushed back down the hole leaving me
speechless and trying my best not to cry.
The mole had made his way underground by now next door
but my hard work was down the drain - I wonder why!
1.1k · Feb 2016
The Morning Rises
cheryl love Feb 2016
Up it rises
from lands down under
a spectacular sight
a morning wonder.
The sunrise in all its glory
coming in reds, orange and peach.
Ruby, gold and aquamarine
colours out of reach.
waving majestically
merging with the grey and the blue.
Azure, scarlet and lemon yellow
shadows of birds from whence they flew.
Captured in a lens
the vision to one's soul
clouds sifting through smog
as dense as Cornish coal.
The mist around the moon clears
the sun begins to warm crispy leaves
fog drapes around ditches
lying as thick as thieves.
Cobwebs, now not aglow
with the early morning rise
spiders with smiles
capturing their meaty prize.
The day begins,
birds start to sing
children charging to school
as their bell begins to ring.
1.1k · May 2015
The Bluebell
cheryl love May 2015
Waving its bells in the mid morning breeze
Sheltering under the lemon and lime leaves
The new leaves to enter a promising spring
What more could a bluebell possibly bring.
1.1k · Jun 2013
Beneath The Lilac Tree
cheryl love Jun 2013
I met him beneath the lilac tree
One gentle moonlit summer’s eve
The ring; his dream was given to me
And I noticed there was a breeze.
A tree started violently sway
The ring became under threat
Night passed quickly to become day
And I noticed that the Earth was wet.
The lilac soon lost its perfume
The bad weather had almost cleared
However, the sky had lost a moon
And I noticed he had disappeared.
Cheryl Love
1.1k · Jul 2013
Whispering Sweet Nothings
cheryl love Jul 2013
Whispering sweet nothings
Into my Lover’s ear
Words may be discovered
And they do not disappear.
Invent new methods and new means
The words returning but he does not
Then it all come apart at the seams.
1.1k · Aug 2013
The Day Mr Pig was wed
cheryl love Aug 2013
It was a very strange day
A day, you could say of unrest.
The day Mr Pig was wed
And wore his Sunday best.

Underneath the Duck’s frustrated wings
He had hidden a gun.
He was planning to use this weapon
Once the ceremony had begun.

The Organist commenced and
The door flung open and in she marched.
In what could only be described as a mess
That had been heavily starched.

Mr Duck felt repulsed
Somebody had failed to do their job
Mr Pig had tears in his eyes as he stared
At his white overweight blob.

Mr Pig’s pride and joy called the shots
But not the one fired from the gun
The wing took aim, the trigger released
The blob fell like the setting of the sun.

She hit the deck with an almighty thud
Mr Duck pelted into his hiding place
Where he had planned to stay the rest of the week
And the guilt wiped from his troubled little face. - to be continued ...
1.1k · Sep 2014
The Red Fairy
cheryl love Sep 2014
As the name implies
It would look quite sweet
Red wings, red lips and
red felty things on her feet.
A red dress with sash of course
done up in a big red bow.
Red curls flowing from a crown
No hang on, no she's not in panto.
She is not the wicked witch of the west
or some heavily done up dame.
No, she just looks after things of red
Everyone gets confused over her name.
No she cares for the rose and stuff like that
She flies around early morning blossom
No dont mis-judge this little red fairy
Like Mrs Bradshaw is for the scarlet geum.
The Red Fairy is the fairy of the poppy
To her the nicest red thing in the place.
She'll get her golden ticket for this of course
when she meets her maker face to face.
1.1k · May 2015
The Goalkeeper
cheryl love May 2015
The goalkeeper has to be pretty tall
in order to capture and save the ball
He is bigger than the post
well in fact he is taller than most
which is no exaggeration at all.
1.0k · Jun 2015
Betty's Poppy
cheryl love Jun 2015
She was a loyal friend, now she has gone
Gone for good, that is until we meet again.
She was my painting friend, we used to sit
and watch the poppies dance in the rain.
We'd get out our brushes and paint
we applied water to our paper to drench.
We'd watch drops of rain dangle from the petal
and then felt the water in our laps from the bench.
She would smile and we flooded in the colour
The creases of the petal fell to its shadows hue
The rain water flooded the path where the poppies stood
and our paper and laps were suitably wet through.
The poppy outstretched itself and shook to the sky
unravelling itself and tossing dew across the way
Our paper dried with its colour wash correct
It was Betty's poppy and it is here to stay.
1.0k · Oct 2014
Look Back and Smile
cheryl love Oct 2014
When you know you have walked the golden mile
Scored goals reached targets, look back and smile.
When you know you have peace in your heart
secured your future;  it wont never come apart.
When you know you have opened every single door
to make your life good, then you cant ask for more.
Because life is worth living, life is for loving,  giving
Look back and smile because your life is for living.
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