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Eve slowly creeps its way back into my mind, no matter how the sun is brightly lit. I feel at home in theses arms of yours, but your face I still can't make out. You pull at my heart but yet a disregard to how it feels. My mind becoming numb to the point I feel an icy chill threw my skull.  What is reality was taken from me the day you entered my life, but seeing through this hourglass I find out the meaning of my past. Each grain a scar which reminds me of how I am who I am. How you say you wish to remove them from my dismantled body. Your calls they awaken, but still my soul slumbers in its tomb. Everything meaningless or to much feeling for you to handle, but yet you tell me not to go. Fear of destroying something that isn't there is my newest fear. Through this fire an void my heart lingers, waiting for you to pull a little tighter, waiting for you to call a little sweeter, waiting for you to reveal to me, who you really are.
Star light sky, oh how you pass me by. The days become a blur, till you finally murmur the words that I've given up on all these years. The past laid behind me as I set off on this new course, and the sun will rise again. Tho to you my friend you shall bend to the will that in which is mine. You thought this just a game, but from what you couldn't see is that your driving me insane and not to mention the torrent of falsehood that lingers in every word. Now I awaken what has been laid to rest, and try as hard as you might with your best, but you can not over take what you now unleashed. This person who you thought was real is only a mirror image of what once was. This heart my be broken and my thoughts might be unclean, my intentions were always pure. Bide your time for now, lingering behind your walls, seeing threw them as I always tend to do. Your lies shall strangle you till you become blue. My heads grow heavy with each passing moment forming a fist to send your world crashing down, but as I go for the strike, eyes ridden with rage, my mind calmed and soothed by your nature. By the time you see what has become of me, you shall flee. Flee to the safety of your walls, but soon everything will fall, for this demon no longer slumbers. I lay here with broken bones as a tool of evil, but to your believable words that left me a stray and cast me in to dismay I will always hold you closer to the door that no one else hath opened. Your heart so locked away just as my heart is, but here, here is the key to me, and when your ready you shall see. You always meant the most to me.
Another hole in the wall, another brick that falls. I try tearing down what I've tried to keep me built up. Its harder to see behind these things that I've kept up for years and years to come. Knees grow weak, fist stay steady on target. These walls that I've used as my shield have become my weakness, my fault is my own. So deep I hide, without ever saying good bye I've forgotten all that you were and now look what I've become. Trapped you see me, but your sight is only what you claim them to behold. Do you see me? Or do you see this image I've left out on their exterior? I've longed for something to keep me safe from harm, but doing so I gone to far. For now I see, that these walls that I held so dearly, are the cause of the corruption in me. Taking a stand I rise. Fists at the ready but my body has grown so weak. Fist plummet into into the barriers that once held all away,  and kept the demons at bay will fall tonight. Nothing more now stands in my way and as the dust clears I can see the light of day and who are those to stand around me? Not a word is spoken, but tears of rejoice is heard from their hearts. Forever it is unknown, what we have lost, but what we find in the future is something to hold dear, and live a life without fear is my new aspiration.
Your lips like an open wound that seems to slip out not crimson but poison that seems to taint my ears in never ending insanity. My heart longs for thee, all my mind screams is run. Which path in which I'm suppose to take? What lies ahead, only time can tell, but for now I drown my sorrows and fears in this bottled shell that I calm to call my body, my mind, my heart and the soul. What I thought was so real, was nothing more then a lie and with that lie comes the ends of days. Not of yours, but of mine. This crimson that is spilled by the hour seems to leave my lifeless and cold. This shell becomes brittle and then breaks leaving nothing more but an image of a man that once was and he, himself is left alone. Alone in the darkness he lays, shackled by his fears and his demons slowly consume what is left. Nothing more he shall become, no light to flicker the way, nothing he knew would ever come true and false hopes lead him deeper into the abyss. His heart sinks, his soul dies, his mind becomes faint and he becomes  nothing more but a memory
They say is always darkest before dawn, but rarely does the night shade linger with the suns grace rising above the mountain peaks. Another morning another misfortune for I stand here watching the sun rise alone and cold. The suns rays slowly reaching and taking hold against my skin, but this doesnt matter, the flesh still has a remainder of chill to it. Turning away from the glimmer of hues that now take the day, but instead turn to the ground. Eyes shift about as if looking for something, but there is nothing in sight to take hold besides the green that lays about at my feet. How I wish for something in this life, someone to take me by the hand and give me the knowledge to know everything will be fine as long their by my side, but all of those thoughts seem to drift away like a boat on the sea. This numbness that has taking me shifted me away from the world I once new. I've become deranged and confused about my own image. Have I become someone without a heart? Someone who image that has shift from that of a man into that of a monster? Placing my hand about to take in its sight. Normal. Nothing about them seem out of the ordinary. Eyes shifting now back to the rising sun to be blinded by its rays. How I wish the flames of this ball would just consume me. Leaving me to nothing more then a pile of ash to be swept away by the wind. I can feel a chill run down my spine at the thought of it all. Is death the right way to end all these troubles? Or could there be a way out of this mess? Inhaling just to exhale a small mist would just to prove that there is still a chill umong my body. How can someone so numb learn to feel? How can someone so monstrous ever be purged of its sins, let alone its looks. How can... I stop myself before I let my mind be plagued any further. A name is then call from far out in these woods I stand in. Only I thought myself alone, but I guess I was wrong. The sound of the voice becomes more clear and as it does a rustling in brush about a few feet from me. A male that rises from the brush, he seems so normal, and by normal not anything like me. His eyes lock on mine and I can already senese his fear. I dont blame him, for its not every day you come across a monster. He watches me very closely before he draws his blade. Does he really wish to slay me? Or does he only wish to protect himself from an attack that I've been plotting in the back of my mind. This familiar male points the tip of his blade in m direction and slowly begins to speak. "I've been looking for you. You who has killed thousands with a mere glare of those eyes. You who has deceived so many only to leave them in a pool of their own crimison. I today shall cast you out of this world." He gains his footing. I attempt to speak, but instead of words its almost a growl or a small roar that slips threw my lips.I know this are my last moments for I am unarmed and not only this, but to his credit I have killed many leaving their corpses to rot within the ****** moon. As I start forward I feel a quick pain and then my legs slip out from under me. I fall to my knees. /he has already struck and in my last moments I place my hand over this wound. Blood in which is to be a warm ooze slips threw my vains as lifeless as I shall soon become. No warmth not even in death as my body plummits to the floor. The male walks over, his eyes fixed on me as he pushes my body to the side with boot making sure that I lay there lifeless and never to rise again. Now his face is clear to me as I take my last breat. His face is my own, but not that shadowed in depths of hate and agony. As I take my last breath I can feel nothing and then everything goes black. Knowing now this beast has be slain I looks into the morning sky feeling its warmth.
Where's the strength we once replied on?
Sun setting on this world , sun setting upon this day, sun setting...
upon us...
Holding you up like a crutch, maybe I'm what keeps you up
Hoping all night I'm the one you relie on
Falling asleep, these dream simulate
My life that no longer takes places
Is this what I've become?
I cant let it go.....
Cant you see? How you mean the world to me?
With everything comes a price
Another chance to roll these dice
For the world around us never stops its motions....
With each day I'm torn between what is to be and what could not
To be free is the true thought
Slowly slipping away, you never kept the demons at bay
Even tho I was your light in the dark
Why lose sleep, why complain?
There's always ways that things can change, but the fact is faith is not with us
But again everything comes with a price

What price could be placed and even so it should be earsed
For there is no price on this love.
Rising up from the ground the only name I know is yours. Falling back down I seem to lose myself within this consuming thought of you. This whirlpool of my thoughts of you seem to bring me down. The lights of this world I knew seem to disappear and left in the wake of darkness is nothing near the thought of my world with you. This abyss clinging to my skin and not a object in sight I step forward to proceed on a new path. A path without you. A path where your out of my mind and I take forth my own shield and sword in hand and prepare for a new dawn.  This dawning on new times to come, the dawning of all that was lost to return. You may not know who I am. I might be a ghost or a phantom but you are nothing more then a memory now.
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