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Caleb Kyme May 2023
is it not life
for me to die for
voices in my head hate it
all speaking different personalities into me

look at me
who am i really
the life i dreamt about as a child
i now live its opposite

ain't life worth dying for
for no life without death
no happiness without anguish
no purpose without mistakes

ain't life worth losing for
ain't a smile on my face worth crying over
ain't a smile on my face worth stressing for
ain't a smile on my face worth fighting for

yet i just feel it's all in vain
life is just the same
not worth dying for
not worth even living for
Caleb Kyme May 2023
They call it beautiful
But I'm still cold
My heart icy
Angels departed
Spirit low

To many thoughts
Deaf to my preacher
Blind to glowing faces
Sadness surrounds me
I don't wanna go home
I don't wanna leave the house
More peace in my cocoon.

Noise I hear
People dancing their sorrows away
I prefer mine stay
They somehow keep me pushing
Pushing to write more of these poems
Fill my diary with emotions
Get drunk on Fridays
And just chill away from the world.
Caleb Kyme Apr 2023
Do you still think lowly of me
My love
Do the heavens lie to you about me
Am I not capable of making you happy
Am I not supposed to see you smile

Can you hold me please
For the world is against us and the in between
Can you please come close
Let your light chase my demons away

Could I chase away the fear in you
Hold me tight for it will be okay
They won't bite princess
For you are a goddess

Kiss me
Stick with me
**** him
And don't let anyone define who you love.
My love.
Caleb Kyme Feb 2023
Broken and shattered
She crushed me and I'm tattered
My heart fragile as glass in pointed pieces
I thought she was special but she's an evil angel
Tear in my eye,  on its way down
But boys don't cry, do they?

Walking down the alley with my headphones loud
Listening to Tentacion and Del Rey
Bad boys in front of me, demanding am the worst
First fist pay me black eye
Insults on my gender, for the tear on my eye
Because boys don't cry, do they?

My boss at the cafe yell at me
I tried making the best Kenyan tea
The customer just could not take my service
Claimed I was rude after the names he called me
Evening, fired and tired
Get a cigar to drown my emotions
For boys don't cry, do they?

Expected to be the best
Expected to be perfect
Mama told me boys don't cry
For weakness ain't a thing for me
But I'm the weakest being
And I can't cry, should I?
Caleb Kyme Feb 2023
Maybe I'm just foolish
Trying my luck with you over and over
Maybe I'm just mad
Trying everytime expecting different results
Maybe I'm just addicted
Begging for coins just to have you
Maybe I'm obsessed
Thinking about you everyday
Maybe I'm stupid
Not admitting you are wasting my time
Maybe I'm naive
Not knowing which road I should take
Maybe I'm just but a guy in love
Not caring of what others think when I'm with you.
Caleb Kyme Feb 2023
My spirit's broken
Tortured and destroyed
Can't keep love for a second
A minute, how have I tried

Can't tell my friends
My pain and empty state
In several superposition states
I morph from one me to another me

Who am I has a different answer every day
Tried to be better but I **** at everything
I miss my Hennessy
At least she knew what I should say

Wrote poems about Mercury
Can't go to the movies
Pick up any girl from the club
Pretend just for the night

The devil is a liar
So am I,
I'm okay I would lie
But trust me,  I'm okay
Caleb Kyme Jan 2023
Life no fair
Heartbreaks and hearts tear
Is there not any more joy for those living
For even in the brightest of days
Is still dark

We all lose someone
Whether we hated or loved them
Still it makes the heart ache
Will generations love life
Or destroy themselves in fear of tomorrow

Suicidal even in a new day
Hateful in a new morning
Empty and dead one is
Rotting on the inside
Can one ever live again

We just walking corpses
Souls left the body struggling to survive
Yet all shall be okay,  I think so
All will be fine,  let's pray
In this life or the next.
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