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They called your name
I paused and listened
To the whispering thought
Of reminiscing, you.

And then I saw you
For the nth time
Still glowing as ever
Felt like it was the first time

Seeing you, all over again
Brings back such memories
That I truly, truly cherish.
Feelings were mutual, then.

But what are the odds?
Of us getting back together
Us, continuing
What we've already started

A story-filled hapless hearts
Blistered with a yearning question
Ended with a blurry answer
A love story that never was.

I tend to wander off
Whether it was all for a reason
Destiny? Purpose? Odds?
Seems like a deepened sadness

Will be rewritten in those stars
It's tough to hide the pain
The way we lost each other
The way it fell apart.

Yet the next thing I knew
You were happy, with him
A seemingly dwindled chance
Of us, flipping the narrative.

But hey, what are the odds?
I'm happy that you are happy
Not the ending that I expected
But the beginning that I dreamed of, for you.

A question of what if? and a matter of what could have been.
A flicker of hope, optimism and desire
Happiness, all but she conspire
Wide teary eyes, filled up her night sky
Perhaps it deserves another try?

It felt like infinity
Words that have validity
She held them tight
Nothing came out right

Thus, her eyes were as clear as blue
Affection, yes, it never came true.

One of those short but sweet works of mine, hope you enjoy it! More coming up! @chasingeuphoria

— The End —