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Bugs Spencer Mar 2022
I wasn't mad that you left
Time apart is beneficial
and I won't make you stay
It was the fact you lied
It was the fact you didn't let me know
how you felt, why you ignored me, anything
So when you decided it was time,
that you wanted to come back to friends
I was and am bitter and unforgiving
You didn't communicate when I tried
So hear me when I communicate
Kindly let me go, go back to nothing
Bugs Spencer Mar 2022
When your body is full of blades
You can rely on the right aids
Meet Sarah she has a lap to sit
I made a pillow as a gift
She also has wheels that roll
When people don't move we bowl

Then there is Cain
He is, in fact a cane
He is always there to lean on
Some say he is plain
So I gave him pictures I've drawn
My favorite is the black swan

I love my mobility aids
and some days
I don't need my aids
I use what I need for that day
So if you see me with Sarah or Caine
You can always wave, "Hey"
Might turn this into kids book and illustrate it myself!
Bugs Spencer Feb 2022
You said friends
I said lovers
You said chance
I said lovers
You said lovers

I said romance
You said passion
I said hugs
You said skin

You said friends
I said friends
Then you left
and I said LIAR
Bugs Spencer Feb 2022
I bought a barbie doll yesterday
She looked so pretty
I've stared from afar wishing to rewind
to go back to innocent play
I cast aside my dolls to early
Oh, what if kids were more kind?
Would I have kept my dolls that day?
Bugs Spencer Feb 2022
I am slowly dissolving into the water
my hair soaks up the cool freshness
my tears fall onto the clear mirror
ripples and small tides follow

I let myself sink deeper as skin becomes hotter
my body soaks in the cool freshness
my tears rise into the clear skies
the clouds come colored in grey hollow

I rise to the skies into stormy clouds
my body dissolves into tiny droplets
my tears fall onto the shaded world
the water again begins to pool

When sun comes so do the crowds
their bodies cool in the freshwater
their smiles shine in the bright light
and I forget how life can be so cruel
Bugs Spencer Feb 2022
it changes you
it forces you
I refuse
I choose
for making me
and ******
I'll make my own way
out of this hell
without you
Bugs Spencer Feb 2022
You hate me, do you not?
Sickness you breathe into me
Political wars you form
I see that smile of glee
I know you hate me world
I don't know if God knows it
But sickness was always here
I hate me, do you not?
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