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cacia Nov 2013
under the heat
the beat
your love
can hold
a seat
no matter what
the rhythm in which
you seek
a feeling to
a peek
is a concerto
without the huit
crucendo turned
a leaf.
cacia Nov 2013
love drifts between you
and me like a musical sea
and civilisations thrift  shamrocks
to hold us both close
trees are happy to pose
cacia Nov 2013
such a trick
on sincerity
it is easy
to mimick
but not
so  when it ******
the marks it leaves
are sticks
tattoos of a fix
to remind you
that yellow
subsides for shallow
to tell you
off when said
and blue
to constantly hue
any chances of you
doing it again.
cacia Nov 2013
i am a determined
young man
with nothing but my
my shoulder
and my name
i envisage to race
ideasl with a face
encouragement is main
nothing would do to reign
but i never take
to be a begrudging game
there is more to
the same
more and more
with a tame
but not to filtered blame
to equal less and less
apprehension weighs
why pick up
when you base
measurement with a case.
freedom may want to laze
but i wish it to raise.
cacia Nov 2013
i am besotted
the scale of your
beyond the space
time is a pace
and i with it race
catch me
love you back
with a haste
such enchantment
is ace.
cacia Nov 2013
little words
big tale
wishing the pale would hail
the title looks so frail
cacia Nov 2013
speech to an impediment
but to a feel it heals
Socrates is kneeled.
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