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Cecelia Francis Feb 2018
I try to avoid
writing about you:

I consult with
deep sleep and music
instead, but

They lack what
poems have:
a permanent place
in performative space,

A sight full shape: like
the scent of your name exhaled
from the back of my throat.

I admit: time did not
properly permit love to
become anything more than
a thing that could have been done,

I've missed you,
I missed you,
                         -there are times, still-
I miss you
Cecelia Francis Feb 2018
Water is
so filling

up fruits and
bodies of oceans
like people
Cecelia Francis Nov 2017
You make me feel
an unwashed mouth:

A fuzzy little tonguing
familiar stale taste,

some temporary state:
a place meant to be erased
after waking, before lunchtime
Cecelia Francis Nov 2017
A reinforced complex:
A ***** might ****
with, but doesn't
necessarily want

Me: a common
denominator that
stirs interest, but

Not much else
Cecelia Francis Nov 2017
Is my body an
expensive house:

Should I be careful?
Lock my doors?
disjointed haiku
Cecelia Francis Nov 2017
Better is better, but
not necessarily good:

Do I deserve better
or goodness?

Why can I not
tell the difference?
Cecelia Francis Oct 2017
There are men
with loud voices

I've been taught
to fear since birth.

If the intermittence
of skin flashing between
two articles of clothing is
where seduction occurs

then where is the
****** gaping cloth
of a yell?

Is it in the cavernous tongueless space
of parted lips: in some silent inky
strident echoing taste
in the tightness of vocal
chords pulled taut, the strain of
raised forehead and neck veins?

There's a weight in
my chest like a weight
in his bed, heavy and
unsatisfied and
thinly veiled.

I think somehow
the look on my face
must be a pleasing design:

a familiar retraceable
state: a reminder that
I don't mind him,

I know my place:
in a small, quiet space,
in his arms when its late,
on the drip of the spit on the tip of
his tongue: a flash of flesh over pale teeth:
a site of intermittence: in a hesitation

a fearful hesitation
barthes, chord progressions
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