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May 2014 · 174
Selfish romance
Cassie Stoddard May 2014
Yesterday we
had ***
(I wouldn't call it making love yet)
It wasn't amazing.
Didn't blow my mind. Change my world.
But it comforted me. Even in between the "we shouldn'ts".
And I know its at someone's expense.
But that's not how I see it.
It's also at our happiness.
May 2014 · 342
you're beautiful
Cassie Stoddard May 2014
I overromantice everything.
The way you held me tight.
You are always running your hands through my hair.
There is so much tension between our goodbye and our kiss and our goodbye again.
You said you love my smile. That you like me "a lot more than I should". That I'm totes adorbs.
And you are frustrating and terrifying and intoxicating and I want to drink you in like a mug of coffee.
And when we talk or we cuddle or we just sit. It doesn't feel wrong.
And I deserve this. I want this. **** her and rules and everyone.
Because I've been giving away parts of key body for so long that I forgot what it feels like to share my heart.
And it feels like hope and summer and bad decisions and confusion and snapchats and ****** Mac n cheese and weird music and new beginnings.
And I'll hide with you. Let's hide from the world. We can't share this newly blossoming romance and maybe its better that way.
This is honest. And raw. And poetic. And full of lust and terror and emotion.
I want to kiss you until our breathes are taken away. I want to hold you until you forget. I want to get coffee and get drunk and get high with you. I want to feel.
Thank you for helping me feel.
May 2014 · 114
letting it just be
Cassie Stoddard May 2014
I don't date
But with you I wouldn't
being stupid and letting go.
I mean
I kind of
May 2014 · 223
Cassie Stoddard May 2014
As we
you whisper
I love you
to her
Apr 2014 · 100
Cassie Stoddard Apr 2014
Kiss my tears away. Kiss them away.
I need you.
I used to believe in fairy tales and now I'll settle for someone who just grabs me tight and lives me until I fall asleep.
Make my hands hurt from writing so much **** poetry about you.
Promise me you won't go and keep it.
Just ******* keep it.
When you read this know that km crying and missing you and I don't know you but my heart does. But my soul does.
These bruises in my skin. These scratches on my back are from trying to fill a void that is so far inside of me I can't even see the bottom.
Bit I'm looking and I'm stepping and   screaming the words to this Ron pope song in hopes that they materialize in the form of you.
I will hold your hand and make you laugh. I will kiss you until you can't breathe. I will live you until all you know is love.
I'm here. Waiting. Searching. I know you are too.
Take my hand. Let's rest
Apr 2014 · 187
Cassie Stoddard Apr 2014
As I kiss your
Cigarette stained mouth
You whisper
I love you.
Let's drink coffee and talk about
The universe.
Ignore the world in front
Of us
Apr 2014 · 246
answer me goddamnit
Apr 2014 · 170
thank you
Cassie Stoddard Apr 2014
Making me want more than I
Apr 2014 · 149
fall in love with me
Cassie Stoddard Apr 2014
I slept with a guy last night
that i
started talking to
yesterday afternoon.
I am beginning to
that I need
Not this game that two
disconnected souls
as they grasp desperately
trying to
Apr 2014 · 93
I am me
Cassie Stoddard Apr 2014
I am composed of
Apr 2014 · 98
Cassie Stoddard Apr 2014
She believed
She wasn't
and so
Apr 2014 · 696
Cassie Stoddard Apr 2014
Be my lover.
I will hold your hand and run through the rain.
I will kiss you under a midnight sky, overcast with stars.
I will hog the radio and scream-sing at the top of my lungs.
I will drink far too much coffee and read never enough poetry

Be my lover.
You will smile at me and call me beautiful.
You will pick me up for late night coffee and ice cream runs.
You will make love to me and show me what it is to fall.
You will have a past and a present and a future and it will be beautiful.

Let's be lovers.
We will kiss and cuddle and love.
We will fight and scream and curse.
We will live and ride this crazy life out until our infinity ends
We will be a miracle, a crazy, insane, happy, miracle.
Apr 2014 · 505
Hashtag Single Life
Cassie Stoddard Apr 2014
The worst part about
living with my
sister and her
boyfriend is that
they are a
They go to cuddle and I'm here,
pinteresting John Green and writing
poetry. Trying to
convince myself that
this is just as
good. This is equal to cuddling with a lover.
But both my
brain and heart
are too smart for that
Apr 2014 · 293
Cassie Stoddard Apr 2014
I don't want to
******* see
pictures of you with your new
girlfriend and "kid".
You didn't know what you
wanted. You got scared that
be pregnant. So, you run.
Like the ***** you are.
And you go to her.
She broke your heart years ago, she abandoned you when you needed her.
She just had a baby.
You can't even grow up.
And I hate you.
I hate you.
So, don't ******* try to ask me why I
blocked you on facebook.
Because you chose this.
You chose this.
I can't let you keep stomping on my already bruised heart.
Cassie Stoddard Apr 2014
If I cut you
Then sorry, but I'm not sorry.
Apr 2014 · 227
I did it
Cassie Stoddard Apr 2014
I woke up this morning and
all my thoughts
vibrated and repeated and spun.
And an alien had pushed wire into the
of my
brain and was stabbing
And I tried not to panic
And I tried not to think
I remembered how you would get angry
It was just another sign of my craziness, right?
Well, guess what?
This morning, I dealt with it. No panic attack.
By myself
Mar 2014 · 196
why am i so bad
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
most people find out
that someone
they like
has feelings for them too
they are
They smile.
I'm crying.
I cry.
Because it doesn't matter.
I can never say yes
Mar 2014 · 1.0k
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
Why the
does life get so
difficult and confusing and sad.
I son't know what to
Mar 2014 · 176
three words
Mar 2014 · 120
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I'm breaking
I cannot be strong anymore.
Where the **** is help
Mar 2014 · 112
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
Tonight I want to
Well, I actually want to be
But that's not happening
Mar 2014 · 137
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I don't know
if I write
or just
diary entries in
Mar 2014 · 178
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
i dont know what to do i dont know what to do i dont know what to do i dont know what to do
i cant cant cant be strong anymore i cant do it
let me be let me be
i need to fall apart but i dont know how
to fall apart without coming apart at the seams and never coming back together
im scared
Mar 2014 · 150
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I try to hold it all in but i can't
not tonight
im bawling and listening to music and writing poetry
and im falling
i need you
i need you
what the **** did i do to make everyone
go away
i want somebody to help me
i cant do it anymore
im begging for help
Mar 2014 · 459
I can't
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
My sister told me to
today. She's the reason that I
keep it all
I don't want to do this anymore.
I can't do this anymore.
I'm not strong enough.
Mar 2014 · 256
Nighttime loneliness
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I am not okay but I have to act like it's all fine. I'm so tired and lonely and I just want somebody that I can call up at two in the morning and go get coffee with. I wish I was pretty enough and smart enough and funny enough. But I'll never be enough. I hate myself. So so much and I just want it to stop.
Mar 2014 · 291
Home is where the heart is
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I used to say that
felt like coming home.
And when you left
But, I've realized that
the only home that there is
is inside
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
To all the religious people
just waiting to
comment on
about how much
"god loves you, but your wrong".
Just get the *******.
Mar 2014 · 193
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I am a
****** being.
Not a
*** object
Mar 2014 · 490
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I'm a feminist because I deserve to walk down the street to the grocery store without getting the **** scared out of me by a honking car. I'm a feminist because although I may have short hair that doesn't make me a lesbian. And if I am a lesbian or bisexual or straight that's all okay. And it's all my business, not yours. I'm a feminist because when I go to look up a **** to watch, it takes so long to find one that isn't demeaning. I'm a feminist because I shouldn't have to make jokes about sleeping around to make it okay. Other people shouldn't judge me on my amount of ****** partners. I'm a feminist because everyone deserves a comprehensive *** education that teaches about all sorts of choices, not just abstinence and not just heterosexual experiences. I'm a feminist because I want to wear a bandeau in public and not be thought of as a ****. I'm a feminist because I hate shaving my legs and that's okay. I'm a feminist because women still make less then men and it's 2014. I'm a feminist because boys are still not supposed to cry, because a girl said that she think trans people shouldn't be on T.V. I'm a feminist because I believe that people should be judged by the way they act and how they treat others, not by their genitalia, something that wasn't even their choice. I'm a feminist because every time a little girl is liberated so is a little boy. I'm a feminist for that little boy in daycare who dresses up as a fairy and for my friends who aren't "straight", for the guy who I know is gay but has to hide because even he believes it's wrong. I'm a feminist for all the children out there being told who they have to be before they even know who they want to be. I'm a feminist because I can't not be.
Mar 2014 · 115
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
Can I just
break down and
let it all out.
So tired of
I just want to
I need somebody to
hold me and
and be there.
I need somebody to understand.
Mar 2014 · 101
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
"Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you"
I want to fall
in love
How about you?
Mar 2014 · 205
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I miss my mom.
Not the one that gave
birth and
"raised" me.
No, I miss the one that I never had.
She'd come home and give me a pint of ice cream and a smile.
She'd help me believe I'm enough.
She'd just be there.
I just want her to be here.
I try to forget about my parents, but sometimes I just get so angry and mad and I want to scream that it's unfair. It's unfair!!!! I wish I had them...
Mar 2014 · 121
Or Forever
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I just
to run away
Just for a little
Mar 2014 · 219
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I'm so scared of so much. Of life, of love. I let this fear get to me and then I end up doing nothing, being nothing. I want to be brave and adventurous and **** and carefree and while I may be able to pretend, I'm not really. I'm not any of those things and I hate it. I hate myself. I'm trying to better myself. My school attendance has gone up, I've been cleaning, I think I got the job I interviewed for. It's not enough. That's the problem. I push myself so much that I'll never be good enough. I'll never pass the bar, cross the finish line. And the sad thing is, I think I like it that way. It's not that I don't want to be an A+ human being, it's that I know I don't deserve to be one. And so everything is only okay. Sure, I cleaned the house last night, but eww, look at that. Such a **** up. Wow, you got 2 hearts on that poem. And you call yourself a writer. Wannabe loser. Didn't go to school today? How do you ever expect to go to college? Failure, dumb, *****, ****. I don't even know how I would deal if I loved instead of hated myself. I think that's why I date losers. They magnify the fact that I'm worthless, not good enough. It's terrible, but it's my life and that's that. But doesn't it make me mediocre for not trying harder to change it? And if I do try and change then I don't make it good enough. It's a cycle.
Mar 2014 · 312
Smaller puzzle pieces
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
Happiness doesn't have to be
Nice weather
Getting to eat
Not self harming today
Family, especially those that we choose
I don't know.
I'm in a hopeful
And I'm realizing that while looking at the big picture,
life looks ******.
But when I break it down, just look at today.
I had a **** good day.
Mar 2014 · 182
Uses Me
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I love to write.
It's like opening a door to something that I never knew existed.
It's a breathe of fresh air.
It's being able to smile even when I'm crying.
Although, I don't
know. If I write or if
writes me.
Mar 2014 · 331
Self inflicted torture
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
You know what?
So I fell in love and I had my heart stomped on and broken.
I'm not done.
I can swear up and down that I'm done with love
I'm not.
God, I fall in love
It's written into my
dna. I can't stop this
This self-inflicted torture.
I fell in love with the lunch that my sister made me.
The little boy in daycare who insisted that I'm a boy.
The way the cold hugged my bones.
This poem that I'm writing.
The song that is playing.
No, when one is loving all the time,
it makes it
impossible to
Mar 2014 · 204
ill be better, just please
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
why dont they
dont they
Mar 2014 · 99
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
God. I am so tired
of this
life. What did I
What did i do?
I want to be sitting in the park with someone who
loves me.
And we'll be singing and talking about
the meaning of life.
And I'll get cold and he'll hold me.
He'll hold me.
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I'm crying
as I sing
songs that I
will never come true
in my
****** up
Mar 2014 · 267
that makes two
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
Wanna cuddle and cry and read poems and drink tea?
Wanna be happy and sad?
Wanna be together?
I'm so tired of being alone.
What about you?
Mar 2014 · 146
It's here
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
Tonight I'm getting
drunk off
love indie songs,
the absence of life.
Mar 2014 · 190
not okay
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I think
But I don't talk to my
so I'm not sure.
I feel numb.
I'm not okay.
I'm done with this.
I want to be done with this.
Mar 2014 · 377
Thanks, but no thanks
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
You don't just get
come over and make
like everything is fine.
You opened the
gates. You gained control
That's what it was about.
You always had to be in
My ex came over and talked to me today. Feeling extremely lonely now...
People are such *******.
I need a friend
Mar 2014 · 206
Hope Smasher
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I keep reading these poems
about love,
fresh love, new love, true love.
But all I can think about
is how
sad, beautiful, heartbroken
these poems will be
when that
Mar 2014 · 544
Idk who this is to
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I want to fall in love with
a poet/hippie
who loves me
back and who
writes poetry that I get
understands that I stay up all night
shoving the nightmares
Somebody who smokes cigarettes, so we can argue about the little things.
Get drunk with me, get high with me.
But not all the time,
we'll have each other.
Let's do silly things, let's mini golf and cook and love and
be lovers.
And hold me tight.
And please. Please.
Please mean it when you say that
you won't go.
Mar 2014 · 232
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
It's one of those days
I need
a pint of Ben and Jerrys
my blanket
something to cuddle with.
It's one of those days
I need
to be alone.
There's no one
to be
Mar 2014 · 1.8k
I just wanna be held today
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I don't think I can take
if I see him today.
He doesn't even
go to
Washed up loser **** ***.
Stay home and get high and play video games.
That's all you ever wanted,
No responsibility
Mar 2014 · 165
Cassie Stoddard Mar 2014
I hate you.
I hate you.
I hate you.

I should not not not

be allowed

to be

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