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Jul 2013
I rearrange the shards of
Smiles and slivers of truth
That collide like broken waves
On the shores of my eyes
Like fragrant words of folly
As if to tickle the open ears
Like teardrops in a vase
And spokes that spin in wild wonder
Dance as if their lacing fingers
Draw magic from the dust
But I remember
In sane whispers drawl
I haven't lost that which holds the breath sacred
As rising tides of hidden lunar glow
Spark and fly from their embers
Our fear
In restless highs slide toes out from
Under the star shine
Curiously sweet yet sickening to swallow
Our tongues burned of what we could not speak clearly enough
For the stirring ashes we thought were as corpses
beat rhythms once again
And I couldn't hold you long enough
But still I released and hoped you would return
And you did
Carefully melodic at first
Yet hopelessly chaotic as we laid
-Cory James McQueen
Written by
Chaotic Melodic  Los Angeles, CA
(Los Angeles, CA)   
   Olivia Mercado
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