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Mar 2012
Where's the strength we once replied on?
Sun setting on this world , sun setting upon this day, sun setting...
upon us...
Holding you up like a crutch, maybe I'm what keeps you up
Hoping all night I'm the one you relie on
Falling asleep, these dream simulate
My life that no longer takes places
Is this what I've become?
I cant let it go.....
Cant you see? How you mean the world to me?
With everything comes a price
Another chance to roll these dice
For the world around us never stops its motions....
With each day I'm torn between what is to be and what could not
To be free is the true thought
Slowly slipping away, you never kept the demons at bay
Even tho I was your light in the dark
Why lose sleep, why complain?
There's always ways that things can change, but the fact is faith is not with us
But again everything comes with a price

What price could be placed and even so it should be earsed
For there is no price on this love.
Bryce Sellers-Booth
Written by
Bryce Sellers-Booth
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