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brxken Oct 2015
She is drowning and
he will never find her.

She is dying and
he will soon lost her.

Well, ****.
brxken Nov 2015
Falling for you *****.
I cry my tears every night
just because you never really
know that I want you so bad.

One of so many reasons why I avoid from being in love. I fell in love once and I know how it feels to love someone so much and he never really understood the feeling I had once for him. Now, it's happening again.
brxken Jul 2013
i wrote this and dedicate this for my first love. i miss you. i'm sorry, i'll never be as good as her and i'll never be as pretty as her.*

i once loved a boy
who never (really) loved me back.

he was the one
who i thought i could spend
the rest of my life with.

he was the one
who i thought he could be
my first and my last.

but then this girl
who i called
a  m o n s t e r.
the scariest monster
she came and
she took him away.

she turned him
into someone i didn't know
she changed him
into the worst person
i've ever known
but mainly
she was the reason
why my first love gave up on me.

it was 8 a.m
           21st of may 2013
the sun shone so bright that morning
i got a call
it was from him
he said
he didn't love me

the worst part
from the call was
he wanted a break-up
    i said no
    i wanted him to stay
    he was the reason why i was happy
    he was the reason why i stayed strong
    he was the reason why i believed in love
    he was my  e v e r y t h i n g.
he said
i'm sorry i can't

i hung up the phone
i cried
i c ried
i c r ied
i c r i ed
i c r i e d
i  c r i e d

on that day
at 3 p.m
i texted him
the last thing
i wanted to do with him
we met
we laughed
we ate lunch
we small-talked
we were holding hands

i even forgot
about the break-up
i kept falling for him
a little bit more.

i hugged him
he said
    *i'm sorry, i think you and me

    we can't be together anymore
    you deserve someone better
    i'm not good enough for you
    i'm sorry

it was
the worst day of my life
the first and the worst
heartbreak in my life
e v e r.

598 days

and i think that
the words
  the first rush of love
  always holds a special place
  in our hearts.
  the novelty of the feeling
  like the first drops of dew
  on an untouched leaf
  makes it special and unforgettable.
are true.

my mother told me
to move on
to not linger in the past
but cherish its events
for you will never
get them back.

brxken Mar 2017
She's** the most alive, when it's two.
Pl­anning for things, she won't grip.
Writing drafts, she won't speak.
Paper and ink, her only sidekicks.

She's the most alive, when it's­ two.
Laying, grieving, contemplating.
A war between her aching heart,
a war between her craving brain.

She's the most alive, when it's  ­two.
Ecstatic and melancholy, the two extremes.
Scribing something she won't think.
A smooth verse of her insomnia.

brxken Jul 2015
You realize that loving me could have killed you, but you still do it anyway.

Dedicated to my friend who confessed his love for me. I'm sorry, I  could never love you back, my heart belongs to someone else.
brxken Apr 2018
Seven sixty eight miles away,
and I’m intoxicated by you again today.

Seven sixty eight miles away,
tell me not to stop longing you this way.

Seven sixty eight miles away,
and I will wait for you day after day.

A short verse dedicated to D.
brxken Aug 2015
"Because my love for you
is higher than words,
I have decided to fall silent."
brxken Feb 2016
I'd describe myself as the protagonist who is often mistaken as the antagonist one.

Truth is they know nothing about me.
brxken Sep 2015
I've been waiting for you
To say those three words
That could change our lives
When me and you
Will become us...

I can't wait any longer.
brxken Feb 2017
You feel like hell,
and I don't quite like it,
yet I still want to suffer.

If you notice, it's been almost half a year to get me broken again and for myself to write about something.  Yet, I am joylessly thankful because he made me feel this strangely satisying kind of way.
brxken Feb 2016
I never wanted
to fall in love,
with anyone,
at all.

Because falling
I will get hurt.

And if I get hurt
I probably
will not survive.

brxken Jan 2016
I can feel my body shaking
and my mind rumbling.

Have you ever wanted
to weep everything out
but you just can't?

I've been hurt
for infinite times
'til I become strong enough
to face everything
that will tear my soul apart.

The road might gets rough,
the going might gets tough
but still... you have to
stay strong, soul.

brxken Aug 2016
Are you happy now that you have finally had a chance to leave the scars inside me?

Are you happy now for drowning me to the ocean of your sweet words, warm hugs, tender kisses and terrible hurt?

Are you?

Doesn't it **** you when you miss someone and you can't do anything about it?
brxken Oct 2015
Loving you is like
waiting for the sun to shine
but the rain won't stop pouring down.

Loving you is like
wanting peace to happen
but the war is still going on.

brxken Mar 2018
As I travel back
To the memory lane of ours
I witness what beauty was
It was you holding me
When everyone let go
It was you keeping me
When everyone gave up
It was you serenading me
When everyone shouted
Now that you're gone
I guess I'll never know what beauty is

brxken Dec 2017
Hi, sky
Why are you crying so hard?
You're even bringing up your old friends,
the storm and the thunder

It seems like you could feel what I'm feeling now
But you do not need to emphatize myself

I want you to be happy
Not to be sad
and disappointing like me
You won't let anyone down,
will you?

brxken Sep 2015
Do you know that
being in your arms
has became
my most favorite thing?

brxken Jun 2016
As I open my eyes
I realized you're not there
And I am dead.

brxken Jul 2017
Here is a gun.
Take it.
Point it right to my chest.
Shoot it on me.
Let me die.
As dying would be the only option for me to heal.

Can't stand this cruel world.

brxken Sep 2017
It is not you who I miss, it is us.

At 2 when we were woke.
Talking about the future and things;
How you wanted to be a magnate,
and I'd be your #1 supporting system;
How we'd build a nice home on top of the mountain;
How we'd travel to Turkey,
riding air balloon, kissing near the sky;
And how we'd make love at Maldives, enjoying every scenes.

It is not you who I miss, it is us.

At 3 we were still woke.
Telling you how my day was.
I complained a lot of things.
I cried, not knowing how to control.
You were there, you put me up.
"Sweetcheeks, it is going to be fine."
I believe I am going to be fine,
until you're slowly fading away,
and now us.

brxken Dec 2019
If we remember that day, happened so fast.
We were falling, falling in love, they said.
We thought God might have written it all.
The sweet destiny of us.
The endless happiness in us.
We used to believe, we will work it out.
Till the hair turns grey, till the skin gets aged.

Do we even know what happens next?

It’s the same, we’re still falling.
But this time, it’s the kind of falling
that breaks the bricks.
And this time, it’s the kind of falling
that causes a stitch.

A poem inspired by Harry.
brxken Aug 2016
I'm so far away from home
Missing you
Craving for your arms
and your lips too.

I'm so far away from home
I'm alone
I've never thought
I'd be standing on my own.

I wish I were back home.

It's only 13 days until I see him.
brxken Dec 2015
The strongest weapon is our 'made-up' thought that happens to be untrue in reality. It kills. It destroys. It shatters us into pieces.

And I'm broke.
brxken Apr 2018
I don't mind
losing those
who I call home,
as for now
I am my own home.

brxken Dec 2015
When you are empty
And feeling lonely
Darling, come to me
I am your home...

When you are sad
Or the world makes you mad
Come to me,
I am your home...

brxken Sep 2015
How do you manage
to love me
and break me
at the same time?

brxken Mar 2018
Running to a quiet place
Filled with silence
Lavished in peace
Not hoping we'd end up in miss

Time is better reversible
We'd run somewhere liveable
Not stuck in this hazy space
Forever till reaper pace

We've lost way
Not knowing where to flee
Nor how to evanesce
We are lost in a maze

I've been absent here, not knowing what to speak. My mind was stuffed with the thoughts of my ******-up life, I just didn't know how to transfer it into words. But today, thankfully, I spent two hours writing this and it felt truly great to finally let out what has been going around my head. Have a good day everyone who reads this.
brxken Dec 2015
I have been waiting for you to come home, but you build a new one.

brxken Mar 2017
I love the way you shine
Bright and shining
Bright your beauty
And underneath those dreary clouds
You still shine

brxken Jan 2016
My biggest regret
was waiting for you,
when you don't
even notice
my presence.

brxken Aug 2016
Some things are beautiful,
including you.
You are beautiful,
and you hurt me.

Remembered what my life was like without you and now I'm sitting like a poet who lost for words.
brxken Nov 2017
Have you ever wished to never hear a truth that you never expect to be told?

Because I have.

I have been very heartbroken for the past few days at the fact that my boyfriend confessed his sin to me.

He cheated on me with four different girls while we're going on the third year of our relationship.

I appreciate his honesty, yet it kills me really. Loyalty is ****.

brxken Oct 2014
I want to love you
Until it breaks me
And until it hurts me.

I want to love you
And I don't mind
As long as it is you.

I want to love you
Forever, darling.

But I can't.
brxken Dec 2013
It's so ironic
how I look at you
hoping for you to look back at me.

but when our eyes meet
I look away
because I don't want you to
see how much I need you.

brxken Feb 2016
God creates rain
to make you feel
less lonely;
to be the friend
that you need
when you want
to cry.

It's raining and I'm not complaining.
brxken Jan 2016
"Loneliness forced me to be my own bestfriend."
Found this quote somewhere on ig. It pretty much describes myself.
brxken Apr 2018
Through all these empty nights
And the feeling of distant
I hope you know, I am fine
I will find my own color
In the midst of grayness
I will show you my shine
Though we drown in the darkness
I will stop looking for you
Seeing that myself is enough

A major note to self.
brxken Sep 2017
As you want to see me dead,
come see my dead body,
buried at the cemetery
near your house.
And know,
my tombstone
is the abandoned one.

I might be dead, but my spirit is there to keep you company.
brxken Mar 2016
I learned from Gatsby,
sometimes you need to
let go of the person
you love the most.
you will die young.

I literally can't stop adoring one of Fitzgerald's book, The Great Gatsby.
brxken Jan 2014
8 months ago...

"Should I wait for you?"
"No, just don't."
"But why?"
"Because I may never come back."

brxken Dec 2017
Until now,
I remember that day;
when the fire was lit,
the trust was betrayed,
the argument was perpetual,
and the ego won over the love.
We had no doubt.
It was the kind of farewell that we longed for.

Farewell, love.
brxken Jul 2016
She made the moon
look dull.

Though the stars
are weeping jealous.

They have no clue
how darkness could
turn it lifeless.

Took the first stanza from r.h. sin's then the next two stanzas were added with my verse.
brxken Jun 2017
The furthest I've been away from you is here.
We're close, yet you're so out of reach.
We're near, yet you're running far.

Been a month since we met. I ****** miss your kiss and your voice.
brxken Jun 2017
You were the one
who I always waited for.

Now that you're gone,

I will never have
to wait anymore.

brxken Jun 2017
What's love without sacrifice?

It's nothing,
but tears.

At least that is what I am feeling right now.
brxken Oct 2013
"He was a skyscraper
she was a plane
she could surround him for hours
and nothing would change
until she began to fall
then he'd stand and stare
but only behind the glass
because that's how much he cared."
brxken May 2018
It was a blue night with a full moon.
The companionless wolf ran to the deep frigid woods.
He had nowhere else to go, but there, indeed.
He looked up to the dark sky, howling in pain.
The moon observed, catching him in sorrow.
She whispered, ‘My poor wolf, left behind by your pack’.
‘Who might that be, who might that be’ the wolf wailed.
‘I feel your woe, do not fret, let us find solace’.
Her reply turned the wolf whimpering.
‘Enough with the lament, I promise I am here for you’.
And every time the night is blue, the full moon appears,
sticking to the lone wolf in tears.

brxken Oct 2015
I'm standing on the lowest point of my life where everything breaks me down.

I am so ******* tired.
brxken Mar 2016
You are
the only thing
I am
most grateful for...

Even though
your existence
could tear
my paper heart.

brxken Dec 2015
I find it strange
The more we know each other
The distant we become.

I miss the old us.
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