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Jul 2013
Allowing the energy that
Pulses through the universe
To flow
Without effort
And allow its messages of love to be
Captured by your receptors like a radio
So that
You can transmit the love further
Compile and compress into language
The love that speaks
So queer without words
So that you can whisper them into the sleepwalkers ears
And hopefully rouse them gently
Like removing the blindfold
And releasing the music from mute
Open up the senses, both physical and intuitive
By turning down the restless mind
Mute the channel of thought so that
You can introduce harmonic resonances into the framework
Mixing and blending samples of love tones
Helping others get in touch with the rhythms
And beats of the divine
And by helping then get in touch
You can turn on channels within them
That they have yet to discover
Channels that are programmed within us
For that exact purpose
For us to unlock the dams that
Prevent the flow of love frequencies
To electrify us
And dissolve isolation

-Chaotic Melodic
Written by
Chaotic Melodic  Los Angeles, CA
(Los Angeles, CA)   
   Olivia Mercado
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