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What if you tried suicide
And by mistake you up and died
Would the demons laugh while God cried
If you were to take your own life

If you think, things aren't running right for me
Do you need to step out that drastically
Wouldn't it be better if you could keep
From doing  harm to the one you call me

Doesn't tomorrow bring another day
A chance to better the come what may
A chance to act a chance to say
There's more to life that I can make

Suicide is not a step that's light
It's the short end of the rope, the snake that bites
The loss of the string on the kite of life
The mistake you make you make too late to find

It's the cowardly way in which to say
I can't make it through another day
Come what will, come what may
You need to live this life before it's too late

Because what you find with suicide
It's also the ones you leave behind that die
Where the demons laugh and God cries
When you can't take anymore and you take your life
His mind is know to roam
But he's not one to rat
With very little known
About Salvador Dali's cat
Whips his tail back and forth
Fourth dimensional for all it's worth
All this time sitting in
Salvador Dali's lap

His thoughts are known to wander
But he's not known to talk
Purring like a cosmic generator
On Salvador's melting couch
Electric fur stands on end
Grooms himself surreal, immaculant  
Whispers in Salvador Dali's ear
Never hear the doubt
the love making slows
the relationship no longer grows
for no reason you feel low
the little things start to show
barely saying hello
communicating in morse code
to often they are a no show
stuck on the metro
there is no afterglow
time is borrowed
you constantly explode
not taking the high road
loosing what was bestowed
you just know
there are whispers
everyone is talking about what they saw
leaving the details raw
you withdraw
see nothing but the flaws
your no longer in awe
you just know
it is time to
We write of hate
We write of love
And other things
We know something of

At different angles
Add our lines
Take a spin
With what we find

Fact or fiction
Lies or truth
Being poets
It's what we do

We write of needs
We try and fill
Tug at hearts
Strengthen wills

From natures plight
To the call of man
We hold it all
Inside our pen

As the sage speaks
The pen moves
We say it all
It's what poets do

We write of days
Given away
A solace with
Something to say

Glimmer of hope
Much needed laugh
Rhyme for the reason
For feeling sad

A little off beat
Yet still in tune
Filling a need
It's what poets do
If you haven't left
You won't arrive
If you haven't loved
You cannot cry
If you haven't lost
You cannot rise
If you haven't lived
How can you die?
I love you more than the moments
That are yet to come
I love you more than the memories
That have come and gone

I love you with a waiting heart
That beats deep in the chest
I love you when you take me there
And then bring me back again

I love you in the distance
And the closeness that is you
I love you in the beginning minute
And the second that it's through

I love you more than the air I breath
If that's not too cliche
I love you for what I have
And what I've had to give away

I love you in the silence
And I love you in the sound
I love you in the here and now
And wherever we are bound

I love you like the night
Opens up into the day
I loved you at first sight
More than I can say
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