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cacia Nov 2013
a sweet moving thought
it takes me back and forth
long memories are sought
to write me up a fort
I am to it all fought.
cacia Nov 2013
I am an aircraft
and you are my wings
let sail
and the skies
will be our
love will feel safe
so high it can trail
and time will scale
to an infinite
amount  the stars will feel
prodigy is ailed.
cacia Nov 2013
don't be
when life tells
you to try
it is because it
it wants you
to do best
at everything you dare
without you
life is bare
spare a thought on air
it will fill you up a stare.
cacia Nov 2013
you try hard
and you fail
it does  not matter
how much
so long as you have more
to keep you going forth
the world is a your thought
don't give up yet
life's old
only if you say it
cacia Nov 2013
to laugh at defeat
you must sing it
a beat
and evertime its feels
the heat is depleat,
blow trumpet at it
it will hear it
and quit,
the sound to it grit
naturally it'*****.
and when sometimes
you think
you've had enought of it
play it a piano
each note you unhit
will glide it a stitch
truncheon sit and glit.
music does it fit
calm as a mozart huit.
a soprano seis
never felt so bate.
cacia Nov 2013
self importance
can be taught
but not
money stage
but does not phase.
and so it's ace
it is free to pace.
cacia Nov 2013
the art i feel
is part of our daily
to do it heart
we must start
is part
and part
to it
and starks
empty comes
out white
the two do not right
speechless is swiped.
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