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A flicker of hope, optimism and desire
Happiness, all but she conspire
Wide teary eyes, filled up her night sky
Perhaps it deserves another try?

It felt like infinity
Words that have validity
She held them tight
Nothing came out right

Thus, her eyes were as clear as blue
Affection, yes, it never came true.

One of those short but sweet works of mine, hope you enjoy it! More coming up! @chasingeuphoria
As unreachable as it can be,
it was only an arm's reach
Knowing it seemed safer,
yearning by your condescending glow.
Thus, I want to feel the purity of it.
Its warmth, just like yours.

The days when I used to,
wrap my arms around you.
And a million hugs, so tight
i refused to let you go.
But you did,
and so did I.

I missed your purity, your presence,
your kisses, your everything.
Being miserable with each other,
we shared those moments.
Yet we embraced it, we were happy
and we knew it.

You used to tell me,
Whenever I feel blue,
I just look up to the moon.
and witness its crescent,
its imperfections, innocence
and it felt like home.

To this day, as I shed a tear
I just look up to the skies,
and think of you, its warmth.
Dreary as I can be, I will smile
Feeling its comfort and silence
and secure its longing crescent...

Like a rose that blooms,
Despite its thorns and imperfections,
You stood out among the rest,
An elegance that is admired by not just many, but me.

You've been through it all,
The tragedy, the lessons,
The ascend, the downfall,
And most importantly, you smiled.

A positive outlook,
Though thwarted by many
Judged, shredded
Bluffed and maltreated.

Now look at you,
Now an epitome of optimism,
A symbol of hope and happiness
Yes you, are in awe of elegance.

More coming soon! @chasingeuphoria
It was then, she knew
Little by little, it blew
All of which turned to disarray
Flabbergasted, it went halfway

All was black
Emotions, lacked
She screams in agony
Everything but apathy.

A short but emotionally-filled piece of mine, hope you like it! More coming soon!
That everything may be gone
Perhaps dwindle with the ashes
Dancing with the emptiness
That is me.

An empty void of unblemished tears
Coming back to haunt me
An uncertainty, maybe.
Pretending it will be okay it seems.

Relying on what seems another,
A presumptuous chance,
Of seeing you again
Or never.

Like a lone wolf
Howling in the distance, calling you out
But you were never there, walked away
An abrupt goodbye, it is.

Sometimes I feel like drowning
Drowning with the thought of being with you
A melodramatic concept of sadness
Thus, I feared.

You were my notion of comfort
I wanted to be by your side
But, destiny had its choice
You chose him.

Here lies my sorrow
An epitome of no tomorrow
Lost and confused, I followed
Those bittersweet memories that I borrowed.

Barren with sinking thoughts
A void so dull and empty
Driven by anything that sought
Shrieked in fear, it was aplenty.

Realized, it spelled trouble
Lost, out of arm's reach
Tired and out, it was a struggle
Like a star, waiting for someone to breach.
Just one of my works I'm proud of, hope you all like it!
"If you stay,
stay forever.

If you go,
do it today.

If you change,
change for the better.

And if you talk,
make sure you mean
what you say."

More coming soon! @chasingeuphoria
She dealt with misery
Everything but a mystery
A tune of messed up symphony
Yet she gladly sung with harmony.

Bewildered by countless distress
Can it even be repressed?
Perhaps sadness filled her aplenty
Fueled by faith, flying gallantly.

Her sky was as dull as ever
A proponent of what comes after
What awaits her, no one knows
Where there lies, an upbeat, that mellows.

And here we are, as far as a mile
When I look on, all I see is a smile
So pure yet so innocent
Ah yes, she is pretty yet resilient.

I don't deserve you nor you deserve me.
It just so happens that we were aligning
Over the same horizon
And neither of us were destined to meet.

Converged on opposite ends
Granted it could mean something
Perhaps even a slight chance
Between both of us

But I rather realized
What makes you happy
Makes me glad as well
I guess that's love, right?

Seeing you from afar,
Admiring your smile
Seeing it firsthand
I was convinced...

You were rather happy, without me....


I wasn't angry,

I was mainly afraid.

I figured we'd come to my dark moment because wasn't that the way stories went?

It was kind of tragic, that's why Romeo and Juliet isn't a romance

Even though it's all about love and obsession and family rivalries but a tragedy.

"Maybe because we're both destined to meet but never reciprocate at once."
She cried for help,
No one was there

She stared at the blank sky
Thinking it deserves another try

Emptiness filled her heart
Bewildered with sadness

She tried again
And so she glanced in the distance

There, it was him, waiting.
Hope you like it! More coming soon!
An anomaly it seems
A perfect match?
On a wrong time?
Those suspicious eyes
It told me something
Was it love?
Was it pain?
Or was I frail?

Drenched myself
With your fragile kiss
And my weary eyes
I also believed
You would be my eternity
My happy pill
My everything
Until it came.

Hours have passed
The clock
It reached its peak
I gave up
I sought after the stars
Thinking you will be there
By the time
The clock ticks twelve.

But no, you were already there
Watching across
The vast horizon
Of a shallow sky
Filled up
With the thought of coming back
Yes, yes you did
As you watch over me, oh right.

Perhaps a galaxy, it really

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Come with me
Let's get lost,
by the waves
of an unruly sea.
Where everything is still
but remains pretty.

Run, run along with me,
as we get by
the glittering sands
raising our smiles
towards a blistering
uphold of the sun.

We stopped for a moment,
took our time
to witness its glow
As we both
exchanged kisses
that I wish it would last.

Night has risen,
as we both indulged
the cold waters.
We were happy that day,
as we enjoyed the night sky,
and the waves of paradise.

They called your name
I paused and listened
To the whispering thought
Of reminiscing, you.

And then I saw you
For the nth time
Still glowing as ever
Felt like it was the first time

Seeing you, all over again
Brings back such memories
That I truly, truly cherish.
Feelings were mutual, then.

But what are the odds?
Of us getting back together
Us, continuing
What we've already started

A story-filled hapless hearts
Blistered with a yearning question
Ended with a blurry answer
A love story that never was.

I tend to wander off
Whether it was all for a reason
Destiny? Purpose? Odds?
Seems like a deepened sadness

Will be rewritten in those stars
It's tough to hide the pain
The way we lost each other
The way it fell apart.

Yet the next thing I knew
You were happy, with him
A seemingly dwindled chance
Of us, flipping the narrative.

But hey, what are the odds?
I'm happy that you are happy
Not the ending that I expected
But the beginning that I dreamed of, for you.

A question of what if? and a matter of what could have been.
As pure as a flowing water
As dazzling as a swan
A night that was a mere reality
Perhaps it was a spare of fantasy?

I witnessed as you passed by,
Those glowing lights that seemed
To acknowledge your innocence
And the fragrance of your beauty.

As I watch in awe and your smile with it
The night showed its unlikely streaks of colors
Just as we both laid our eyes on each other
My quintessential way of euphoria.

Home is where my heart is
Just as I dreamed of being with you
It was a night of sudden feeling
Yearning the question, "Will I ever be with you?"

Hours swung by, I don't even know why
I guess all of this is sunken dry
To see if we can give it a try
Realized, I heard and cry.

Luckily, fate is with me
I had the courage to stay
Waiting for my moment
Thus, it came...

As we both flaunted smiles
I was living in the moment
Despite of it being a split second
Given the night, it was priceless.

A rather stunning beauty that I have seen
Shades of white, yes you outshined all of them.
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— The End —