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brxken Dec 2017
Until now,
I remember that day;
when the fire was lit,
the trust was betrayed,
the argument was perpetual,
and the ego won over the love.
We had no doubt.
It was the kind of farewell that we longed for.

Farewell, love.
brxken Dec 2017
Hi, sky
Why are you crying so hard?
You're even bringing up your old friends,
the storm and the thunder

It seems like you could feel what I'm feeling now
But you do not need to emphatize myself

I want you to be happy
Not to be sad
and disappointing like me
You won't let anyone down,
will you?

brxken Nov 2017
Have you ever wished to never hear a truth that you never expect to be told?

Because I have.

I have been very heartbroken for the past few days at the fact that my boyfriend confessed his sin to me.

He cheated on me with four different girls while we're going on the third year of our relationship.

I appreciate his honesty, yet it kills me really. Loyalty is ****.

brxken Sep 2017
As you want to see me dead,
come see my dead body,
buried at the cemetery
near your house.
And know,
my tombstone
is the abandoned one.

I might be dead, but my spirit is there to keep you company.
brxken Sep 2017
It is not you who I miss, it is us.

At 2 when we were woke.
Talking about the future and things;
How you wanted to be a magnate,
and I'd be your #1 supporting system;
How we'd build a nice home on top of the mountain;
How we'd travel to Turkey,
riding air balloon, kissing near the sky;
And how we'd make love at Maldives, enjoying every scenes.

It is not you who I miss, it is us.

At 3 we were still woke.
Telling you how my day was.
I complained a lot of things.
I cried, not knowing how to control.
You were there, you put me up.
"Sweetcheeks, it is going to be fine."
I believe I am going to be fine,
until you're slowly fading away,
and now us.

brxken Jul 2017
Here is a gun.
Take it.
Point it right to my chest.
Shoot it on me.
Let me die.
As dying would be the only option for me to heal.

Can't stand this cruel world.

brxken Jun 2017
You were the one
who I always waited for.

Now that you're gone,

I will never have
to wait anymore.

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