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Sarah Anuar Mar 2018
Trust is a funny thing, it's like tearing an envelope but hoping the edges stay intact, it's like folding a page hoping the crease won't stay. Commitment is a funny thing we play around with, like testing the waters of our limits and see if we drown if we step in too deep with our feelings. Love is something you throw around with, like confetti or dart ball, if you're reckless you might get burn, but if you don't play the game you might never even win or lose.
Sarah Anuar Feb 2018
baby when your thoughts left this earth
and your lips don't make a sound
i look into your eyes
because i can see constellations in them
Sarah Anuar Feb 2018
"...all these roads I've taken, all the stairs that I've climbed, this long journey across the world, and back to where I started, it was all meant for me to just find you.." Yunalis
Sarah Anuar Feb 2018
Read more books to cultivate your mind, spend less time scrolling the timeline.
Spend time outside, less time inside.
Look into people's faces in real time, less through a screen.
Remember their smile lines, their laughter sounds, and the way they hold your hand.
Live in the moment, put the phone away and start living like it's 1995.
Sarah Anuar Jan 2018
If she keep her vows, in sickness and in health,
and if she stays beside your hospital bed, caring for
you when you can't even speak or move.
If that isn't true love, I don't know what is.
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