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Cecelia Francis Feb 2016
A body wants some
body, some more than others
And some none at all
Cecelia Francis Apr 2016
A coupling doubling
effect of the thoughts
ability to produce

Itself again in a
body not too far
away from the self

Like a tool or limb, like an
extension of the brains
primary function to organize
Cecelia Francis Mar 2018
Afterwords, I stuff
myself back
within myself--

pleated coils bending
like knees,
with ease,
like they've been on
tippy toes too long--

A too flexible and
overly sensitive
jack in a box:

One whose chest gets too
excited at the turn
of a handlefull of gears
until the lid
pops off
Cecelia Francis Jan 2015
Again! Again!
wild shouts from
a child tossed
in the air, and
so it goes

I want you to be the only
one to make me ***

Again! Again!
and so it does
for the benefit
of the child

I don't see a future with you,
I never have
Flung and air born. Up and then down.
Cecelia Francis Jun 2015
Again I find
my heart twisting
instead of pumping,

again with that steady
wrenching *****-****,
****-****, ****-****
Cecelia Francis Feb 2016
Again the train makes
a standard stop at what
the **** am I doing

So I get off.

Dinshaw argues that
the text is feminine and
the writer masculine but what
does that have to do with anything?

Good lord, the frilly words make
crochet lace and the others
make the rest-- now doesn't
that make sense: a scent
of cents means money!

The sign of the signified says: Why
the **** is this happening? You read
into me and translate accordingly but
can't seem to interpret a bit of it like the
first poem in Zong, but I'm not sure if you'll
remember what that quite looks like

You reading rather feminine lace
together an image of Mulcahy from
the Coombe that's not a bit like the
man! With a laugh who could
blame a drunken thought?

All the stupid girly **** gets dealt
with in a familiar manner stripped
bare teeth tearing the cloth in the process
of progressing to **** it like the little
**** it is: exactly how it deserves

Your moon princess turns
into folklore where nothing
is left but an ancient language
written in a mother tongue
in languish whilst unspoken.

You read languidly like
sparknotes slow speed reading
some well known notion readily

Of me standing stark naked
--out of clothes-- at a
random station

There is a violence in translation.
Probably the most elaborate chord progression I'll ever write.
Cecelia Francis Dec 2014
Why the **** are you
so ****** cute, you little
chubby sack of fat
Cecelia Francis Jan 2017
A moon princess
for her coronation:

She wakes early
every morning to
chant ancient songs,

remains a light turned
on, a bright good morning
from winter to spring;

leaves offerings of her
tears and laughter
at the alter with care;

fasted, washed her face
and hair and danced naked
in the stream from day to night.

After turning away from
herself she turns
back with rosy cheeks:

A moon princess
for her crown:

she wears the webbed
melody of singing
stars strung together,

she hums and resonates
her body begins to harmonize
her voice turns to gravity:

she can speak
she can think
she can hear;

her hand outstretched
to the people, her
love refined
Cecelia Francis Aug 2015
A mother bird sat and
sent another mother bird at
some other burning tent

So away she went
Cecelia Francis Apr 2016
At what point
does coincidence
become not so

Say the thing about
energy being everything
is true then

At which frequencies
do numbers ring?
I feel like its unfinished
Cecelia Francis Feb 2015
Another dream
of the other me being
a super ****
-jellyfish hand
floating unt
ut up-

Hatred for
started strategized
conversion converted
conviently ate up,
satiated and satisfied
Cecelia Francis May 2015
Ante added up
in a slipshod
sweatshop for

Permission to hanker
on some buttermilk
slopwork with

A frump finery of sorts
laundered nicely:
a down gown
Cecelia Francis Feb 2017
A pair of young palms: one
bends to kiss the other
in the passengers seat.

A young she at the time
leans like a tree: only in
the extremities, while

palm fronds flick and flutter
shirt hems and tongue tips,

Wait, stop--

Words in haste laid
to wait against the force
of a singular intent to
bend a tree trunk.

Words are less
convincing than

are ineffective against
strength and conviction
Cecelia Francis Mar 2015
Apart a part
partnership apartment
in the armpit of
the army

Arms arming
apart a part
ark like
partners partly
Cecelia Francis Dec 2014
A poetical set
of two clauses

or something
-I've never been
good at math-

(speech as
is before it
implies any

(the indeterminate,
in nature fully
rid of all
things prose)

do they
at which point
does X differ
from Y and
does the
M ***** upwards
or down?

checks and

I've never
been good
at math
Cecelia Francis Aug 2015
A poet must produce some
type of lust in their words

To slurp up sloppily some
light red meat juice
these are making less and less sense and I love it
Cecelia Francis Jul 2017
A *** bubbles
up and under
the shaky lid
clamped shut.

As a child,
my mother would
chide me for

lifting the lid
of rice and
stirring too early.

I was letting
out all the

But the bubbles
sticky white and
bursting over begged

to be released.

For a time,
my body was
not my own.

I boiled,
then cooled.

Lifted the lid,
scraped the sides,
and stirred.
Cecelia Francis Aug 2016
A *** puts
a lid on its
big mouth

to shut it up
and keep that good
hot stuff in.

There's a time
and place for
heat and steam:

Facials and saunas
and geysers but

nowhere else
Cecelia Francis Apr 2016
A push might pull
if asked nice enough

A pull could give a
push if invited to do so

The nature of a thing
is very flexible and
malleable like hot glass
Cecelia Francis Nov 2017
A reinforced complex:
A ***** might ****
with, but doesn't
necessarily want

Me: a common
denominator that
stirs interest, but

Not much else
Cecelia Francis Mar 2015
Are we really done
with phrasing? I mean, I just
wish someone told me
Cecelia Francis Jan 2016
Are you done
making waves in
my body yet?

It doesn't like
to be upset. My
heart can't take it--
in the literal sense.

It's like why I can't really
listen to heavy metal music
even though I can listen to pretty
much anything else. There's something
about the vibrations that make my heart hurt,

and it's the same with you.
Cecelia Francis Jul 2015
Are you really not afraid of losing me?
At all?
Kinda *****.
A little?
Kinda hurts.
Not surprising.
10w with alternate endings
Cecelia Francis Jul 2015
Arms and
lurking amongst
and unaware

You don't put
a gun on
stage if you
don't plan to
use it

Trigger words

And then
gunshot wounds
Cecelia Francis Sep 2015
Upon arrival it smells
exactly as it should,
or only slightly different
than how it ought to

it should be
equal too; not you
like a morning mood
it can be a fickle youth

A poem lays:
a floor
It asks: what
am I naked for?

Beauty the incunabula
—first traces—of poetry

Feelings—known but unnamed—
spurned from the sublime

So fine
the lines

like child’s
eyes before

before it’s
known what
right is

good for you
—as mud for

Snacks at
Cecelia Francis Jun 2015
Ashtray astronaut
drifting around the
nautical stars

Knots in his stomach
and shoulders for naught,
he sticks his little flag in slots
Cecelia Francis Dec 2014
the poem
has been

set loose

Not even
ink can
Cecelia Francis Jun 2015
At times I think
to write you some
dumb love verse like: feel you pull me closer
in our sleep, as if you were to
keep me for more than the night...

And in that pause I see that it is
indeed some dumb love rhyme, so I
decide to **** my words swiftly with a
sharp, definitive line
Cecelia Francis Dec 2016
Avoid force with
such tender bodies

Bound board by
board of senses  
and sensations
mek it set like cold
to snow

So be tender
with sensitive skin:

A coat keeps
warm in winter wet,
Stay singing and soft,
jovial in Springsun
Cecelia Francis Dec 2014
Aware of
the hot
and cold
sides of
my heart

in one

—erode them
away— into

Manage with
a balance of
and ace-inhibitors

still to slip
into syncopal
states, tacky
elevated rates
Cecelia Francis Aug 2015
Baby got thighs
like she ain't afraid of gluten

Way she put it down
like a law, like Newton
Cecelia Francis Aug 2015
Bananas (n).

The things with a curve,
a little thick and firm and squishy;
durable outer cover for protection
Cecelia Francis Dec 2014
mathematics states:
it's just two
-merging into
a finite set
to two bodies
Cecelia Francis Jan 2015
Beauty the
-first traces of
of poetry

-known but
from the
Cecelia Francis Nov 2017
Better is better, but
not necessarily good:

Do I deserve better
or goodness?

Why can I not
tell the difference?
Cecelia Francis Feb 2015

with both feet
and no hands
-gaudy helmet
for safety-

Still inevitable
the blackness and
scratches of

Ride or die
Cecelia Francis Jul 2015
Bitter pill picnic
tables set to
prepare the

Pilgrims gorge until
pillow stuffed
full of itself
and doubt

Doubled over tummy
ache: dummy done
did to itself

Pillow fluffed and
mattress flipped
to fight the
mighty itis
Cecelia Francis Mar 2016
Breathing expands the
belly and the roots

At the top of the head
contracts the greater force

Extends into the toroidal
field until they resonate

A little higher, a little tone
sharpener, a little lquiet
Cecelia Francis Feb 2015
Flask emptied,
half-full still

cup runneth
Cecelia Francis Feb 2017
Can a poem crunch
like a carrot in toddlers
teeth, chewed up quickly?
Cecelia Francis Dec 2014
Can I
go back
to the time
when I thought
running like
made me
a real
Cecelia Francis Jan 2015
Can I get a hit?
Reverse sniffles, white dragons
flew straight to the head
Cecelia Francis Aug 2015
Cheap (adj).

How your mother thinks
you look in that outfit
Cecelia Francis Jan 2015
Child eyes
used to spin
the skies into
cotton candy
tasty cloud
Cecelia Francis Jan 2015
Cold front
shaken carten
left out too long,
La niña
-soft and

Inevitable collision,
crumpling and

-milk spilling
upon the
counter top-
Cecelia Francis Apr 2015
Constitution pollution:
the constable ruining
the ******* consecration

A soluble solution:
grape sipping blood
letting to fully bless
the humors
Cecelia Francis Dec 2014
or would?

Shook from
the pages
of books,
so thin the
ink peeks
due to

Sun so
bright the
blood peers
skin so
taut the
veins stay
Cecelia Francis Feb 2015
Third tooth
chillen on land,
Cecelia Francis Aug 2015
Details and pretty things
the strongest of foibles at hand

And on the other some amount
of certainty about the self, and
how it should be run and
perceived by others

She walks and
they watch:
a detail herself,
a pretty thing
Cecelia Francis Oct 2015
**** so small
that **** look like some *****,

******, ******:
one, two, three
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